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The Moon Song

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Anybody up for a sing along ?

Go this link for some fun.



by Dave Hook

Well, "It's one small step for man

And one giant leap for mankind"

Those were the scripted words for Neil Armstrong,

On July 20th, 1969

That grainy footage shown on TV

At one time actually convinced me

But how do we really know?

Because Walter Cronkite told us so?

I say:

No man has ever walked on the moon

Now before you dismiss me as a loon

Listen to the facts and you may even find

A story that just might change your mind

** ( Song starts here ) **

Now it all started back in '62

JFK told the people what he would do

Put a man on the moon by the decade's end

Land, and bring them safely home again

He was a great speaker we all know

And he even banged Marilyn Monroe,

But he was also just a politician,

But Jack "knew Jack"

about any space mission

Now NASA had to get their ass in gear

And suddenly their hearts were full of fear

Cuz they were way behind in the space race

Now big mouth Kennedy was setting them all up for disgrace

And their funding stood at about a couple BILL

So they would not admit defeat, and never will

So they said:

If we can't make it, then we'll fake it

If we can't do it, then screw it

We'll shoot it in the desert on a sound stage

Put it on the TV and the front page

We'll shoot it all in black and white

Even though we got a color camera on the flight

We'll bring jeeps, but take no telescopes?

We'll shoot some golf balls all around,

Then stick a flag into the ground

That should be enough for the boob tube watching dopes

Cuz there's facts about space travel most don't know

That radiation gets more intense the farther out you go

It starts at about 1,000 miles out

Go farther than that and you will die, there's no doubt

Unless you cover yourself with 4 feet of lead

Any less than that, and brother you'd be dead

But to build a ship like that, why even try?

It would be far too heavy to ever fly

Kennedy thought this was plausible

But NASA knew it was impossible

But they still wanted to get paid

So they said to themselves:

If we can't make it, then we'll fake it

If we can't do it, then screw it

We'll film it in the desert, or on a sound stage

And put it on the TV and the front page

We'll bring extra lighting just for fun

Even though the only light source is the sun

But we need them for the photos we're going to take

No photos of stars or other stuff,

Some young astronomer may call our bluff

It never can come out it all was fake

'Cuz it's much too dangerous to really go,

On live TV? I don't ******* think so

We'll have to shoot the whole thing in advance

For an unhappy ending we can't take the chance

( The astronauts are dead , here's Will with the sports )

We'll show them some meteors we found on earth if they want proof

When you control the media , you control the truth

Full body pictures of Neil on the moon, there are only two

Do you realize he has never ever granted an interview ?

But these facts don't leave me too surprised

Ask him no questions, and he'll tell you no lies

Cuz he knows

They couldn't make it, so they had to fake it

They couldn't do it, so just said, "Screw it"

They shot it in the desert on a sound stage

And put it on the TV and the front page

Sent a satellite feed of their con

To a few on the ground who knew what was going on

Then beamed it out to all the excited folks

They were never 250,000 miles away

George Bush says we're going back some day:

But the first time around it was a hoax

They slowed the film, and hid the wires

They were very very clever liars,


The first time around it was a hoax ... :blink:

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Guest Stephen Turner

Duane, as rebuttal I submit the 1964 song "Everyone's gone to the Moon", and the 1966 classic "Fly me to the Moon, and let me play amoung the Stars." Or how about The Police's 1979 "Walking on the Moon"

"Giant steps are what you take, Walking on the Moon."

"I hope my leg dont break, walking on the Moon."

"We could walk for ever, walking on the Moon."

"We could be together, walking on, walking on the Moon."

Words and Music by Sting.....

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