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Although not a topic of discussion related to the assassination of JFK, the subject of who is and who IS NOT a true LTC, SF (Retired) has been broached on this board.

Recently, I received notification that another of my old friends had gone "over the hill" to see what was on the other side.

This true "Warrior" deserves many special recognitions, for which he will no doubt never get, and will never be known.

An old and close friend passing away, makes one recognize that many of us have only limited time left in which to attempt to accomplish many things.

In that regards, any who benefit from the information which I post, can thank "old age" if they so desire.

However, PLEASE, for the sake and memory of those true warriors, do not follow around and believe the rants and raves of retired Quartermaster Corps LTC's, who are appparantly so ashamed of their true military record that they have to attempt to impersonate those who actually made career's in Special Operations/SF.


Tom ------

I'm sure Charlie would be aware of it as their desks were only a few feet apart at USASOC HQ. I knew that you and John had been close as John had asked me about you when I was assigned to USASOC as an IMA. He had mentioned seeing you in Alaska. I think I had given him your address or e-mail several years ago. I had not seen him since 2000 when I retired from the Reserves. He was still working as a civilian at USASOC at that time. I was at Bragg about 3 times during 2000. I'm thnking that John may have been the Asst Chief of the SF Advanced Training Division when Charlie was Chief of the HALO Committee.


Gentlemen, I have just been notified by the widow of John D. Knabb (LTC, SF, Retired) that he passed away last night (17 Feb 06) because of a heart attack. (I don't know if he was a member of the Association or not.) John served with the 5th SFGA in RVN and was OIC of the SF Military Free Fall Committee in the late 60's/1970. After retiring from active duty, his second career was as a Special Ops civilian in the USASOC DCSOPS (G3) Plans and Exercise Division (PLEX) until retiring to Oil City, PA.


Born July 26, 1936 in Oil City, he was the son of the late John D. and Mildred A. Allen Knabb.

Mr. Knabb graduated from Oil City High School in 1954 and Slippery Rock College in 1958.

He taught school for one year in Chambersburg at the Scotland School for Veterans Children.

He entered the U.S. Army in 1959 in the 1st ABN Division. In 1962 he joined the Golden Knights Parachute Team and in 1966 he served two tours in Vietnam with the Green Berets Special Forces Unit. In 1967 he returned to Ft. Bragg and became an instructor in parachute freefalling and underwater operations. He served in the South Pacific, the Republic of China, Japan, Okinawa and the Dominican Republic. He rose through the ranks and retired a lieutenant colonel in 1982. He then went to work for U.S. Civil Service where he retired in 2002.


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Guest Stephen Turner

Sorry for your loss, but this has nothing to do with the matter in hand. are we all now to post eulogies to friends and relatives when they die, claiming some third hand linkage to JFK.eg "My uncle died recently, his wife's maiden name was kennedy"

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Sorry for your loss, but this has nothing to do with the matter in hand. are we all now to post eulogies to friends and relatives when they die, claiming some third hand linkage to JFK.eg "My uncle died recently, his wife's maiden name was kennedy"

And in that, I would completely disagree.

There currently exists, associated with the JFK assassination, and individual who claims to be a LTC, SF (Retired).

And, some "wannabee's" neither know enough nor possess the research capability to determine exactly who is and who is not "blowing smoke" as well as "BS", and therefore follow and worship these purveyors of fecal matter.

Thereafter, many on this forum follow suit and "worship" those who do not know enough to know that the first party was full of it to begin with.

Therefore, ANY KNOWLEDGE which ultimately bears on the credibility of ANYONE who makes an attempt to pass of BS related to the assassination of JFK, is a crucial part of information gathering; processing; and evaluation.

Do you have any idea as to how much additional BS has been generated relative to the JFK assassination due to the claims of someone who is purportedly attempting to pass himself off as a LTC, SF (Retired)?

I do believe that there are those who occassionally post on this forum who are by far more qualified to expand on the wasted time chasing the BS of purported retired SF LTC's, then am I.

Especially since I never wasted any time on this BS to begin with.

And in that regards, I could have left this article out and directly emailed it to him!

Just perhaps this posting, as well as any subsequent comments, will save someone who is searching for the facts, the wasted time of believing and following another trail of Bovine Fecal Matter related to the JFK assassination.

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