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New book on Jackie Kennedy

John Simkin

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I have been sent a copy of Eve Pollard's book 'Jack's Widow'. The publishers say that Eve Pollard is willing to be interviewed on the forum about the book (see how or fame is spreading). However, it is a novel that speculates about Jackie's relationship with the CIA. Should we invite Eve onto the forum?


Kennedy family upset with Pollard's book

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Kennedy family is upset with Eve Pollard's book 'Jack's Widow', because they feel it paints an awful picture of president president John F. Kennedy's widow.

According to pagesix.com, the book is a fictional tale of Jackie Kennedy after the assassination of her husband. It claims that she spied for the CIA and she was brutally raped.

Her stepbrother Hugh Auchincloss III says: 'It should simply not be allowed... It is terrible to toy with a historical figure's memory in such a cavalier manner. None of these things are true, and (they) paint an awful picture, presumably just to make money from Jackie's name.'

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Seeing as how it is a work of fiction I think we would be forgiven for not inviting the author to discuss the book here. The forum has been getting some good momentum with regards to notable authors posting here, I feel that this such invitation may work against the good work already done.

Just my view,


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