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Biography: Wim Dankbaar

Wim Dankbaar

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Wim Dankbaar was born in the Netherlands. He first became interested in the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1988. An entrepreneur, he has financed a private investigation into the murder of Kennedy. He is also a major contributor to the JFK Murder Solved website.

Dankbaar believes that James Files, Charles Nicoletti and Johnny Roselli, were sent to Dallas by Sam Giancana, head of the Chicago mob and CIA agent, David Atlee Phillips, to kill John F. Kennedy. Dankbaar also believes that the so called "three tramps", detained and photographed in Dealey Plaza, were Chauncey Holt, Charles Harrelson, and Charles Rogers. His belief is based on the following:

(1) The analysis of Houston Police forensic artist and facial expert Lois Gibson.

(2) The book The Man on the Grassy Knoll by John Craig and Roger Phillips, wherein Charles Rogers is being confirmed from the tramps photographs by two contemporary witnesses, who knew Rogers well.

(3) The testimony of Chauncey Holt himself, one that Wim Dankbaar claims the world has never fully seen as of yet, and wherein Holt also testifies that he drove Charles Nicoletti into Dallas and saw the now notorious Cuban terrorist Luis Posada Carrilles on Dealey Plaza. A summary of his story can be found at the JFK Murder Solved website.

Furthermore, Dankbaar believes the testimony of Tosh Plumlee, a CIA contract pilot, who claims to have flown Mob associate and CIA asset Johnny Roselli into Dallas, as part of a CIA supported mission to abort the pending assassination of John F. Kennedy. An interview with Plumlee is available from the JFK Murder Solved website.

Dankbaar emphasizes that he does not claim to present a full picture. He believes there were more gunmen involved than mentioned on his website. Among his "candidates" are Richard Cain, David Sanchez Morales, Jack Lawrence, Luis Posada Carrilles and Cesar Diosdado.

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