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Oswald's Ghost

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Vincent Bugliosi, along with a host of other 'great researchers' like E Epstein, Hugh Aynesworth and Priscilla Johnson Macmillan ,popped up last week on a JFK documentary called 'Oswald's Ghost' on the BBC's digital tv channel BBC Four, spouting the same old ' no credible evidence for conspiracy' argument.

I don't know if the documentary has aired in the U.S. but it is a current one made this year and also featured Mark Lane. Unfortunately it was heavily biased towards the official view imo as they gave the anti conspiracy theorists more air time and people like Mark Lane only a fraction of the time they had.

And of course there was the usual 'Garrison bashing' and the portrayal of Shaw as an innocent businessman.

The only good thing about it was that it featured some footage of Oswald etc which I hadn't seen before (not the usual clips shown )

The BBC website has a bit about it here:


I intend on leaving my comments on the 'have your say' section at some point.

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