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Q: Now, Mrs. Bond, would you please step down from the witness stand and come over to this large map. I am going to give you a pin with a small flag which has your name written on it, and I ask you to please attach this pin to this large map at the location where you were at the alcove. Now, Mrs. Bond, I direct your attention to what, for purposes of identification, the State has marked as "S-34," and step over here, if you will. Now, I ask you whether or not you -- I ask you to place a small "x" on this which would indicate your position at the alcove.

A: On here?

Q: Yes.

A: If it is the last one, it is the last whatever you call that, a pigeonhole, so to speak. It was the last pigeonhole or whatever it was, the opening there that I went to.

Q: Will you place a small "x" at this point.

A: Yes (indicating).

Q: Now, Mrs. Bond, I will give you a small statue of a woman and I would ask you, directing your attention to what we have marked as "S-36," I would ask you to please place this in the location where you were standing at the alcove.

She say's that she was in the LAST pigeon hole.

A big thank you to Lee Forman for aquiring the image from Ebay so that we all may share.

Wall section cropped.

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Wilmas friend Marie?

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