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  1. There is no doubt the military at all levels supported the coup. The real question or the most important question is who commanded the military to support the coup? You determine who had the power to get the military behind the coup and you have a major component of the plot to assassinate JFK.
  2. Paul The acoustics evidence has not been refuted. If you are interested in the truth, I suggest you read ¨Hear No Evil¨by Don Thomas. He devotes three chapters to the acoustics investigation, entitled ¨Ballastics acoustics¨, ¨The acoustics challenged¨and ¨The acoustics in prime time¨. Every assertion by the so called acoustics experts of the government that the results of BBN´s investigation are false is rebutted by Thomas. The government does not have any scientists who are qualified to challenge the results. Thomas makes it easy for a layman to understand the acoustics ... one needs to have a limited knowledge of statistics, standard deviation, ect., the math is simple. Although only two shooter positions were used (there were four) the results were amazingly accurate and are in agreement with the blur analysis of Alvarez, Hartmann and Scott. BBN concluded there were six candidate shots, one of which was discarded by BBN because (the first shot) did not have the required 11 echo peaks. The other five did have the required number of peaks but Blakely for political reasons discarded one. So that is why the HSCA settled on four.
  3. Martin The fact that the Zapruder film was altered means someone knew the particulars of the plot to kill Kennedy.They/he/she knew how many shots were fired and how many shooters fired on the president in Dealey Plaza. If only a lone nut knew exactly what happened in Dealey Plaza then the film would not have been altered simply because, among other reasons, no one knew what needed to be changed. And there is not need to change the film if a lone nut did the shooting. There is only one individual on the Warren Commission panel of seven distinguished men who was in a position to effect change to not only the Zap film but eye and ear witness testimony, other films, photos, in fact all evidence. There is only one individual on the panel who had a motive to kill the president. There is only one individual who controlled the expertise and the resources to change the Zap film. There is only one individual who knew the intimate details of the plot to kill Kennedy to effect change of the Zap film. And that individual is Allen Dulles.
  4. David The plan is obvious. Three shells meant to be found. The early story that one bullet hit Kennedy in the back. One hlt Connally in the back and one hit Kennedy in the back of the head. Alter the Zapruder film to support three shots. Not only the three men below but the shooter should be deaf also, right? I think the Oswald look-alike was up there. Lee Harvey was downstairs. The acoustics investigation proves a strong correlation between the sw corner of the sixth floor and three shots.
  5. Tom No, my knowledge of computer graphics is limited. Maybe someone can help us.
  6. David It wasn´t the fourth shot after Z-313 it was the sixth shot. The TSBD sniper had to fire three shots. That was the plan. His first shot hit Connally in the back, the second caused the knick to Tague´s cheek and the third came after the head shot at Z-313. All three shots are more than 2.5 seconds apart. The Warren Commission said all other loud noises apart from the three shots were echos. But acoustics experts BBN proved them wrong. Hartmann, Scott and Alvarez who did the jiggle analysis also proved them wrong.
  7. David I think you believe that a shot was fired at Z-158 but that it missed the limo entirely and hit the pavement to the right of the limo. I´m saying a shot was fired at Z-158 and hit Kennedy in the back. You are saying that Kennedy was hit in the back at Z-224. I say Kennedy was hit in the throat at Z-193, and reacts to being hit in the throat starting at Z-206. The five missing frames show Kennedy going to his throat before the sign, not after the sign. I say Connally was hit in the back at Z-224. There were two snipers on the grassy knoll. One was stationed behind the picket fence west of the corner of the picket fence and the other was located behind the picket fence north of the corner. Both were hidden behind overhanging branches. The sniper who shot Kennedy in the throat fired from behind the fence through an opening in the pergola. He had to fire at that time because the limo was coming up on the sign. Using jiggle analysis, the highest peak of the six peaks that can be seen on pg 208, table 2, Hear No Evil, Don Thomas, shows the second shot as the second highest, with the shot-313, the highest. This means that the sniper who shot Kennedy in the throat was very close to Zapruder.
