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  1. Sorry Cliff, I did not intend to argue HRC's legal issues. That's really what you took away from my comment?

    1. Cliff Varnell

      Cliff Varnell

      I kinda see red when that accusation is made. It's why we have a pedophile rapist thief in the White House now...

  2. Trump?

    Many critics of "conspiracists" argue we are all over-the-top lovers of everything JFK and with a total inability to be objective, or accept any logical explanation that opposes our tightly-held beliefs and theories. As a person who refused to vote for a candidate that blatantly violated Federal law with her e-mail server, I believe some of the vitriolic comments about Trump and the people who voted for him seem to certainly support their position.
  3. If Oswald didn't do it

    I have speculated about Oswald being where he was on 11/22 like the rest of you. I have concluded that it wasn't enough for "the Conspirators" to know where he was on 11/22-they had to know he wouldn't be outside with others at the time of the shooting-otherwise he has an ironclad alibi and the "patsy" plan doesn't work. How they managed this is,for me, the real question. Also,IMHO, I agree with the theory (not my own) that the plan was to make it look like multiple people involved that all led back to Oswald and Cuba. It was Johnson's and Hoover's plan to prevent the facts of a "Communist conspiracy" at all costs,that ,I believe, caused the subsequent cover-up by the authorities. The original plan to assassinate JFK was to blame Cuba, not a lone nut. If Oswald is killed being "arrested", all the evidence points to that Conspiracy. Remember: it took a call from Johnson to Wade to prevent Texas indicting Oswald as part of a Communist conspiracy. I have always found it interesting that the news and Facts on 11/22, out of Texas, indicated JFK was hit from the front in the throat and then apparently from the the side with the head shot "blowing off his ear". The original comments from Humes as reported by the FBI had a bullet in his back: "establishing" at least 2 shooters with the "dead Oswald"(at his arrest) leading right to Cuba. Once this plan was realized by Hoover,Johnson the evidence starting "changing" to prevent evidence of a Communist conspiracy,IMHO.
  4. Sorry- I got the numbers mixed up. 4, not 7 has to be turned over. But it's still only 2 cards: E and 4.
  5. My understanding is to prove the statement is true/false. I say 2 cards. The E will show absolutely if the statement is false,but only support the statement may be true. The K can't prove it either way. The 7 needs to be turned to prove the odd numbers and vowels are true. The 4 can't prove it either way. Am I close?
  6. What Is Your Theory?

    IMHP- All the powerful interests didn't want Kennedy dead, per se, only out of the White House. These parties could have discredited Kennedy with sex scandals (Judith Exner,Mary Pinchot,Marilyn Monroe tapes(allegedly),etc) that made his re-election virtually impossible, and clear the way for "their" candidate, whoever that would be. There is only one party who would have gone to jail and lost everything if Kennedy lived to run in 11/64. And after Kennedy's death, he was the power to cover up everything with his best friends: Hoover at the FBI, the head of the Secret Service, who later worked in his administration,and his friends in Texas.
  7. Steve Brodhay

    I am 66 yrs old and retired from a career in the law enforcement field