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From another post:

Duke: At the same time, consider that the FBI was then of the opinion that the Klan (it was at the home of a high Klansman that the John Birch Society was born, by the way) was "abetted by law enforcement at the local level."

The next question would seem, then, to be: could they have pulled it off?

Ready, willing, and able.

a price on an action that 'would make the the death of Medgar Evers 'look sick' ' :



etc... WKKKK http://www.mdah.state.ms.us/arlib/contents...magelisting.php



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I certainly disagree with the JBS (its positions on many issues were wrong-headed to say thye least) but I do not consider it evil as I do the Klan. As I noted on the Piper thread, the JBS kicked out one of its prominent members because he was an anti-semite and a racist.

So I am curious: at whose house does Duke claim the JBS was born?

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