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Fermin de Goicochea Snchez?

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Can anyone tell me about Fermin de Goicochea Sanchez?

In mid-October, 1963 Manuel Salvat and Joaquin Martinez de Pinillos of the DRE traveled from Miami to Dallas.

According to Ira Wood, "The public purpose for the trip is to raise money for medical relief to Cuban exiles. The fund-raising sessions are attended by right-wing Catholics and Birchers, including retired general Edwin Walker. Spotted at one such anti-Castro gathering is an American described by Silvia Odio as “brilliant and clever”: Lee Harvey Oswald. (On this day, a Dallas citizen will later report that a man described as “identical” with Oswald attends a local meeting of the DRE.) At the same time they are holding public meetings in Dallas, Salvat and another of the DRE leaders from Miami, Joaquin Martinez de Pinillos, meet with de Goicochea, who has enrolled at the University of Dallas, becoming a fellow student of Sarita Odio, Silvia Odio’s younger sister. Salvat and Martinez recruit de Goicochea as the DRE’s Dallas military representative. His task is to acquire heavy arms for the DRE. Before returning to Miami, Martinez introduces de Goicochea (as the organization’s new buyer, “George Perrel”) to Dallas gun dealer John Masen. Masen learns from the DRE exiles that the weapons they will need are for a planned second major invasion of Cuba."


Compiled by Ira David Wood III

http://www.assassinationresearch.com/v2n1/...20Sanchez%22%22 p. 98

On January 16, 1964 Frank Ellsworth was interviewed about Manuel Rodriguez Orcarberro.

Ellsworth had been working undercover gathering evidence against John Thomas Masen.

Masen told Ellsworth that Orcarberro had been trying to buy guns and bazookas from Masen.

Masen told Ellsworth that Rodriguez and George F. Parrel were leaders of the local DRE and also members of Alpha-66

Masen told Ellsworth that George Parrel, an associate of Orcarberro, had also been trying to buy guns from him.

SS Rowley Memorandum of 4/24/64 CD 853


On November 20, 1963 Frank Ellsworth arrests John Masen. On the way to the police station, Masen identifies a passing motorcyclist as the “George Perrel” he has told Ellsworth about, and Perrel is followed to his home address. Perrel turns out to be Fermin de Goicochea Sanchez. The information is relayed by Ellsworth to the FBI, which has been looking for Perrel since November 1. The FBI nevertheless continues “looking” for Perrel for ten more months, not interviewing him until September 1964, when the Warren Report is already out.

Oswald Talked


Compiled by Ira David Wood III p. 98

In an October 27, 1963 Dallas Times Herald article, the writer interviewed Larry Schmidt (of Bernard Weissman and CUSA fame) about the Adlai Stevenson incident. The writer said, "The young leader said his group was made up of 14 college students who are all conservatives..."

In an FBI interview of Bernard Weissman dated December 5, 1963, Weissman said that Schmidt told him that he had "organized twelve Dallas college students in a protest against Ambassador Stevenson..."

CE 1052 at 18H894

From which college did Larry Schmidt recruit his students, and if it was the University of Dallas, was Fermin de Goicochea Sanchez one of them?

We know that several Alpha 66 members who were living in Garland attended that demonstration.

Steve Thomas

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Thank you.

Some times I'm a little slow on the uptake.

I read that newspaper article. It's interesting that he was addressing a YAF gathering. That's the group Larry Schmidt was trying to take over.

Steve Thomas

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