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Since "Specter & Company" effectively slipped this one past virtually everyone as well, then it too, in the history of things, should be brought out.

Mr. SPECTER - Mr. Chief Justice, may it please the Commission, I would like to have identified for the record three articles on which I have placed Commission Exhibits Nos. 393 being the coat worn by the President, 394 being the shirt, and 395 being the President's tie, and at this time move for their admission into evidence.

The CHAIRMAN. It may be admitted.

Mr. SPECTER - Taking 393 at the start, Doctor Humes, will you describe for the record what hole, if any, is observable in the back of that garment which would be at or about the spot you have described as being the point of entry on the President's back or lower neck.

Commander HUMES - Yes, sir. This exhibit is a grey suit coat stated to have been worn by the President on the day of his death. Situated to the right of the midline high in the back portion of the coat is a defect, one margin of which is semicircular.

Situated above it just below the collar is an additional defect. It is our opinion that the lower of these defects corresponds essentially with the point of entrance of the missile at Point C on Exhibit 385.

Attached to this garment is the memorandum which states that one half of the area around the hole which was presented had been removed by experts, I believe, at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and also that a control area was taken from under the collar, so it is my interpretation that this defect at the top of this garment is the control area taken by the Bureau, and that the reason the lower defect is not more circle or oval in outline is because a portion of that defect has been removed apparently for physical examinations.

Mr. SPECTER - Now, does the one which you have described as the entry of the bullet go all the way through?

Commander HUMES - Yes, sir; it goes through both layers.

Mr. SPECTER - How about the upper one of the collar you have described, does that go all the way through?

Commander HUMES - Yes, sir; it goes all the way through. It is not--wait a minute, excuse me it is not so clearly a puncture wound as the one below.

Mr. SPECTER - Does the upper one go all the way through in the same course?

Commander HUMES - No.

Mr. SPECTER - Through the inner side as it went through the outer side?

Commander HUMES - No, in an irregular fashion.


Gotta just love a guy that can "pull" this off!

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Hopefully, Dr. Lattimer will not object to portions of his book being utilized in order to demonstrate the first point of impact for the third shot.

And since Roy Kellerman went out of his way to over-ride Specter & Company and get the facts and truths out, one should, in recognition of Kellerman's personal integrity and honor, utilize his statement in regards to the second point of impact for shot#3.

Mr. KELLERMAN. Entry into this man's head was right below that wound, right here.

Mr. SPECTER. Indicating the bottom of the hairline immediately to the right of the ear about the lower third of the ear?

Mr. KELLERMAN. Right. But it was in the hairline, sir.

Mr. SPECTER. In his hairline?

Mr. KELLERMAN. Yes, sir.

Mr. SPECTER. Near the end of his hairline?

Mr. KELLERMAN. Yes, sir.

Mr. SPECTER. What was the size of that aperture?

Mr. KELLERMAN. The little finger.

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Boswell AARB:

Q. I'd like you to note on the right diagram; on the head there appears to be a circle with an arrow pointing up and to the left. Do you see that?

A. Yes.

Q. Are you the person who made that mark?

A. Yes.

Q. Could you tell me what that mark signifies?

A. Well, at this late date, I have to assume. I remember that there is a--in the scalp there was a tunneling of the wound through the skin and subcutaneous tissue, and I think that is the direction that the tunnel went.

Q. Does that mean that there was a tunnel between the entrance point and the point where the bullet entered into the skull?

A. Yes.


Q. On the top of page 4, the portion that I showed you just a minute ago, it refers to a lacerated wound measuring 15 by 6 millimeters. What is the portion that is lacerated that is being referred to there? Do you know?

A. I'm sure that is the tunnel-like wound of entrance on the scalp.


A. Now, this is not--this is contrary to my arrow here, and I don't know why, because it shows the tunneling going to the right rather than to the left


A. Yes. The reason I asked about another picture, because it seems to me I remember one picture that shows the tunneling very well. And I'm not sure whether that one shows the position of the entry wound any better, but it does show the one-and-a-half centimeter tunnel.


A. Well, I seem to remember a couple of photographs. That might be one, and particularly one showing the beveling of that same wound--or not beveling, but the tunneling. But I can't imagine that there are any photographs missing. Numerical- wise, are they all here?

A. Yeah, well, we've always looked for the one of the chest cavity, and then I seem to remember photographs, color photographs of the tunneling.


Q. The photographs that are referred--for the record, the portion of the document that we're looking at says, "The scalp wound shown in the photographs appears to be a laceration and tunnel, with the actual penetration of the skin obscured by


the top of the tunnel." That's referring to View No. 6, photographs Nos. 15, 16, 42, and 43, if we could see one of those.

A. That's the same one.

MR. GUNN: Dr. Boswell is now looking at the sixth view.

THE WITNESS: I guess maybe that's the one I remember. It looks different to me today as I see this. I don't appreciate the tunnel as much as I have in past examinations, and the position is different.

You see, the problem is, though, that this scalp is all loose, and this might not be the--as we're viewing this, this might not be the position of this wound.


Q. Again, you're referring to the mark down near the hairline--

A. Right, on--

Q. --on View 6?



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