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Where's Dan Moldea?

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> John Hunt:


> You are making the same mistake I once made. Just as I cautioned against on

> page 312 of my book, you are trying to characterize "the people at the crime

> scene, including Senator Kennedy and the other five victims, as being stick

> figures, standing tall and upright throughout the incident.

Your assumption is incorrect. I am very much in touch with the dynamism of the event. In fact, I put the assassination in motion in Dallas last November with John Simkin as RFK and Pat Speer as Schrade. We broke some new ground that day.

The purpose of the illustration (which is to scale) is to demonstrate the approximate locations of the victims when they were shot. It also demonstrates that your suggestion that the shoulder-pad shot hit a victim is not in keeping with the evidence.

Many of us

> failed to consider realistically the kinetic movement of the crowd, that

> everyone in that room must have been in motion after the first or second

> shot."


> With regard to the Moldea-extra-bullet scenario you have been peddling for

> the past several months, my position, as stated earlier on this thread, is

> completely consistent with the eight-shot reality.

You tell us that. But you have yet to back it up with anything of substance. Simply stating that the shoulder-pad shot hit someone else still leaves you with a nine shot scenario. I assume you are spending time here because you are interested in discussing the evidence.

I couldn’t help but notice that you ignored my questions- “Do you dispute that any of these four points of damage existed?? As a matter of clarification, when you say “the bullet that was supposedly lost in the ceiling interspace,” are you saying you have doubts about whether or not that really was a bullet hole??”

And I will leave it to

> legitimate ballistics and firearms-identification experts to take this issue

> further. I am not a forensics specialist--and neither are you.

The matter is one of math, geometry, and the ingredients (the official evidence) with which to cook the stew. Being an expert in anything is not requisite for the thinking man.

It took me, a non-scientist, to figure out that you, and Melanson, and Stone, and Charach all erred by accepting the notion that the shot that went through RFK’s chest did so at an upward angle of 59 degrees. It did not. It was 33 degrees in the anatomical. Once the arm is raised as it was when RFK was shot, the trajectory flattens even further. In the irony of ironies, the illustration on page 57 of the SUS report is more accurate that the one in your book. Interestingly, you attribute that image to the LAPD, and Melanson attributes it to Stone. Either way, the direction of the shots is grossly misrepresented in that diagram.

Once that “59-degree” misconception is identified and corrected, the case for Sirhan putting two bullets into RFK’s upper torso becomes stronger. I also demonstrated that in Dallas.

However, to

> be clear, I continue to support those who want to reopen the RFK case. I

> would like to see these matters resolved once and for all.


> John, you can waste as much time as you want on the minutia of the case.

Busting you making an error that destroys the conclusion in your book is not minutia. That fact is that you have yet to spell out a plausible 8-shot scenario using your Schrade conclusion. That you refuse to defend what you have written is your choice. I’m ready to discuss the evidence whenever you are ready.


> you are never going to be able to prove that a second shooter was at the

> crime scene--because there wasn't one.


> I walked away from my three interviews with Sirhan completely convinced that

> he was guilty--and that he acted alone. I'll be interested to hear what you

> think of his story if and when you ever interview him.

I have no desire to speak with Sirhan. Regardless of whether or not he remembers the crime, Sirhan tried very hard to kill RFK. If I am right, he failed:


It is my conclusion that Sirhan shot RFK twice in the armpit, with the one that left the chest hitting Schrade in the forehead. I also believe Sirhan put a bullet in Wiesel and probably Goldstein as well. Sirhan does not get a free pass with me. Having said that, the evidence indicates the round that hit RFK in the head was larger than a .22.

John Hunt

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