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Biography: Paul Choor

Paul Choor

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I'm a maried man, father of 2 children and living in the Netherlands. I'm a salesman in high-end audio-equipment. Interested in the murder on JFK since the eighties I guess. Saw TMWKK backthen and also read the book of our Dutch journalist Willem Oltmans who had a 10 year contact in the 60's-70's with George de Mohrenschildt till his dead in 1977 and wrote a book about that contact (Willem Oltmans played therefor the role of De Mohrenschildt in Oliver Stones' JFK)

I read off course some books concerning the case where I found Jim Garrisons book the most interesting for a long time. Also Robert Grodens dvd's are one of my favourites backthen along with TMWKK.

Till last year may 2005 I came to the site JFKMurdersolved and read the confession of James Files, WOW!

I did a lot of reading then on that site, on this site and on Lancer and came to the conclusion that James Files was attacked very much and discredited always as a xxxx. But after studying Wim Dankbaars book "Files on JFK", seeing the interview done in 2003, seeing lots of interesting material at Wim's home about Plumlee, Holt and Files, after I helt the bitten shellcasing in my hand and especially at the end by seeing the 1st Files interview from 1994 and compared to the one done in 2003, all together made me conclude that Files is telling the truth!

I also noticed when I registered as a new member some weeks ago at Lancer and did my 1st post that there are just a handfull of people who always only discredit Files and Wim Dankbaar with lies, they do nothing else then tell lies and attack Files and Wim Dankbaar.

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