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Link:DCI Meeting's w/ Pres. Kennedy [Apr/June 1963]

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In 2003, John E. Nolan Jr. gave an interview to DCBar. In the interview Nolan touched on his efforts with James Donovan in securing the release of captured Brigade 2506 members. Although the account is brief, it is very interesting.

Nolan mentioned that it was James Donovan who arranged for the spy swap of Rudolf Abel for Gary Powers, and that is why Robert Kennedy selected Donovan to negotiate with Castro.

One interesting excerpt from the interview:

I was called because I knew both Bob Kennedy and Jim Donovan. It was not easy for them to get along with each other, and as long as I was involved, it was not necessary for them to deal directly with each other. Donovan had told Kennedy he had an outline of a deal with Castro releasing the 1,100 men of the brigade for $62 million in pharmaceuticals and baby food, but he needed help organizing the logistics. Bob Kennedy asked me, “Can you go up to New York and see what he’s got so we can tell whether this is real?” The next day I went to New York.


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