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This documentary chronicles GI opposition to the Vietnam war. I helped John Judge set up a screening of this film on capitol hill last summer. It is an excellent movie and I am excited that it is now available online.

The documentary gives the reality of why the U.S. was no longer able to sustain the Vietnam war.

Details on the film can be found here,



You can view the movie at the following url's. Part 1 relates the Vietnam war to the one currently ensuing in Iraq, the documentary itself starts in aprt 2.

PART 1: How to End the IRAQ War - Intro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMiWrg...


PART 2: Iraq War Lessons from Vietnam



PART 3: Underground GI Movement



PART 4: F*** the Army / Black GI's Rebel



PART 5: Mi Lai Massacre / GI Mutiny



PART 6: They Changed History



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