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  1. Joe B You said it better than could have said it. There is more evidence that two mafia hit teams were in Dealey Plaza the day Kennedy was killed. No evidence of a corsican hit team.
  2. Cliff What's the difference between a Corsican mafia hitman and an American mafia hitman? Same same right?
  3. Cliff Thank you for your theory. You seem to have put some thought into it backed up by documentation. You, like Talbot, have the courage to name the CEO of the assassination and haven't let the LN's scare you away and for that I commend you. Have you put any thought into the operational end of the assassination? That is, who fired the shots, how many shots were fired, how many shooters, Oswald's role, etc. Assuming that you have, does each piece of evidence that forms an integral part of the assassination fit with all other integral parts (evidence) and that they all lead to the CEO, has that been done by you or anyone else who believes as you do?
  4. Larry 1970 to 2016 46 years did Putin wake up the ghosts of 1970 and sprinkle them on 2016? Putin was probably about 10 years of age in 1970. It would have been an old school KGB agent who informed Putin of their 1970 exploits. I thought communism was thrown out the window after they called Reagan daddy. The old KGB agents are no more. Neither the new or the old KGB agents make the news in this day and age.
  5. Vince The fourth shot missed the limo completely ricocheted off the pavement of Elm and traveled to Main and caused the injury to Tague came from the TSBD Z-290. The fifth shot hit Kennedy right front and blew out a huge hole in the right back of his head came from the grassy knoll Z-313. The sixth shot traveled over the limo and lodged in the grass south side of Elm came from the TSBD Z-328. 313 - 290 = 23 or 23/18 = 1.3 seconds 328 - 313 = 15 or 15/18 = 0.8 seconds It would have sounded like BANG ... BANG . BANG
  6. David and Joe Using the IRS and Lousiana tax forms to rebut JVB's claims is ludicrous. Come on, 30 years after the fact do we expect her to have complete records of her tax returns. We're lucky the documents are not faded to the point they are unreadable. How many people in the US have complete documents of their IRS tax returns from 30 years back? She showed the IRS forms to prove she worked at Reily. She showed a boatload of other evidence that proved she worked there so Copy A,B and C don't really matter. David I read your Clinton account with regard to JVB, it's a stretch guy.
  7. Pamela The link shows the`sketch, pg 39. It's difficult to understand the sketch Oswald did not provide notes. But on pg 292 of her book, "Me and Lee", she explains the sketch. I'm not sure where the apartment is located. It was the` last apartment she had before leaving for Florida. Her landlady was`named Suzie.
  8. Pamela I respect your opinion of Judyth and the opinions of others who don't believe her account. However my opinion defers from yours. The No. 1 reason I believe Judyth is speaking the truth is evidence found in Warren Commission Exhibit 18, Oswald's address book. In the book is a sketch of Judyth's apartment upside down. She said Oswald told her it would be difficult for anyone reading his diary to recognize Judyth's apartment if it was drawn upside down. He said that one must expect that his address book would be read by someone so he tried to disguise her apartment. Anyway, the sketch shows her apartment and where the key to the apartment was hidden and where her papers and documents were hidden. Oswald wanted to know where she would hide all her documents incase anything happened to her and`he needed to retrieve them.
  9. Micah It's a wound caused by a rifle shot. That is my belief. There is other evidence to support the fact that Kennedy was shot in the back. So yea you can say it's a normal back wound meaning it could have been caused by several things but it doesn't wash.
  10. Pat campbellmgold.com/archive_general/jfk_autopsy_photos.pdf Refer to photo with caption "BACK WOUND".
  11. Ty In words and deeds Dulles was a Nazi.
  12. David Yes. Tomlinson said he found the bullet on the stretcher that was near another stretcher. Tomlinson said he had brought down one of the stretchers from an ER that was one floor up. He said he found the bullet on the other stretcher, meaning he did not find the bullet on Connally's stretcher.
  13. David Kennedy was shot in the back. The bullet entered about 5/6 inches below the neck. The bullet entered back end first, was dented as it hit bone and stopped. It stayed in Kennedy's back and fell out as doctors and nurses tried to resusitate him. A round, bloody hole in Kennedy's is seen in a photo while Kennedy is still at Parkland. The hole could not have been punched into his back by the FBI simply because the FBI did not have access to Kennedy's body at this point. Blur analysis by Hartmann and Scott and BBN acoustics analysis in the area of the intersection of Elm and Houston indicate a loud, sharp sound similar to a rifle shot occurred as the limo made the turn from Houston onto Elm. Taking all four pieces of evidence into account, blur analysis, acoustics analysis, the photo showing a bloody hole in Kennedy's back, the dent on the back end of the bullet, all lead me to believe Kennedy was shot in the back. The shot produced a low velocity round whose sound was attenuated probably because of a misfire. And that's probably why the round only entered 2/3 inches into his back and stopped after hitting the back of the rib cage. I believe the bullet fell out of his back as he was attended in the ER of the hospital. The stretcher would not have remained inside the ER since it was bloody with pieces of brain matter all over the front end. It was probably cleaned and rinsed and then placed outside in the hallway.
  14. Why would someone plant a bullet w/o knowing the extent of the injuries to the victims? Makes no sense at all.
  15. Paul Continuing the theme of my post above, what does Helms or Angleton or any chief of a department of the CIA do for Allen Dulles with regard to accomplishing the assassination of JFK? The chief of any government department within an agency is a delegator of authority. Well that's what Dulles is. He doesn't need anymore delegators of authority. Dulles is the best at managing operations that were required for the assassination. Dulles needs guys who do the work. Guys who have contacts in the field, controllers of agents who can be used as patsies etc, etc, etc. Men like Helms and Angleton are not hands-on-people. They don't get their hands dirty working in the field. If their name pops up in an article with the name of Oswald it only means that one of their workers handles or works with Oswald. Chiefs of a department within the CIA don't work directly with an agent like Oswald.