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According to our own Melvyn Ayton, Larry Sturdivan wrote of my RFK essay at


STURDIVAN : "Hunt makes blunders that should not be made by even the novice. He

speaks of the bullet used as an "expanding" bullet then assumes that it

is a .22 inch projectile in penetration."

Where in the essay did I say that?? Never, that's where!! What I did say


"A hollow point round such as that allegedly used to kill RFK begins to

deform as it strikes an object. The denser the object struck, the more the

bullet will "mushroom." The result is a bullet that presents an "enhanced"

surface area, and thus creates a damage path wider than its original


Sturdivan completely misrepresents what I wrote, and then calls it a "blunder." Obviously, Sturdivan did not read the essay carefully.

John Hunt

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