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wishlist for your classroom

Dan Lyndon

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Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place but I would value people's opinions

If you were asked to draw up a wishlist for your classroom, with the cutting edge of technology and teaching techniques, what would you include?

I have thought about the following (in no particular order):

A really good quality Video camera with microphone and tripod

A wireless network and laptops / pdas

A speaker system that I could be mic'ed up to and could be used for digital audio recording

A flexible seating system so the classroom could be easily rearranged for role play, group work etc

A webcam and video conferencing facilities

Blackout blinds

If anyone can add or comment on the list so far that would be very helpful.

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A cable-less device, known as CM2, by ONfinity, which turns any projector/screen combination into an interactive whiteboard. It has been developed for on-the-road presentations and for multi-room presentations and is used in combination with a standard projector and projection screen - or blank wall. All that you need to do to set up the system is plug in the CM2 device via a USB connection to a PC. There is no cable between the PC and the whiteboard or projection screen. The actual CM2 device is palm-size and you use an extendable electronic pen to click on and draw on the projection screen. It can also be used in conjunction with a large plasma screen, which has to be connected by cable to the PC. There is a video showing the set-up procedure and the CM2 device in operation at: http://www.onfinity.info/. CM2 is available from http://www.compubits.com

Cost: Around 450 pounds. Cheaper than an interactive whiteboard!

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