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The case for conspiracy in the assassination of President Kennedy doesn’t rely on a multiple assassin scenario, though that would seem the most rational of possibilities.

Even if Lee Harvey Oswald or one sniper alone actually fired the Single-Bullet and fatal headshot, the evidence for conspiracy is persuasive.

If Lee Harvey Oswald is in fact the lone gunman, rather than a seriously deranged lunatic, he was most certainly a covert intelligence operative, and then it was not only a conspiracy, but also a more clearly defined covert-intelligence operation, conducted by a government intelligence network. That goes without saying which government.

If LHO is the suspect, then it can be even more closely defined as a domestic, network. Oswald is the prototype and sets the template for the Covert Intelligence Operative [see: Covert Operative Personality Profile], if that is the Lee Harvey Oswald born in New Orleans, Louisiana, who served in the Civil Air Patrol, enlisted in the US Marine Corps, trained as a radar technician, was stationed at U2 base in Japan, defected to Soviet Russia, returned with a Russian wife and daughter, took a pot shot at General Walker, joined the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, visited Cuban and Russian embassies in Mexico City, and associate of Kerry Thornley, Gerry Patrick Hemming, David Ferrie, Guy Bannister, Carlos Bringuier, George DeMohrenschildt, Ruth and Michael Paine et. al., then it was also, even more specifically, a domestic, anti-communist network.

When the events of Dealey Plaza occurred, few people ever heard of a covert intelligence operation, or knew about the Central Intelligence Agency, MI6, the KGB and other national intelligence organizations. It used to be that you never heard of them because they were successful, and only the failures, like the U2, Bay of Pigs or Watergate, made them apparent. Now we can more easily recognize a covert operation when we see one and we can go back and unravel covert operations of the past and make them clearer than they were when taking place.

Today we have more tools at our disposal, like computers and other technological advances, that can help us expose Oswald’s Cell and the Network responsible for the Dealey Plaza operation.

The Data Mining techniques that allowed the DOD’s Able Danger to reveal the links and connections in the Al Quada cell that pulled off 9/11 before it occurred, can now be used to go over the mountain of data released on the JFK Assassination, and reveal the links and connections and chain in command within the network that engineered the November 22, 1963 covert operation and coup d’etat.

Besides Dealey Plaza, LHO was also involved with other, similar covert intelligence operations, some of which used the same crews and teams, such as the Huma Munitions B&E, the USMC U2 duty, the defection operation, the Walker incident, Clinton, La., the FPCC incidents and the trip to Mexico City.

It’s quite apparent that the intelligence network responsible for killing the President had been responsible for previous political assassinations and has done it since.

Allan Dulles, in his book The Craft of Intelligence, mentions one of the oldest known books Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, in which five types of agents are described – Native, Inside, Doubled, Expendable and Living, and when they are all operating together in union, it is called “The Devine Skein.” The anti-Castro Cubans were Native agents, Oswald himself served as a living agent in USSR, and in the end, was an Expendable Agent. [see: The Art of War, Chapter XIII –Employment of Secret Agents].

Such a network takes years to build, and is composed of smaller cells. Ian Fleming’s biographer John Pearson notes that, “One of the techniques of undercover activity…. is the technique of (developing) surreptitious supporters built up in conditions of secrecy in preparation for the day possibly years ahead, when their services are required…”

The Network responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy, we know, was also deeply engrained in Cuban, Guatemalan and Russian affairs, and had previously been involved in the 1954 Guatemalan coup, the Bay of Pigs and the U2.

The records, personnel and operations of these incidents as well as the records of the JFK assassination are now, for the most part, in the public domain, so it is possible to reconstruct many of the connections and associations of those involved.

If an ABLE DANGER type of data-mining of all of the open, publicly available records, we would be able to document the same types of telephone contacts, movements of money and people and more detailed profiles of the participants – material witnesses, subjects and suspects.

While most if not all of the major suspects in the actual assassination conspiracy are now dead, it would still be possible to confirm identities, document records and interview living witnesses and suspects by using the counter-terrorism techniques now being used in the war on terrorism. Political assassination is a form of terrorism, and it is a matter of national security that the murder of John F. Kennedy be solved beyond any measure of doubt so that such a breach in security doesn’t happen again.



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