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  1. Paul T ¨ LHO was acting on orders from a provocateur (Guy Bannister) ...¨ Why would the radical right send Morales to MC to impersonate Oswald, the Oswald Ruby killed, then turn around and send the same Oswald to MC at the same time to get a visa to Cuba? Wouldn´t that defeat the purpose of the impersonation?
  2. David I´ve read a little by Armstrong but not the book. Not read anything from the Baylor library on the assassination. Nothing on CD images. I know there were two Oswalds in Dealey Plaza on the day Kennedy was killed. How they got there, the personality of both, ect, ect, I´m not interested. Whether Armstrong is right or wrong I don´t care. It´s not important. I tried to make light of Jeremy´s last post to me simply because there is solid evidence that the Oswald who Ruby killed took a bus, got off the bus and took a cab to his apartment. Trying to muddy up the waters is a CIA trick and I´m not going to waste time arguing about it. I´m not saying Jeremy is CIA, but he used a CIA argument. Armstrong has opened up a few avenues for researchers to concentrate their efforts. A good example is Oswald the loner. Armstrong shows that Oswald is anything but a loner. Armstrong has shed light on the CIA´s relationship with Oswald. All in all Armstrong deserves credit and respect for his work. The ridicule and criticism directed towards Armstrong reeks of fear because he may be right.
  3. Thomas G Please direct me to the post where you tried to express the same idea.
  4. Jeremy Yes one Oswald walked down the grassy knoll and got into a rambler and the other took a bus, got off the bus and took a cab to his apartment. We don´t have to insert plausible deniability into our equation; makes it messy.
  5. Jeremy Eyewitness testimony can be a problem, however in this case one eyewitness was one car length behind the rambler, a second witness was two car lengths behind the rambler and the lady who said she may have seen Oswald´s twin was standing on the sidewalk not far from the grassy knoll. Craig was across the street from the rambler probably within 50 feet of it. That´s four witnesses very close to the second Oswald. These four eyewitnesses saw a second Oswald at the same time. To me that is very compelling for a second Oswald. The chances of all four being wrong are slim and none.
  6. Jeremy Four eyewitnesses saw a second Oswald in Dealey Plaza the day Kennedy was killed and one saw the rambler with it´s dark complexioned driver near or in Dealey Plaza before the second Oswald entered the rambler. Five eyewitnesses is strong evidence that there were two Oswalds in Dealey Plaza on 22 Nov 1963. Armstrong attempts to explain how a second Oswald could have existed. His work in no way takes away from the fact that there were two Oswalds in Dealey Plaza. I may not agree with everything he presents as evidence, but I respect his work tackling a very complicated issue.
  7. Thomas G Phillips could tell Veciana to do something for him and then say go to such and such a place and pick up a man by the name of Oswald. You will know who he is because he´ll be wearing such and such and he´ll have a dollar bill torn in half with him. His torn dollar bill will match the one I gave you. So Veciana goes to meet a man he has never seen. In the business these guys are in the trust factor is not there. Veciana may refuse to work with Oswald just on instinct. I have the impression that you believe it was a chance encounter, a mistake in timing on the part of Phillips. Veciana felt the same way. However I doubt Phillips makes mistakes; his life depends on his decisions. He lived in Havana during the start of the Cuban revolution. For a spy to survive in Castro´s Cuba requires guts, guile and intelligence, which Phillips seemed to have in abundance.
  8. Thomas G Yes, for Phillips to allow Veciana to see Oswald by chance didn´t seem believeable. But it wasn´t by chance it was by design. Once I realized it was by design it´s not surprising. Phillips requesting Oswald to fly from New Orleans to Dallas to briefly chit chat is not believeable. But that is what you believe.
  9. Thomas G Oswald flys about 300 miles Sept 7, 1963 to met Phillips briefly in Dallas at about noontime. Veciana flys about 400 miles Sept 7, 1963 to meet Phillips for lunch in Dallas at about noontime. Oswald and Phillips briefly chat and then Phillips asks Oswald to leave. Phillips doesn´t want Veciana to see Oswald with Phillips. However Veciana is 15 minutes early to the meeting with Phillips and he sees Oswald. The three are together for a few seconds and then Oswald leaves and Phillips and Veciana go to a cafe and eat lunch. This scenario makes no sense. Or in the famous words of the esteemed senator from Louisiana, Hale Boggs, that dog don´t hunt. If Phillips wanted to briefly chat with Oswald a much more efficient way would be to call him, not force him to travel by airplane to Dallas. Phillips wanted Oswald and Veciana to meet. He wanted Veciana to see Oswald face to face. If and when Phillips wanted both men to work on a project there would be familairity and Veciana would know that Oswald was Phillips´s man. If Phillips told Veciana to meet with a man named Oswald w/o seeing him first, do you believe Veciana would be willing to trust Oswald? Phillips wanted Veciana to see Oswald with him so that Veciana would trust Oswald.
  10. Thomas G I don´t think it was a chance meeting. It was by design. You disagree. That´s fine; everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  11. Thomas G Yes could just be a matter of poor timing on Phillips part. But that´s Veciana´s version of the event. We must remember that Veciana came a long way to meet Phillips in Dallas. I think he came to Dallas from Miami if memory serves me. And quite possibly Oswald came to Dallas from New Orleans. So they both travelled a few hundred miles to be in Dallas. So Veciana´s version seems unlikely given the long travel time and distance. It´s very possible that Phillips wanted Veciana to take Oswald to Cuba. Veciana was known for daring raids against Cuba so he would not have any problem taking Oswald to Cuba if asked by Phillips.
  12. Thomas G I´m really surprised Phillips allowed Veciana to see Phillips and Oswald(1) together. A guy like Phillips made very few mistakes so I believe Phillips had something in mind for Veciana and Oswald(1). If Oswald(1) appeared suddenly all Phillips had to do is tell Oswald(1) ... ¨hey guy I don´t know you f*** off¨ assuming that Phillips did not want Veciana to know that Phillips knew Oswald(1). As far as Phillips and Oswald(2) seen together, it wouldn´t have happened. Before the assassination only Phillips and his boss knew of Oswald(2). For Phillips to betray the goose (CIA) that laid the golden egg (Oswald2) by being seen in public with Oswald(2) would have gotten Phillips killed. The CIA would have never wanted Phillips to testify under oath about the existence of a second Oswald.
  13. Thomas G Philips wouldn´t introduce them. Veciana didn´t need to know Oswald´s name and Oswald didn´t need to know Veciana name. Philips wouldn´t tell them what he had in mind. At the right time he would tell them what he wanted out of them.
  14. Jim Much of where Oswald was and what he did prior to the assassination is unknown.
  15. Jim D I read somewhere that Veciana told his wife to disclose to all that Bishop was Philips after his death. I think she did. I´m not sure now. Is he still alive? If he is still among the living then I apologize for killing Antonio.