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Nix shows Moorman in the street...

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Mary was 5'2".

Jean was 5'5".

Nix shows Jean about a foot taller.

Explain that.


Jack, do realize what you have said here. You are on record for saying that both Jean and Mary were standing in the street ... you used Muchmore's film to make that allegation. Now you are saying that the Nix film shows just Mary in the street and Jean above the curb. Your just making off the wall calls at any given moment without regard to the past claims you've aready made. (see your Muchmore film claim below)


I find it funny that Hill and Moorman's height difference didn't seem to bother you when wanting to claim that both women were standing in the street, In fact, their height difference seems to not change at all between how they are viewed in the Muchmore and Nix films.

Below is a view of two gentlemen who were of equal height within a couple of inches of one another, but when one stood on top of the slope as Jean did and the other stood over the slope near the top of the curb like Mary did - their height difference increased.


James Altgens took his #6 photo showing both Jean and Mary's shadows barely making it over the curb as they stood in the grass. Altgens photo equates with Z255 ... 2 seconds from the cycles closing in and passing by Jean and Mary ... now what kind of a mental giant would think that these women walked into the path of those cycles after Altgens took his photograph!

Jack, how many more times do these claims of yours have to be shown to be dead wrong before you'll drop this nonsense?

Bill Miller

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