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Biography: Joseph Backes

Joseph Backes

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Joseph Backes entered the field of JFK research in the 1990's and distinguished himself following the activities of the Assassination Records Review Board. He has written extensively about them and kept the research community advised of their activities. Joe has also written reviews of documents the ARRB released, often typing them out word for word. These ARRB batch reviews got up to 12 or 13 batches which covered several thousand documents. Joe also followed the MLK case and the attempts to get James Earl Ray a trial. Joe's work is online on JFKLancer's site and Fair Play. One of Joe's best works is a transcript of a John Newman presentation about Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City given at a JFK Lancer conference. It is available on the Lancer site complete with scans of many of the documents Mr. Newman referred to.

Edited by Joseph Backes
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