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  1. Richard is one of the most inspiring teachers I have had the pleasure of meeting. His passion for the subject and dedication to his students has been evident on each occasion I have met him or corresponded with him. The materials that he developed for his students are exemplary and have been of great use to myself and colleagues on numerous occasions over the years. It would appear that Richard has been accused of being a troublemaker by the management of IST. If it is of any use whatsoever I can provide them with plenty of evidence of him being an outstanding diplomat who has been extremely
  2. A colleague has asked me if I can help her find some information about teaching in Australia. Is there anyone on this forum who could help out? She is interested in teaching in Melbourne and wants to know what the history / social science curriculum there may include in terms of content. I know of the WA curriculum but wasn't sure if it would be the same in other states? I'm assuming from her message that she is aware of the requirements for Visa's etc and can fill her in on these details myself if not.
  3. Lots of schools get their application knocked back the first time of asking. My school was rejected for its application (Business and Enterprise) the first time of asking. Like you, we were a little miffed as to the reasons why. You should get some decent feedback about why they've refused you though. Take that feedback to people like Jacequiline Anthony at the specialist schools trust and see what suggestions they have for a resubmittal. Likewise the HA are looking at ways of supporting schools that want to have History as the lead subject. Given your work on raising attainment in history I
  4. Agreed, the JFK debate was an ineviatable 'big' area on this forum. If someone isn't interested they can of course use their user settings to block even seeing the contentes of that sub forum, or the posts of any particular poster they don't wish to read. Assuming that Andy and John have got the most recent version of the sotfware, all of that is entirely feasible. Simple enough for an individual user to block another user, group, forum, sub forum or thread from appearing on his / her updates list.
  5. Very interesting. I've just done a google search for Operation Mocking bird to see what came up. The Education Forum was in the top 10 but John's site wasn't. That suprisies me as John's material is normally in the top 3 for most history based key word searches. (Actually, the Spartacus site wasn't in the top 70 results) Odd, and it lends itself to the theory that things are being manipulated. However a look through some of the pages that are being ranked in the top 10 suggests that they're far from complimentary of the CIA either. (Quotes follow) Without reading them all in any great depth
  6. Can you put up a few links for that story John? The argument I've heard over and over (within the Catholic community) about HIV and the Catholic Church has always been a simple one. Don't have sex outside marriage and you'll minimise the chances of catching HIV / AIDS. Simple and relatively effective. I'd be amazed to hear any church argue anything other than that message!
  7. All of these areas can be taught in Key Stage 2 (7--11). You might find the KS2 schemes of work from the DfES site of use working out the best way to build in your ideas. The Romans are often taught to Year 7 pupils in Key Stage 3 as well.
  8. I've got a copy of this on the network at school. I'll get the technician to hand over the original CD and will get it copied. Assuming out IT dept have done what they're meant to it'll have the contact details attached John - if that is the case I'll PM / e-mail those to you direct. You want a copy of the CD as well?
  9. This document on the teachernet site appears to answer your question Andy. £1000 per school plus about £10 per pupil. First batch of ELc's handed out in Sept 2002.
  10. The credit for discovering penicillin must go to Alexander Fleming as it was he who, by chance, came across its existence. Fleming was working his way through a series of glass plates that had previously been coated with a bacteria when he noticed that one of the plates had a mould growing on it, in the shape of a ring. The mould was free of the bacteria that had been growing on the glass plate. He spent some time investigating what the cause of this was and came to the conclusion that the staphyloccus bacteria (which is the bacteria that had been growing there originally) had been killed off
  11. A little off track perhaps but I currently have 150 pupils studying E Learning as a subject who are looking at the question you have asked as your subject header. Would you have any objection to them using your site as one of the sites the evaluate as part and parcel of their course? (I ask as 150 kids hitting a site umpteen times in a week has obvious bandwidth repercussions). Interestingly the kids findings and opinions are actually very incicive and understandable. There are many perceptions that they have as student users of sites that we (as both treachers and webmasters) often wouldn't
  12. This is much the same issue as allowing pupils access to organised online discussion groups etc. using photos or putting students online in any format requires careful thought. Firstly there has to be parental support for it. To that end we ask all parents to state whether their childs image can be used for publicity purposes. None of the images are labelled in any way that could lead to the name of the pupil being identified. Wherever pupils are communicating online measures are taken to make sure that they can only be accessed by approved people - which is much the same as the way the studen
  13. Sally Burnham is leading a seminar on the History Teachers' Discussion Forum about the best ways of mentoring ITT students. The content might be History but the method and skills involved in doing this are applicable to all mentor / mentee relationships. Please feel free to join in this discussion, no matter what subject you specialise in. The URL of the discussion is http://www.schoolhistory.co.uk/forum/index...wtopic=4123&hl=
  14. Quick note to say that the site has now been updated. New additions include activities on Medicine, Crime, the Impact of the Norman Conquest and Henry VII's use of bonds. http://thinkinghistory.co.uk/resources/index.htm
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