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I's not a matter of being an assassin, it's a matter of having information.

Ask the same question for these people:

Orlando Bosch

Posada Carriles

Homer Echevarria

Freddy Lugo

Jim Braden

John Thomas Masen

James Files

Charles Harrelson

E. Howard Hunt (just died)

Ignacio Novo

Guillermo Novo

Donald Kendall

Marita Lorenz

Felix Rodriguez

George Bush

Gerald Ford (just died)

William Seymour

Cesar Diosdado

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Files talked exclusively on confessions of an assassin. I saw the interview when it first came out.......I believe West interviewed him? Thought the interview was @ the least thought out by Files and convincing however I remember Files saying he shot from under the road from a drainage location......now I've read he says he was @ the pickett fence? help WM....

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