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The CIA and Religious Cults

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Thanks for recommending Evica's book.

I just finished the Hougan article, that I and others had posted a while back.

Wow, it sure is interesting.

Just wondering if others noticed a few parallels between Jim Jones and LHO

1. Both built reputations as leftists, and announced the intention to visit the USSR in the 1959-60 time period. If I remember correctly, this was at the high-

point of the CIA-State-Department false defector program, as described by Prof. Newman.

2. Both established public personae's as lefitists, while having long histories of contacts with rightist intelligence, including in the case of Jim Jones

Dan Mitrione, who was from the same town as Jones in Indiana.

3. Both anounced their support for the Cuban Revolution, and undertook public defenses of the revoution in the US

4. The passport records of both show severe irregularies involving travel to communist countries.

5. There is evidence that both may have had a double or two.

6. Both seem to have contacts with figures from organized crime, that were in some way connected to their intelligence work.

This probably sounds silly if you have not read the article. I think almost everyone on the forum will find it very interesting. Does anyone else notice other parallels, or disagree with the above typed?

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some thoughts on cults

In England, German prisoners of war were routinely, in being processed, asked questions like name, rank, birthdate, etc and religion, a very large proportion answered 'Hitler', or 'Nature'.

At the Nuerenberg trials, many being tried returned to their traditional Lutheran.


In seraching for a bridge between various persons named in the pre WWII Isolationist movements and the gray area between Pearl Harbour and into the fifties, I am surpsised by the number of same names appearing, but now as Reverend or Bishop etc. so it's (from here, outskirts of the world, Peth WA where access to the data that may be readily available elsewhere) virtually impossible to confirm anything.

A number of the New Orleans persons of interest (eg Beckham) 'hid' at times in a cloak of 'divinity'. This is more readily established as it has been researched there.

One overall impression gathered is that a person can 'disappear' and 'reappear' using religious status'. The peculiarities of the USofA constitution about religion appears to facilitate this. That the CIA would be involved in such would be of no surprise to me.


One thing it demonstrates is a readiness to use a religious cloak, particularly where many religions have as a fundament, redemption. Redemption, where it is genuine, is indeed a good thing. Likwise forgiveness, not only for the forgiven but the forgiver. I am sure this process is taken advantage of by some if not many.

Cults gather disaffected persons, removing them from society. The instances of mass suicides and criminal actions further removes and dispossess many. Blind faith is a terrible thing, whether it is in ones authorities in government or religion. Faith on the other and can be a bridge to knowing, infant hood to independence re parent child relationship for example. Following anyone without an individual committment to developing judice is foolish.

Strangely enough this is relevant to the Assassination research community as well, where blind faith in some quarters abound. In fact, (IMO), it is one of the great hindraces. Fortunately, this seems to me to be recognised by many.

a suggestion:

make the search for truth the only purpose. Alliances there, can be, as they should be, fluid and accepted as such. No one is 'above suspicion' but all should be treated with respect based on an independent committment to a growing, developing personal judice.

for example: Bush."a wonderful upstanding Christian" or "WW II period when the current leader of the USofA was creating a nice 'little' nest egg, selling the Nazi's the minerals and steel that would later be used in armaments to kill USofA soldiers." this among other clearly documented things (Posada for example) convict him.

There are people on all spectrums that are worthy of high regard, but none free from critical scrutiny.

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