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Intriguing eBay item

Lee Forman

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or do a search for "new kennedy assassination info."

I have documentation, to my knowledge, that has never been revealed before relating to the Kennedy assassination. There is a person who warned (in advance) that President would be "taken out". so that Lyndon Johnson would take over the reigns. I have a recording of this person stating exactly what he said, when he said it, the date he said it, the place in Texas where he said it, and you can clearly hear it as it was recorded. I also have 10 pictures of this person. He is/was a known celebrity of sorts, and may still be alive for questioning? I will also give a typed outline on all of the particulars of this forwarning. If the oswald snipers window just listed for 3 MILLION, this bid should start at at least $10,000.00. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE, THE INFORMANT MAY STILL BE ALIVE. Check my ebay record to see that I am not a weirdo. Questions? ask Sellaca, or call 1-801-785-5131 Will ship all material AFTER FULL PAYMENT IS REALIZED.

Bidding starts at $10K.

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