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Nick Falk

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Sackville school in East Grinstead achieved the status of being an ENIS (European Network of Innovative Schools) school earlier this year. Funding has been provided to support collaborative projects with other European schools. The aim is to share and learn about innovative educational activities.

To this end Sackville staff spent some of their half term break forging links with two schools in France.

The International School of Toulouse is an establishment in which extensively uses networked laptops to support learning. All students are provided with a notebook and all classrooms have multiple network points. Students are encouraged to use the available technology in creative ways with electronic submissions being the norm.

The Lycèe de Bagatell in Saint-Gaudens is for students who are undertaking the Baccalaureate programme. Sackville staff met with the school’s headteacher who expressed an enthusiasm for international collaboration between schools. He is particularly keen to welcome Sackville students and staff to his school.

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