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  1. I think what we have here is a difference of opinion on what constitute an "ideology". It seems to me is that what conservatives generally display is more a collection of policies -- usually based on resistance to change and the maintenance of a status quo which tends to benefit the class(es) to which they belong rather than the sort of over-arching conceptual framework I think of as being an "ideology". A good example of what I'm thinking about is the essential conservatism of peasants in France since the Revolution and in north western Spain to this day. They don't operate "think tanks", an
  2. It is always interesting to debate politics with someone from the religious right, especially someone who's clearly given the matter some thought, but I'm not completely convinced this would be much help to Andy's students. Perhaps on a different thread?
  3. I'm not sure I really understood what was required when I originally posted on this. I thought the class was going to be thinking about ideology, but the majority of contributions don't seem to have had much to do with this. They've mostly been somewhat disorganized collections of anecdotes relating to the origins of the posters' political beliefs. I think the point about an ideology is that it claims to be a systematic explanation of society in that it is universally applicable. Very few of the contributions so far appear to have been propounding such a system. The lack of a "conservative"
  4. Liberal The problem is that I'm not sure I have an ideology as such. This isn't laziness. during my misspent youth almost 40 years ago, I particpateed in the "great ideological debate" that had been launched within the Young Liberals to determine exactly what our ideology was. Everyone else seemed to have one, so we had to have one, too! In my contribution to the debate, I argued against the whole notion of an "ideology". I felt that there were negative aspects to the concept as follows: 1. An ideology attempts to set concrete frameworks to thinking which seemed to me to be at variance wit
  5. Just logged on this morning. It's only 7:30 a.m. (GMT) and there are 14 new posts -- 13 of them JFK Conspiracy-related...
  6. It does seem to me that the forum is beginning to be somewhat swamped by the JFK thing. While this may be very interesting to some, it isn't really something I can use in the courses I teach, and some of it does seem rather weird, to say the least. It used to be that JFK stuff comprised about half the posts on any given day. Now it seems like it's more than 90%... I have to admit that I now spend less time on the forum than I did since I often log on to find nothing at all except conspiracy theories... Yes, it's partly my fault for not posting more myself, but, in the real world, things like
  7. If anyone wants to post a biography and needs it translated from Spanish into English (and it's fairly short!), PM it to me and I'll send you back a good enough translation to use...
  8. John asked me to write what I thought I could bring to the E-HELP project. I always find this sort of thing difficult because whatever I write will undoubtedly sound immodest or silly, but here goes: 1. I've been teaching for 35 years. I know that's true of lots of other teachers and that mere length of service is evidence of nothing other than stamina, but I do think it serves for something: (i) I've learned quite a lot about kids and about teachers during that time, simply by meeting so many of them! (ii) I've seen lots of "educational initiatives" come and go. My observations lead me to
  9. My name's Mike Tribe. I have taught at the American School of Madrid for the last 23 years, first in the elementary school and, for the past five years, in the high school history department. Before moving to Spain, I taught history at Iranzamin International School and geography and economics at Parthian School, both in Tehran, Iran. I was in Iran before, during and after the Islamic Revolution. Whilst in Iran, I met and married my wife, Sheelagh. We have one daughter and are happily settled in Madrid. I am a member of the USO trade union and am a union rep at my school.
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