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FBI memo, photo link Bush Sr to JFK Dallas murder scene

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To start with, the man who is supposed to be Bush in that photo doesn't look much like Bush. Secondly, the photo was probably taken within half an hour of the assassination. (Does anyone know who took it?) Two of the guys from Main and Houston are standing there near the bottom of the steps talking to a cop, having walked first to the knoll (they are seen crossing the grass in the Cancellare photo that also shows the Hunt lookalike crossing the street). They are seen in another photo talking to Howard Brennan, so this photo would be after that. Let's really stretch it out, let's say these guys have been hanging around the TSBD for over an hour and that this photo taken around 2 pm.

George Bush was giving a talk to the Tyler, Texas Kiwanis Club when news came of the assassination. He didn't finish the talk. Before he and his wife took a prescheduled flight to Dallas he called the FBI in Houston at 1:45 pm, telling them about the Parrott fellow who had threatened the president, and that he (Bush) would be at the Sheraton later that day. The Bushes then flew to Dallas, arriving ever how much time later it takes to fly from Tyler to Dallas.

Now can anyone tell me how Bush could be standing in front of the TSBD at 2 or even 3 or 4 pm? (And standing there for what?)

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