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  1. Hi Paul, Few days ago, Marc Gendron leaves me a message on Facebook saying that you would like some infos. Marc, I apologize for not going regularly on FB and thanks for the message. If you want to read in lenght about the last developments about the Bloomfield Archives situation, you can read this december 2010 newspaper piece at: http://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/justice-et-affaires-criminelles/201012/05/01-4349483-de-lassassinat-de-jfk-au-secret-professionnel-des-avocats.php It is in French, but Google Translate should give you a good English version of it. To resume the situation, aft
  2. Yes, let us blame the Italians. They make a handy scapegoat. Raymond, You're so quick on your gun... You would have made a good shooter in Dealy Plaza! Re-read my post slowly. There is no Italians involved in it. E. Hunt's confession named an American, William Harvey, based in Italy as CIA chief of Rome station. Ferenc Nagy is an Hungarian exiled to the US. And even if Giorgio and Enrico Mantello seem to be Italians, they were originally Hungarians and their real name is Mandel. I'm speaking about a CIA operation in Italy, but I'm blaming no Italians. Capiche?
  3. Since April 2010, I have posted on this forum documents that I have unearthed from the Louis M. Bloomfield Archives held by Library and Archives Canada (LAC). Those documents dealing with Permindex were posted under a “Louis Mortimer Bloomfield” thread (Louis M. Bloomfield thread) that was started in 2006 at a time were I shared with members of The Education Forum the news relating to the legal battle I engaged with LAC and the Canadian government in order to make the Louis M. Bloomfield opened. Today, I’m starting this new Bloomfield, Permindex and the CIA thread because I believe that the
  4. For those of you interested by Permindex's involvement in the JFK assassination, I want to let you know that I have just published a new entry on my blog about the Bloomfield Archives. This entry titled: THE PERMINDEX-CIA LINK is a two parts series in which we will see that : 1- Ferenc Nagy and Louis Bloomfield had contacts with David Rockfeller and that Rome's Permindex and Centro Mondiale Commerciale where involved in the developpment of NYC World Trade Center. 2- That Nagy was a Central Intelligence Agency contact and that he did offer the CIA to use Permindex. Altogether the two
  5. Hi, I want to let you know that I have just published another entry on my blog about the Bloomfield Archives. Even if the overall content of this entry tend to discredit the notion that Louis Bloomfield was Permindex superior master, there is some new information about one of Permindex associates that will interest many of you. I reproduce only this portion of my text here. You can read the whole text and view the documents at: http://somesecretsforyou.blogspot.com/ =============================================== A NAZI COLLABORATOR INSIDE PERMINDEX Bloomfield, who acted as representa
  6. Terry, I think Maurice is arguing that Bloomfield himself, knowing of such accusations, ordered his papers released and open to the public so that it can be shown that he was not the Mastermind of the Dealey Plaza Operation. I think it is a great approach though for some reason I think the beauracrats are too pigheaded to understand that. While the eventual release of the Bloomfield papers may exonerate him, it wouldn't do the same for the British Oligarchy, as they've done more dastardly deeds in the past. BK Bill, Let's see if I understand. Major Louis Mortimer Bloomfield knowing t
  7. Hi Terry, Garrison and French Intelligence may be 100% right about Clay Shaw and Permindex, but the case against Louis Bloomfield seems to be an extrapolation on the basis that he was Permindex major shareholder. According to the archives, he was holding the shares, but Georges Mantello was directing all shots. So, instead of seeing Bloomfield as the mythological engineer of the crime of the century, I think searchers and historians should investigate Permindex as an organisation and look at all its ramifications. And this will point to others, such as Mantello, that may have play a more s
  8. Hi, For the few of you that it may interest, I have just add an entry to my blog about the Bloomfield Archives. This last entry have for title: THE PERMINDEX PAPERS IV FREEMASON GEORGES MANTELLO'S MONOPOLY MONEY Since this topic doesn't seems to be read by many of the Education Forum members, I won't use this Forum space to reproduced my entry in extenso but will just let you the link to my blog for those interested: Some secrets for you. Here one of the documents that I made public today.
  9. Hi, Here is the text of my last post about the Bloomfield Archive. It is a long one with eight pictures of documents. I'm reproducing the most interesting document below, but you can see the others at: Some Secrets for You ==================================================== THE PERMINDEX PAPERS III THE INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE DEAL In the previous post, we have seen four Permindex documents originating from the Bloomfield Archives kept at Library and Archives Canada (LAC). They allowed us to learn that Montreal attorney Stanley Vineberg, from the Phillips, Bloomfield, Vineberg and
  10. Hi, For those interested by the Permindex history, here is the text of my last entry on my blog at: http://somesecretsforyou.blogspot.com/. This entry have for title: THE UNKNOWN PERMINDEX STORY : CANADIAN ATTORNEYS, VENEZULEAN CORPORATION AND FRENCH ROTHSCHILD and his showing that both Stanley Vineberg, from the Phillips, Bloomfield, Vineberg and Goodman firm, and Edmund Rothschild were related to Permindex. Here is the text and one of the documents; the pictures of the other documents are on the blog. ======================================= THE PERMINDEX PAPERS II THE UNKNOWN P
  11. Hi, Just a word to let you know that I have post a new entry about Louis M. Bloomfield and Permindex at : http://somesecretsforyou.blogspot.com/2010...dex-papers.html Here is one of the 6 Permindex cables reproduced in this post and you'll find the full text below. ======================= THE PERMINDEX PAPERS THE EXCLUSIVE INFORMATION THAT LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA IS KEEPING SECRET As explained in the previous posts, the Louis Mortimer Bloomfield Archives kept at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is a unique and rich collection of documents offering a unique perspective on many hi
  12. Hi, I have just posted another text with documents from the Bloomfield Archives at http://somesecretsforyou.blogspot.com/ . Below is the full text, but if you want to see the pictures of the documents, you'll have to go to the blog. ======================================= THE BLOOMFIELD-ROTHSCHILDS LINK A FEW MORE DOCUMENTS As reported in a previous post, the Bloomfield Archives kept at Library and Archives Canada, contain documents that exposed, for the first time, an important relation between Montreal lawyer Louis M. Bloomfield and the Rothschild family. Previously, I have reproduc
  13. Hi, For those interested, I have just published another post about the Bloomfield Archives. in order to keep this forum entry short, I'm just reproducing the beginning of this article, but you can read it all at : http://somesecretsforyou.blogspot.com/2010...-should-be.html There is three new documents in this post. ============================== WHY THE BLOOMFIELD ARCHIVES SHOULD BE RELEASED IN THE UNITED STATES, THE BLOOMFIELD ARCHIVES WOULD BE PUBLIC In its treatment of the Bloomfield papers, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) seems to be guided by an old suspect ideology acco
  14. Hi Terry, I have done a quick review of the documents I have and I didn't see any other mention of "Chessler". Since he wasn't interested, that's probably the reason why Bloomfield doesn't talk a lot about him, neither sent him letters. If I ever find other info on Chessler, I'll let you know.
  15. Hi Jack, I have read and analyzed "Nomenclature" before writng my book "De Dallas à Montreal" in 1996. In this book, I pointed to a relation between the JFK assassination and the Rivard affair involving Lucien Rivard a Jos Bonanno and Paul Mondolini associate. The fact that Torbitt/Copeland anonymous informers said that Bloomfield was engineering JFK assassination with Jos Bonanno was one of the first information that arouse my curiosity toward Lucien Rivard. Rivard was a Jack Ruby associate and HSCA considered that Rivard was one of the Castro prisoners for whom Ruby traveled to Cuba. You
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