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Repressive Power in a Capitalistic Society

John Simkin

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Anyone interested in commenting on this passage from William Domhoff's Processes of Ruling Class Domination in America.

The repressive power of the ruling class may or not be the "basic reality" of the state in capitalistic society, as most Marxists assert. But even if they overstate their case, as is believed by those theorists who emphasize the patriotic and ideological basis of the state,, the fact remains that leaders within the American ruling class have turned loose strikebreakers, the police, the FBI, and the CIA, on trade-union organizers, civil-right activists, anti-war protesters and left-wing political leaders, sometimes murdering them in the process. These actions are part of the ideology process, and they suggest that the power elite will use the most drastic of methods to defend its position.

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I've been trying to expose massive corruption in the CIA and the United States Government since 1984. The CIA has carried out massive operations to stop me. They would have killed me in 1984 if they could have, but only the Lord God Almighty kept that from happening.

Repression will take place whenever people unrighteously seek for power and authority and they know that they can get away with their repressive tactics.

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