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a legal/judicial question?

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I have long realized that the chances of this issue ever coming to trial are non-existant, and even the chance of a G. Jury hearing are nearly so. I accept this in my mind as "fact".

I have very little knowledge of the implementation of the law and of judicial proceedings in general.

My question (actually two questions)

1) Is it judicially possible to "challenge" the findings of a body such as the Warren Commission ?

I am going to keep this very short as I am certain that most of you are aware of many severely criticised aspects of this hearing ie : the deliberate exclusion of witnesses such as Special Agents Siebert & Oneal (sp?)...Admiral Burkley...

and an ad infinitum naming of dozens / hundreds of others.

Also the "interogative tactics" of the Commission and its interrogators. These certainly would not have stood up in a court of law.

Also the dtermination that certain eye and ear witness testimony was necessarily wrong because it did not match those elements of "evidence" which they (the Commission) found "MORE LIKELY" !

As I said, I don't know if there is any legal precedent for such an action, but I would like to.

2) Another question that I have considered for quite some time....Is it possible for the State of Texas, in absentia, try in a court of law, Lee Harvey Oswald, for the "Attempted Murder of the Govenor of Texas" ? Is there a statute of limitations in Texas for "attempted murder" ? Also is it legal within the state of Texas to conduct an "in absentia" trial ?

If possible, these results would certainly make great strides toward proving "conspiracy" in the murder of JFK !

Charlie Black

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