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  1. Michael The Lane video probably was made in 1974, but when was the interview of Craig and Carle? I think that interview took place before Craig's book was published, sometime in 1971. I could be wrong however.
  2. Michael Thank you for the video. IDK, Lane's voice must have changed. It appears the voice of the interviewer is other than Lane's. The video of Craig is from another time, not 1974.
  3. Just a heads up Craig backed off of his claim that he saw mauser on the barrel in an interview (LA Free Press) in 1968 and in his book "When they kill the President" of 1971. Earlier Wietzman said he made a mistake when he identified the rifle as a mauser. The above is not a rebuttal of David's or Alberto's work. I've not read David's article on the rifle and I'm not sure of Alberto's claim, mainly because my computer is an old one and I haven't been able to download all the evidence presented by Alberto.
  4. Larry Thank you. Content that you have taken the time to discuss this with me. I've learned so much. False flags have become a part of life in the world, and on our soil also. Northwoods was just another false flag that was turned on us. After one gets rid of the red herrings and false leads, one will find that the JFK assassination was just a simple murder the solution of which is simple.
  5. Larry My explanation of uniqueness and Northwoods stopped short of where it should have stopped. Kennedy was pushing the CIA out and making way for the military to take over covert CIA operations which is common knowledge. The JCS was complying with Kennedy's desire to move in a different direction. Northwoods is an attempt on the part of the JCS to get into covert operations. The uniqueness of Northwoods is the military engaging in covert operations on US soil. As far as needing Kennedy's signature, the military needed to protect themselves. If anything went wrong, the generals could say, ... hey it's not my fault I'm just following orders.
  6. Larry Some operations of Veciana did not have the approval of JFK. Many operations did have his approval but I've never seen a document that has JFK's signature approving any operation by the CIA. That doesn't mean that aren't any, it may mean that these documents are hidden away somewhere. I would guess that someone's book includes a document but I'm not sure.Or it could mean all the CIA needed was a nod by JFK and they would run with it. If as you say these types of operations, operations that Northwoods would fall under, were routine and not unique why is JFK's signature needed. It seems that Northwoods was regarded by the JCS as different from the normal CIA anti - Cuban operations. I think the main reason the JCS needed JFK's signature was this was an attempt by the JCS to get approval for covert operations against Cuba. In that respect it was unique. They were moving in on the CIA's territory because they felt the CIA had botched things up and the CIA's attempts to entice the USA into war with Cuba were a failure.
  7. Larry Some actions of Northwoods Simulate attack on Guantanamo, by starting fires ( incendiary bombs ???), lobbing mortars, causing explosion of ammo storage sites - casualties among US personnel likely Sink Cuban refugee boat, real or simulate Plastic bombs in Miami, Wash DC - how can casualties among innocent Americans be avoided If Kennedy had signed the document, he was on the hook. Once the document was signed, the joint chiefs of staff was blameless. You can bet they would have done anything, including blowing up Glenn's ship or cause massive casualties among innocent Americans to start a war with Cuba.Since Russia up the that point had not signed a treaty with Castro to protect the island from attack, the joint chiefs of staff said they only had a few months to employ Northwoods before the Russians and Cuba signed a treaty.
  8. Douglas Thanks Apparently the money came from a European bank. I assumed the money came from Texas oilmen. It makes sense since it's difficult to trace. If a large amount of money is moved from an american bank the government will know. I would assume banking regulations in Europe are different.
  9. Larry Don't forget, one of the proposals was to blow up an airplane in which travelled astronaut John Glenn. No mention of mocks. It was Eisenhower who set the tone for Operation Northwoods. He said he wanted to get rid of Castro but Castro hadn't given him a pretext for taking him out. I believe the Kennedy assassination was Operation Northwoods. Kill an american president, blame it on Cuba, and then pulverize them. It would have worked but LBJ stopped it.
  10. Michael BBN used an oscilloscope and a digital computer to determine if the sounds on the Dictabelt were shots. An oscilloscope shows sound in the form of a wave. If memory serves me BBN came up with 15 suspects from the oscilloscope which could be gunshots. There weren't fifteen bullets fired at Kennedy so BBN had to determine which of the wave forms depicted shots and which were other sounds. BBN then applied a set of screening criteria that would separate the gunfire from sounds that weren't gunfire. They came up with six sounds that met their criteria. From these six BBN rejected one sound, the first sound, because it did not have the required 10/11 peaks on the wave form. It showed echoes (peaks) but did not meet the criteria completely. It showed other characteristics to indicate that it might be a shot but the sound was attenuated. So they were left with 5 shots and that's what they gave the HSCA. That in a nutshell is what BBN did and what they found on the Dictabelt.
  11. David VP Thanks Dave. I don't think anyone lied about the mauser. A mistake was made by the officers because the rifle found was an Italian Carcano.
  12. David VP Please provide the entire article. I would like to find out who authored the piece, where the interview took place and the date of the interview.
  13. David VP Weitzman wasn't mentioned. Craig of course backed up Weitzman's claim of the mauser. To balance out the report we need to have Weitzman in there. The LA Free Press was never a real newspaper. The LA Free Press was a useful tool of the the community but it was not a national type newspaper like the LA Times. Their news was more local with a lot of underground news, anti war type stuff. They eventually went out of business in the late seventies. I wouldn't turn to the LA Free Press for national news and therefore do not put much credibility in their reporting about a national event.
  14. David VP Are`you joking. The LA Free Press? The perfect model for truth. Now if it was written in the LA Times I might take notice. But the LA Free Press, get outta here.
  15. Eddy The acoustics investigation provided valid evidence. It was the key element in the`HSCA conclusion in 1979 that Kennedy's death was probably the result of a conspiracy. The lead investigator wanted to do more testing but the US government said no probably because the government did not budget for the new testing. BBN wanted more shooter sites. BBN used only two shooter sites, the TSBD southeast sixth floor window and a location about 15 feet west from the corner of the picket fence on the grassy knoll for their initial investigation. If a private source came forth with money and the city of Dallas gave the okay for new testing a new investigation is doable. W/O money we are stuck in limbo.