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  1. Jack ruby's bedroom floor, the newspaper shows Moorman 5
  2. Moorman Polaroids ( 1,2,3,5 ) Credit: Jack White.
  3. Two Moorman Polaroids taken on the morning of 11/22/63 Jean takes a photo of Mary Ann, Mary Ann takes a photo of Jean. photo Credit: Jack White.( Click on photo to view FULL SIZE )
  4. From memory Croft equates with Zapruder Z-161 watch the Zapruder film segment near this frame.
  5. Hughes Film showing The Limo and follow up car making the turn from Houston st onto Elm st
  6. Very nice overlay Chris, spot on alignment for the trees and the TSBD
  7. Mary and Jean had gone home and changed there clothes, and most likely they had also changed into formal dress shoes.
  8. It is obvious that Moorman was wearing white slacks dark blue coat, white socks and black flats why do you persist with this "High Heels" rubbish.
  9. Yes that was what i saw in the b&w photo, Jackie's hat appears to be up against the rear right hand door. she appears to be down on the carpet and leaning forward towards the door.
  10. These frames were shared with a small circle of researchers by Craig Lamson from memory they are second generation Zapruder frames, all of the frames were never released only these selected few. look at the z-313 crop it clearly shows the blood spray cloud and the 2-blood streams projecting forward from the top of the head. (Click on the image to view full size)
  11. My colorized interpretation of the Miller photo.
  12. Thanks yes we agree regarding consistency
  13. Thanks. I have been working with these images now for over 20-years When you cross reference films like Zapruder and Nix they sync perfectly, no alteration, no great Gov conspiracy
  14. Jackie's white glove "hand flip" over Kennedy's head in Nix is a good sync point for the Zapruder film
  15. Nix GIF frames rotated showing the downhill slope of Elm St .
  16. Yes i did make a GIF with the gradient corrected a couple of years ago but i am having trouble located it.
  17. This Nix GIF clearly shows that the limo did NOT stop. The Limo did however slow to a crawl before it sped off.
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