  8. David Not only the jiggle analysis says a shot at Z-158 but also BBN´s acoustics investigation. That is the point I tried to make in No. 2 of my post above. So we have two scientific investigations that bolster eachother. Then you add in the back wound, which obviously was a misfire (bullet only entered the body 1-2 inches), corroborated by the acoustics of muffled rifle fire. The Zap film that was given to the Warren Commission lacked many frames, including Z-208, 209, 210, 211, and 212. These frames were said to have been destroyed by a LIFE magazine technician. I am 99% sure that Kennedy starts to go to his throat at Z-206 due to a shot from the grassy knoll and the missing frames show he has his hands at his throat BEFORE the sign. They were removed to fake the SBT. You will never find out what happeneed to Kennedy by relying on witness testimony, films and photos simply because they have been altered. The CIA are experts at covering up their crimes. The Kennedy assassination is another example of their work.
  9. David Evidence of a shot from the Del Tex Bldg at Z-158 is compelling. 1. Jiggle analysis, which is regarded by the US government as a scientific test, shows that Zapruder was startled by a loud noise at Z-158. 2. The wound in Kennedy´s back did not go through his back. The bullet entered only an inch or two and stopped. The sound was muffled and did not register enough echo peaks to be regarded as a shot by BBN . It registered 4 peaks but it needed to register at least 11. 3. I believe the assassin in the Del Tex building used home made ammunition. Apparently the bullet was not packed properly and thus the misfire and the muffled sound. 4. The Warren Commission did not receive any frames before frame Z-173. So they analyzed the Zapruder film not knowing anything about the first shot. A later version shows Kennedy arching his back in response to being shot in the back. The version quickly dissappeared from the internet. 5. So why hide the frames that show evidence of a shot at Z-158? Simple, evidence of a shooter other than the shooter in the TSBD. The CIA sat on it for more than 22 years. When the supposedly untainted Zap film was seen for the first time Kennedy is seen waving and smiling as the limo turns onto Elm. 6. The CIA was short of time and couldn´t change the frames at the beginning of the film before turning over the film to the Warren Commission. They said the film came from LIFE but if you believe that you´ll believe anything. And of course they spent most of their time altering the film to sell the SBT.
  10. Micah Don.t have a favorite witness. BTW, we´re talking about ear witnesses right as opposed to eye witnesses. Of course no one actually saw a shot, they heard a shot, thus ear witnesses. With regard to ear witnesses, maybe they heard an echo instead of a shot. What distinguishes a shot from an echo?
  11. Micah Yes there was a loud shot at Z-193. And there was a loud noise at Z-158.
  12. Micah a year or two ago the LN´s acknowledged that a loud noise happened as the limo made the turn from Houston onto Elm. But they said it was a backfire from either a vehicle or motorcycle in the parade, not a rifle or gun shot. I know because I argued with them over on Duncan´s forum. Now they ignore it completely as if to say it never happened hoping that it goes away.
  13. David The throat shot was the second shot, not the first. Zapruder was startled by a second shot so much so that he jiggled his camera in response. This occurred at Z-Frame 193. Also the acoustics data indicate a shot near Z-Frame 193. Photos and witness testimony was changed by the cover-up machine. I don´t trust any of it. I rely on the forensics.
  14. David The first shot was loud enough to startle Zapruder, whose caused the camera to jiggle at Z-Frame 158. The shooter must have been close to the parade as people in the parade looked quickly to their left. That is why I don´t believe the sniper was up high on the roof of any building in Dealey Plaza. Forget about anyone firing from a manhole.
  15. Micah Wishing it didn´t happen is not going to make it go away. "Probably" is not good enough. I mean no disrespect but you need to do a little more research. I think you are a novice to the JFK debate. As the limo turned onto Elm from Houston the limo was not visible to the sniper on the sixth floor of the TSBD. There were oak trees between the limo and the sniper.The limo didn´t become visible to the sniper until Z-frame 210 according to a FBI report. So the first two shots could not have come from the TSBD.