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  1. I downloaded 1 of 18 which seems to have Coretta Scott King's 201 file cover but no content unless I haven't opened the pdf file correctly. There seems to be quite a few documents that are copied so badly they are indecipherable.
  2. The real number is 3 times what the Archives has given out??? That certainly is a real discovery. Congratulations to you Ramon. How about you hurry and get that article up on Kennedys and King asap.
  3. Hi Ramon Thanks for the clarification. But I must admit I'm still a bit puzzled. What is the 'hacking' part of the story? Why are Morley and Bradford "off doghouse"? Who is RMS? What's the mock trial got to do with the declassification of the files? Why is Ed Forum going to hit the news? Please explain.
  4. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    Hi Michael You might have misunderstood me here. The "Oswald Leaving the TSBD" thread is the original prayer man thread where Sean Murphy laid out the case for Oswald being the guy in the PM position. I refer to this as Sean Murphy's thread as the research is his (despite the fact that Bill Kelly started the thread). A few of us have been requesting for a while that this particular thread be pinned at the Ed Forum because of its significance (and thanks to JG for doing so). I don't think Duncan McCrae's thread on prayer woman (which is also pinned here) is on par with Sean Murphy's, to be honest. But if Duncan's thread got to be pinned then I was arguing that Sean Murphy's ought to be as well. That's all. Yes, definitely the guy in Weigman and the guy in Darnell are PM and Oswald in my view.
  5. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    Thanks James - that's great.
  6. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    This thread is now approaching 350,000 views. Isn't it time for it to be pinned on the front page? I'd argue it is far more fact-based than the so-called "Prayer Person" thread that is already there. How about it, James?
  7. So Richard, how did things go with your lawyers, Cheetham and How?
  8. Richard Great, you emailed "Gagnon, Peacock and Vereeke"" on 15 January about a power of attorney to get the film off the 6FM (and how much that would cost). What was their response?
  9. Richard, RoKC are trying every avenue to get that film. What exactly have you done to help? Have you contacted the 6th Floor Museum or NBC Archives? An email? Anything? You've been on here for months now debating the issue so obviously you think it's important. So, what have you actually done? You're an author with a reputation. Why don't you add your voice to the chorus trying to batter down the doors of NBC Archives and the 6th Floor Museum?
  10. Oswald's Alibi and the Reid Technique

    Sure Michael - apologies for that. Here's the direct link http://gregparke4.wix.com/gregrparker#!oswalds-alibi-and-the-reid-technique/c1ltw​ Hope it works this time.
  11. See the latest article on Oswald's alibi and Prayer Man here. http://www.reopenkennedycase.org/apps/forums/topics/show/13329778-oswald-s-alibi-and-the-reid-technique?page=last If the link doesn't work it's on Reopen Kennedy Case.
  12. Thanks Chris - that's great. One thing I noticed is that there are 2 men we can see standing behind the 'Lovelady in a t-shirt guy'. One is quite small with no hat and one is almost as tall as "Lovelady" but with a hat. They are all standing very close together so if Lovelady is standing on something it must be quite small as the small guy walks quite closely behind Lovelady. That or it isn't Lovelady at all. Chris, I have to say I'm not having much luck making out the guy on the steps below PM. You guys have much better eyesight than me on this one.
  13. Thanks Chris. I'm also getting a 'payment required' message.
  14. Wow, that really does look like Lovelady. But damn... I wish he had his shirt on. Plaid or striped... plaid or striped ... plaid or striped ... This is the guy that I think is a candidate for Dougherty. He's 'husky' and appears a lot taller than the other men standing around. He does look like Lovelady though.