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J - How about Frank Sturgis?

JF - Frank Sturgis, he was there.

J - How did you know Frank Sturgis?

JF - I knew Frank Sturgis from the Bay of Pigs and from the SAO. I also knew Orlando Bosch. He was on scene. Orlando Bosch, I don't know if you are familiar with his name or not, but he was also present. Ah . there was a few other faces I recognized, I just don't remember the names for them, because it's so long ago.


J - Were you aware that Roselli was working together with the government in anti-Castro activities.

JF - Yes, I was well aware of that .

J - Make a statement.

JF - I was well aware that Johnny Roselli was involved in the government actions. He was like the liaison between CIA and organized crime. And he was heavily involved in the invasion of Cuba, the Bay of Pigs, Chianos Bay, whichever you prefer to call it. But he was also very tight with Frank Sturgis. Frank Sturgis headed up the S.A.O., which is the Secret Army Organization, what this is all about. And they had so many different codenames for wanting to kill Castro, I wouldn't even, I couldn't even name half of them. But every time you turned around, somebody had a new operation going.


3 years ago I asked in this thread about for evidence that Frank Sturgis was connected to the (rather unknown) SAO (Secret Army Organization). During my vacation I have been reading the excellent book Death in Washington (1980) by Donald Freed and was pleased to find the confirmation of what James Files said.

Page 34 reads:

Three weeks later, Callejeas was able to tell Michael about an exiting offer. The Townley family was to move to Miami. Michael was to study electronics and secret warfare skills with a Cuban exile group that would be in charge of their careers in Miami. Their sponsor, they were told, was the Secret Army Organization (SAO). Its chief was a flamboyant soldier of fortune named Frank Sturgis.


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I have never heard Michael Vernon Townley's name mentioned in relation to the JFK assassination. He was born in Waterloo, Iowa, in 1942. His father, Vernon Townley, was appointed head of the Ford Motor Company in Chile. As a result, the family moved to Santiago. Vernon Townley, who had developed links with the CIA while working in the Philippines, became involved in politics and helped fund the 1958 presidential campaign of conservative candidate, Jorge Alessandri who narrowly managed to defeat Salvador Allende in the election.

Michael Townley went to work for Investors Overseas Services, the company owned by Bernard Cornfeld and Robert Vesco. In 1961 Townley married Mariana Callejas. Although active in the Socialist Party, she was actually working as an informer for Chilean military intelligence. Soon afterwards Townley began working for the CIA.

Townley became associated with a Cuban group called the Chicago Junta. This group included Frank Sturgis, Orlando Bosch, Antonio Veciana and Aldo Vera Serafin. According to Peter Dale Scott, this operational hit team was disbanded on 21st November, 1963, the day before JFK was assassinated.

Does anyone know anything about the Chicago Junta?

There are way to many mistakes here, including the posts I have read throughout, first I'd like to say that there was never a group call "Chicago Junta", Junta was a group found by Manuel Ray Rivero on Sept. 21, 1962 in Miami. By July of 1963 he announced a new formation and the group known as Junta became JURE, however, Junta never expelled their name JURE was just an arm or a sister name to Junta, among them were Antonio Gonzalez, Rogelio Cinneros and Jose Rodriguez aka "Cabezas".

Later, the group would fall into the hands of Operation 40 member's who worked for JM/WAVE, and by August 1963 the leader of the group then became Luis Posada who would step up, JURE also signed a unity agreement with another anti-Castro group called Cubanos Unidos in 1969. The leaders of that group were Wilfredo Navarro and Ed Kaiser. Sorry if I'm not going into to much detail, at this time I can not.

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