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VIDEO - Could Oswald have made it to the Tippit killing on time ?

Gil Jesus

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Oswald's movements after he left the Texas School Book Depository are



No he did not have enough time, but that is only one of many problems on the Tippit shooting.

Witnesses saw two people. Bullets did not match up. Erlene Roberts (before she died) testified that a cop car pulled up and sounded his horn. A signal to LHO? I have always believed poor old Tippet was sent there to kill Oswald and because he failed in that he was killed.


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Could you be so kindly to reveal from which documentary this segment is from


I believe that it is from the James Earl Jones video "JFK conspiracy".

Gil: Here is a reply received after reposting your the JFK Conspiracy Video from "JMO":


I had alot of questions about that video, then I went and read the relevant section of the warren commission. Oswald was positively identified by 2 witnesses. What is the point of this video?

Sorry edit again. There seems to be a glaring factual inaccuracy in this video. The warren report doesn't say he got on the bus 3 mins after he left the building. It is approximated at closer to 6 or 7 minutes after.

"The bus ride.--According to the reconstruction of time and events which the Commission found most credible, Lee Harvey Oswald left the building approximately 3 minutes after the assassination. He probably walked east on Elm Street for seven blocks to the corner of Elm and Murphy where he boarded a bus..

McWatters(bus driver) was able to testify that the transfer had been issued by him on a trip which passed a check point at St. Paul and Elm Streets at 12:36 p.m., November 22, 1963. 420

McWatters was sure that he left the checkpoint on time and he estimated that it took him 3 to 4 minutes to drive three blocks west from the checkpoint to Field Street, which he reached at about 12:40 p.m. 421 McWatters' recollection is that he issued this transfer to a man who entered his bus just beyond Field Street.."

The report mentioned later that the FBI average for the time it took to walk to the bus was around 6 and a half minutes. Roughly the same time as in the video. So this video starts off on the wrong foot completely and really it is amazing they can get the first time so wrong.

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I believe this video's "strongest case" would have been to duplicate "Oswald" leaving the 6th floor at 12:31 or whatever and to see if he could wipe prints off the rifle, hide it and run down stairs (in any case the point is to see if they could duplicate Oswalds alledged movements after the shooting up to the M. Baker encounter) in less than 90 secs, which they didn't seem to time.

Also another strong point would be to focus on the timing of Oswald leaving the north bound bus station outside of his N. Beckley boarding house at 1:03 p.m. (or whatever the most reliable time for this event would have been) and whether he'd make it to the Tippit crime scene by 1:15.

In my opinion it would be a close call, yet interesting to see. The time of about 12 minutes for the walk from N. Bekley to 10th and Patton, was about 12 minutes if I'm not mistaken.

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