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Clothing Examination---JFK's Coat

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This one is extremely simple!

The coat which was worn by JFK at the time of the assassination was never examined by anyone from the Spectrographic Analysis Section of the FBI Lab.

All testimony given by FBI Agent Robert Frazier as regards any Laboratory Examination of the coat is complete "Hearsay", which is/was based on some "Memorandum" as presented to Dr. Humes during admission of the coat into evidence.


Mr. SPECTER - Did any tests conducted on the coat disclose any metallic substance on that area of that hole?

Mr. FRAZIER - Yes, sir. I had a spectrographer run an analysis of a portion of the hole which accounts for its being slightly enlarged at the present time. He took a sample of cloth and made an analysis of it. I don't know actually whether I am expected to give the results of his analysis or not.

Mr. SPECTER - Yes; would you please, or let me ask you first of all, were those tests run by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the regular course of its testing procedures?

Mr. FRAZIER - Yes, sir; they were.

Mr. SPECTER - And have those results been made available to you through the regular recordkeeping procedures of the FBI?

Mr. FRAZIER - Yes, sir.


Other than the fact that FBI Agent Robert Frazier thought that he gained this information from FBI Agent John Gallagher, he has no other recollection as to where or how he gained the information to which he testified to during the WC questioning regarding the Laboratory examination of the coat of JFK.


Mr. GALLAGHER. I am a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, presently assigned to the Physics and Chemistry Section of the FBI Laboratory

Mr. REDLICH. Very briefly, what has been the nature of your affiliation with the FBI?

Mr. GALLAGHER. The greater part of that 18 years I have been assigned to the FBI Laboratory, and in particular to the Physics and Chemistry Section. I work in the spectrographic unit of the FBI Laboratory.

Mr. REDLICH. And this is what you have been doing for the greater portion of your 18 years with the FBI ?

Mr. GALLAGHER. That is correct.


Actually, Gallagher was the supervisor of the FBI Lab, and one can read his WC testimony and see exactly how much discussion exists in regards to the laboratory examination of the clothing of JFK.


It would appear that the old "shell/pea" game is back again!

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