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Biography: Maurice Philipps

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My name is Maurice Philipps. I’m a French Canadian, born in Quebec City, Canada in 1958. I’m now residing near Montreal.

I worked as a photographer and studied Literature and Social Psychology. From 1984 to 1996, I was video producer, director and scenarist.

I’m author of three books: MORT IMMINENTE, novel, 1994; DE DALLAS A MONTRÉAL, la filière montréalaise dans l'assassinat de JFK, essay, 1996; L'AFFAIRE RIVARD, historical novel, 1999.

Since 2004, I have been seeking release of the Louis Mortimer Bloomfield archives collection, hold by Library and Archives Canada (LAC), the Canadian national archives. The collection was given to the Canadian government by L. M. Bloomfield in 1978-1980, on condition it was open to public 20 years after his death, which occurs in 1984. When I asked access to the open collection in summer 2004, LAC restricted access to the archives for at least 10 more years, as a direct result of my request. In April 2005, the day after Library and Archives released to me a few pages of administrative records on the Bloomfield archives, asked under a FOIA request, LAC extended to 25 years the new access restriction to the collection, again as a direct result of my request. In 2005, I open procedures with the Canadian Federal Court to obtain a judicial review of Library and Archives’ decision. After opposition by LAC to release documents in this case, the procedures were put back on a normal course in February 2006, and hearing in the case should be hold before fall 2006.

I intend to share with other researchers all information and relevant documents I will access. I value factual documented information and I’m critical of speculation, and there was a lot about Bloomfield! So, instead of trying to develop new theories, I will rather just share the new information I can find. I will mainly do so on my blog at: http://somesecretsforyou.blogspot.com/ . You can contact me via this blog if you have specifics questions or if you want to support me in my fight to get the Bloomfield archives opened.

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Maurice, I would like to add my support in your drive to releasing these long overdue files of Mortimer Bloomfield. He stated that he wanted his files rendered public 20 years after his death....the Canadian judicial system sure honor his wish.!!!

What support can I give you (and maybe others) that feel the same as I do?

I would like to spread the word!

Thank you,

Marc Gendron

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