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Any Dallas Morning News reporters "CTers"loosely defined?

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I seem to remember an interesting article in the 1990's from the Morning News that strongly leaned towards the view that LHO was part of a conspircacy.

Does anyone know of any such writers over the whole period. I realize CT T-shirts are not good for your career, so I mean it in a general way: Dallas journalists who wrote mass circulation articles that might be considered contrary to the official story, even though they might not scream about it.

One reason I ask is I am wondering about contradicitons between the Metro Section (local) and the National Section in the Paper. Is it possible that in the Dallas area, there were aspects of the Warren Commission that simply couldn't fly as well in Dallas as in other cites, BECAUSE IT TOO FLAGRANTLY CONTRADICTED WHAT THE


e.g. The WC's claim that Ruby had little to do with organized crime might be harder to Swallow for anyone

who had ever wallowed in the Carousel Club.

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