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On 5/21/2019 at 2:43 AM, Joseph McBride said:

The 11/22/63 Belmont memo Doug Horne wrote about, and I wrote

about in INTO THE NIGHTMARE, is a "smoking gun" document

that disproves the Warren Report, since that bullet "lodged

behind the President'e ear" was never entered into evidence.

It is the shot that struck Kennedy in the right temple from the front and blew the brains out the back of his head. Various

witnesses (including William Newman, Emmett J. Hudson, George Hickey, Sam Kinney, and

Bobby W. Hargis) reported seeing Kennedy

being struck in the right side of his head. Hurchel Jacks

corroborated this after seeing Kennedy lying in

the limousine, and Assistant White House Press Secretary Malcolm Kilduff pointed to that

area in his filmed press conference. I found this memo in 1985 and

wrote an article about it then but couldn't get it published at the time.

The memo also helps prove David Lifton's body alteration theory,

but he missed it in his research for BEST EVIDENCE.

Have you seen this one yet?


11/25/1963 memo from J. Edgar Hoover to Tolson, Belmont, Mohr, Conrad, De Loach, Evans, Rosen, Sullivan:


"I told Mr. Jenkins that Oswald had four shells and only fired three shells; that we have one complete bullet found on the stretcher on which the President was carried into the hospital, which apparently fell out of the President's head; that the other two bullets were pretty well broken up but sufficiently complete to allow us to identify them as being the three fired by this particular gun"



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