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I found this amusing.


"Shortly afterwards, I spoke to Hemming who acknowledged that he was familiar with Minox photos of him, but that they were not taken by Oswald. He informed me that Howard Davis had a Minox, and used it to take photos of their camps. It was Davis who took the photos in question.

Hemming told me that the Minox camera found in Oswald's sea bag originally came from Life reporter Richard Billings, who later authored the HSCA report and co-authored Robert Blakey's The Plot to Kill the President. Billings, who reported on the commando raids for Life magazine, gave the Minox to Hemming to photograph their various missions. Hemming in turn gave the camera to Eddie Bayo who disappeared with nine commandos while on a raid into Cuba. Hemming refused to speculate on how the Minox got from Bayo to Oswald."

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