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  1. According to the Gallup Organization, 75 percent of the American people believe that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was the result of a conspiracy. Gallup polls have found that the 75 percent figure has remained constant over the past thirty years. In an interview for the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer on PBS, Frank Newport, editor-in-chief of the Gallup Poll, said, “The American public thinks it was a conspiracy. Three-quarters of Americans in poll after poll, year after year, continue to tell us that they do not believe that one man, Lee Harvey Oswald, did it alone. He was part of a conspiracy.” LNers are out numbered 3 to 1.
  2. To quote more excerpts from my book: After the Cuban exiles were left holding the bag on November 22, they and their CIA handlers set about pointing the finger of guilt at Castro, which resulted in President Johnson establishing the Warren Commission to prevent a nuclear war. McCone and Company had an easy time convincing President Lyndon Johnson that he should have a profound fear that Khrushchev and Castro “might have been involved in the assassination,” which resulted in the establishment of the Warren Commission to cover up everything and point the finger of guilt at Oswald alone. The CIA is the only organization with the ability to kill the President of the United States and cover it up. Only the CIA could orchestrate a grand production that would first implicate a lone assassin and then implicate Castro, but ultimately point the finger of guilt at anti-Castro Cubans.
  3. Don, That is precisely my position. By controlling the Warren Commission investigation, the CIA was able to supply details of a plot by CIA-controlled Cuban exiles to kill President Kennedy. But KGB officers inside the CIA were not about to trust the assassination to a third party, and once the deed was done, the Cuban exiles were left holding the bag.
  4. I know there are plenty of people who will argue against my knowledge that KGB officers inside the CIA killed President Kennedy, mainly because almost everyone has a theory on who killed JFK and why, but since you asked for perspectives on the anti-Castro Cubans and the assassination, here is mine. To quote some excerpts from my book: KGB officers inside the CIA were behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, and they were responsible for orchestrating the ensuing cover up. The Warren Commission was directed to make a case for no conspiracy while completely relying on and trusting the CIA to investigate an obvious conspiracy, and KGB officers inside the CIA had an easy time feeding the Warren Commission information that implicated their chosen patsies in the assassination, namely, anti-Castro Cubans. The KGB officers foresaw that it would be said that there was a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy. Even the Warren Commission privately acknowledged a conspiracy. During one of their Executive Sessions, they tried to determine how President Kennedy could have been hit in the front when Oswald, the alleged assassin, was behind the President during the assassination. The KGB officers foresight dictated that they would need someone on whom they could ultimately pin the assassination. Soviet KGB officers inside the CIA were more than happy to blame anti-Castro Cubans for assassinating the President of the United States while the public was being told Oswald was the lone assassin. But if anti-Castro Cubans had actually assassinated President Kennedy, it would mean the Soviets and their Eastern European satellites, along with Cuban Premier Fidel Castro, immediately knew that it was a right-wing conspiracy orchestrated by those demanding a stronger policy against Cuba. There are voluminous CIA and USIA documents detailing the Soviets extensive propaganda campaign to accuse the far right of assassinating President Kennedy.
  5. Tom, Obama is as far to the left as they come. I have never seen anyone as far to the left as Obama. There are many African-Americans who are qualified to be President, but Obama is not one of them. JFK was a raving conservative when compared to Obama.
  6. John, When massive KGB infiltration of the CIA was exposed in 1984 (but never made public), the United States government determined with absolute certainty that the KGB officers inside the CIA were behind JFK's assassination.
  7. These are excerpts from a letter that Chiefs Batchelor, Lumpkin, and Stevenson wrote to Curry on 30 Novemver 1963. It is contained in the Texas Attorney General report and has info on the pilot car.
  8. Bill, Wouldn't the "Lead Car" simply be a police car like any other police car?
  9. Actually, a report of 19 November 1963 refers to "Lead Police Vehicles" that would go before the "Lead Car." CE 767; Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XVII, page 596. http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=1134&relPageId=631 And the "pilot car" is mentioned on page 5 of Lawson's report to Rowley, dated November 30, 1963. It is in the second paragraph of the section on "Route Security." see second link below; CE 768; Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XVII, page 605. http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?mode=searchResult&absPageId=139422
  10. Dan Rather was also the first conduit for bringing forth the new claim that JFK had a large exit wound at the front of his head. A few months after Humes viewed fabricated autopsy photos at the National Archives, Humes decided that it was safe to move the massive exit wound up to the front of the head. Dan Rather interviewed Humes in June 1967 and during that interview, Humes stated, "The exit wound was a large irregular wound to the front and side; right side of the President's head," which means three and a half years after the assassination, the exit wound was in front.
  11. Yarborough’s affidavit clearly explains why he seems unfazed: “In fact, until the automatic weapon was uncovered, I had been lulled into a sense of false hope for the President’s safety, by the lack of motion, excitement, or apparent visible knowledge by the Secret Service men that anything so dreadful was happening.” Hickey did not pick up the “automatic weapon” until after the headshot.
  12. Landis wrote that when the first shot was fired, it “sounded like the report of a high-powered rifle from behind me, over my right shoulder.” He also wrote, “There was no question in my mind what it was.”
  13. Great story. I was quite amused by "conga lines in school cafeterias."
  14. Hitler’s Nazi Party was actually the "National Socialist" party, and we all know LHO's proclivity for that stuff, even though it was all part of his haphazard "intelligence" work, like his phony defection to the USSR.
  15. Baker testified that he went into the TSBD because he “had it in mind that the shots came from the top of this building.” Baker also testified that his initial impression was that the shot might have even come from the top of the building “on the northeast corner” of Houston and Elm, which would be the Dal-Tex Building. “I had a feeling that it came from the building either right in front of me or the one across to the right of it,” he testified. In his affidavit on November 22, 1963, Baker stated, “I realized these shots were rifle shots and I began to try to figure out where they came from.” A person firing from the roof of the Dal-Tex building would not have been seen, and people could easily mistake the sound as coming from the east end of the Texas School Book Depository. When it was officially said that the assassin was in the sixth-floor window of the Book Depository, some people just went along with the idea that the sounds came from there. Euins and Brennan made sure there would be no search for anyone other than a sixth-floor TSBD shooter. They both immediately told law enforcement officers that there was only one assassin and that he was firing from the sixth-floor window at the east end of the Texas School Book Depository so that everyone would stop looking around in the area of the railroad yards that were west of the Book Depository. Euins testified to the Warren Commission that he “ran” and “told the policeman I had seen the shot, because they were looking at the railroad tracks.” Euins’ co-witness, Howard Brennan, testified, “I knew I had to get to someone quick to tell them where the man was . . . . It appeared to me that they were searching in the wrong direction for the man that did the shooting.” As far as Euins and Brennan were concerned, everyone running to the railroad yards and the overpass was wrong. Euins and Brennan are apparently the very first people to say that there was only one assassin; that he was on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository; and that there was no conspiracy. Euins and Brennan did a very poor job of implicating Oswald following the shooting, but they both obviously did an excellent job of ending the search and directing everyone’s attention to the Texas School Book Depository.
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