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This is the promotional blurb for my new website - spread the message far and wide!!

A new website www.blackhistory4schools.com has just been launched which will allow teachers to access material produced by an experienced Head of History and resources appropriate for teaching about Black and Asian British History. This is the first such website for teachers in the UK and provides a unique opportunity to address the challenges outlined in the QCA History report 2005 which stated that "Too little attention is given to the black and multi-ethnic aspects of British history.The teaching of black history is often confined to topics about slavery and post-war immigration or to Black History Month. The effect, if inadvertent, is to undervalue the overall contribution of black and minority ethnic people to Britain's past."

The website will include downloadable teaching material, articles, weblinks and a blog to facilitate debate and discussion about teaching multicultural British history. As an ongoing project the author, Dan Lyndon, welcomes any contributions to the website, especially teaching materials that can be shared. Please email these to danlyndon@gmail.com

I would be very grateful if you could promote this website as far and wide as possible, I believe that this is a unique resource for schools in the UK and has a huge potential. Any comments on the website would be really appreciated so it can be further developed and improved.

Best Wishes


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