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How to get your book manuscript published

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I have been contacted by several members of the forum who are working on manuscripts on specialized topics covered in the forum that they would like to have published in book form. I personally have been impressed, or should I say overwhelmed, by the depth of research and knowledge displayed by forum members in their postings.

For this reason, as the author of five published books, I thought it might be helpful if I were to describe for all forum members on how you can get your manuscript published by a recognized publishing house.

Actually, there already exists a book that provides you with everything you need to know. I cannot praise it highly enough. Its title is the “2006 Guide to Literary Agents.” It tells you everything you need to know – from A to Z - in getting your manuscript published.

Selling your writing and getting a good contract often require help beyond your persistence and diligent work – you need an agent. But know how to find an appropriate person that you can trust to represent your work is the key. The 2006 Guide to Literary Agents is your essential roadmap to finding that agent – without fear of being scammed – and making a lucrative deal for your work. Each listing has been verified and updated, putting the most current information at your fingertips. Inside the 2006 Guide to Literary Agents you’ll find:

1) Comprehensive contact information for more than 600 literary and script agents – more than any other source – who adhere to the ethical guidelines established by the Association of Authors’ Representatives and the Writers Guild of America.

2) Detailed contact information for publicists, production companies, script contests and writers’ conferences.

3) Over 60 pages of exclusive articles and interviews with top agents.

Nowhere else is this completely updated and reliable information available in one place. The 2006 Guide to Literary Agents will advise you on how to write a query letter and make the perfect pitch. It even covers the subject of what your contract with your publisher should contain to protect your rights.

The 2006 Guide to Literary Agents is published by Writers Digest Books, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Its price is US $24.99, UK 15.99 pounds, Canada $34.99.

Below are three links. The first takes you to the Writers Digest Book Club. The second takes you to the page in the Book Club’s web site that contains information on ordering the 2006 Guide to Literary Agents. The third takes you to writersmarket.com that provides you information updated almost daily on developments in the publishing field, including new agents and editors.

I cannot stress enough that the 2006 Guide to Literary Agents, with its 362 pages, is indispensable in advising you how to get your book published.




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I'm sure that many have written books on the JFK assassination, but have been unable to find a publisher. I would like to see some of these books available on the internet, perhaps on a forum or on a website such as ratical or history matters.

To those of you who Mr.Caddy is referring to, would this be a viable option in the case that your book goes unpublished? Why waste the material?


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