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Were the media to blame for America losing the Vietnam War?

Hannah James

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The topic title and description pretty much ask what I am looking for - I am completing my dissertation title on this and would really appreciate any replies that you could give me



I think not, thought I'm not really qualified to say. You posted this interesting topic in the wrong section thouh. The same goes for your other Vietnam thread. Perhaps the "Cold War" section of the "Politically Controversial Issues in History" sub-forum would be the most appropriate, you could PM an administrator or moderator to move them or you could simply repost them there ypurself.

Good luck!


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I'm not too sure about the media having stopped it, but GI resistance certainly had a lot to do with it. Media portrayal of GI resistance is quite interesting.

The topic is very well covered in the documentary 'Sir, no Sir!'. You can view a 12 minute preview of it here


To purchase it you can go to http://www.sirnosir.com/

I attended a screening of the film on capitol hill organised by John Judge. It is quite fascinating and makes a very good case for the GI movement having stopped the war.

All the best,



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