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  1. As I understand it - and this is from pieces of various interviews over the years - Prouty was part of an informal group of former national security officials who held suspicions about the JFK murder, and communicated with each other on this topic in the late 1960s or early 1970s. They had privileged access to photos from Dealey Plaza for discussion purposes, and these included the “tramp” photos. I don’t believe Prouty harboured any suspicions about the purpose of his November ’63 Antarctica trip until his ID of Lansdale in one of those photos. Prouty’s valuable contributions to Cold War
  2. There's no need to defend Prouty against spurious accusations of "lying" or being deliberately misleading. The ARRB interviewers refer to the Mister X character in Oliver Stone's "JFK" when referencing the Antartica trip and the newspaper in New Zealand. Prouty did not write that screenplay and does not have to answer for any inferences the film may have posited. The military intelligence angle amounts to Prouty repeating a rumour he once heard and including it on page 294 of his book, and later being unable to substantiate the rumour. Is this the new academic standard for the resea
  3. The 1996 ARRB interview was conducted with the express purpose of identifying records and documents which would qualify as "assassination records". It was not conducted to get personal opinions "into the record" or set the record straight. What Prouty is clearly saying is that he handled Pentagon escorts to the South Pole since 1959, and 1963 was unusual in that it had been requested that he personally make that trip. There is no controversy, and the one which is being manufactured here is entirely irrelevant.
  4. These complaints are much ado about nothing, IMO, and the “debunking” seems more aimed at portrayals within the JFK film rather than Prouty himself. This is obvious reading the ARRB document, which several times refers to “the segment dealing with ‘Mr. X’.” Re: Antarctica. Rather than some sort of direct allegation of a sinister plotting, Prouty framed his suspicions (such as they were) as a surmise, based in part on the fact that it was Lansdale who recommended him for the Nov ’63 trip. (“I have always wondered…”). Even if the “JFK” screenwriters used self-acknowledged dramatic license i
  5. "it is not constructive to a peaceful planet to vilify the Russians as election meddlers if they did not actually meddle." "don't start a war with China over them sending Covid to the USA if that's not what they did." These are entirely reasonable positions. Hysterical accusations presented as "established fact" have been driving western foreign policies in a pronounced fashion since 2014. The MSM has fully supported this stance, and is an important participant in the charade utilizing known propaganda techniques to hoodwink the populace. It's important to at least acknowledge this.
  6. The "rape of Belgium" psy-op was assisted in no small measure by extremely repressive legislation which saw many persons jailed for expressing contrary political opinions about involvement in Europe's war - including a major 3rd-party presidential candidate. This legislation would eventually produce the Espionage Act, which is being used today to attack journalism in general (Julian Assange in particular) and which spirit is animating current drives to censor social media.
  7. The Brennan memo is significant, not least because of its date. He told a completely different story to the public after the election. Brennan and other IC officials deliberately misled the public, and the MSM followed with some of their worst reportage ever. Imagine if a Hoover memo from 11/25/63 was declassified and stated the CIA analysis of the Zapruder film determined three shooters and field agents had established that Oswald had nothing to do with it, and yet the FBI still publishes its December “conclusions” which informs the public the contrary. The official story would have then
  8. sorry - publisher is Trine Day. I think Levenda is legit.
  9. Robert W - have you read/ come across Peter Levenda’s “Sinister Forces” trilogy? It digs into many of the topics you refer and does so credibly. I believe it’s a Feral House publication.
  10. Another gem from the latest news cycle:Former CIA Director John Brennan personally edited a crucial section of the intelligence report on Russian interference in the 2016 election and assigned a political ally to take a lead role in writing it after career analysts disputed Brennan's take that Russian leader Vladimir Putin intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump clinch the White House, according to two senior U.S. intelligence officials who have seen classified materials detailing Brennan’s role in drafting the document. This seemed a likely possibility from simply reading th
  11. The extradition hearing for Julian Assange continues to be effectively blacked out by the corporate media in US / UK /Canada. Lawyers for the US government have openly asserted that any journalist or publication anywhere in the world faces legal retribution through the Espionage Act should they handle or publish US classified information. The threat to journalism and the public’s right-to-know is entirely under threat. As well, the pernicious result of the campaign to institute a censorship regime across the social media monopolies is becoming evermore apparent. This campaign was sold in
  12. The dividing line in US politics is not Dems vs Repubs; it is advocates of the “free market” vs a reformist movement interested in alleviating the social carnage of the boom/bust cycle. This contest has mostly played out inside the Dem Party since FDR. Reform policies poll extremely well and are a proven winning platform. The reformists were ascendant in the 1960s with the election of JFK, and were set to control policy well into the future until all the leaders were murdered. Overcoming resistance to reformist policies within the Dem party has been a key problem since the 1970s, taking into a
  13. "Looking For Obama's Hidden Hand In Candidates Coalescing Around Biden" https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/looking-obama-s-hidden-hand-candidate-coalescing-around-biden-n1147471 Obama made the call to Buttgieg. Harry Reed called Klobuchar. Both then dropped out within hours of each other. The "coalescence" around Biden was directed from the top of the Party, not any momentum swinging event or Biden surge. Sanders had all the momentum , the largest most enthusiastic crowds, and then suddenly - poof. Very strange. But not as strange as, according to Cliff, the black fe
  14. Pure revisionism. Biden’s South Carolina victory was meaningless vis-a-vis delegates or momentum. Sanders was poised to win huge on Super Tuesday, and this was prevented only by an extraordinary intervention by Dem Party brass to shut down Buttgieg and Klobuchar’s campaigns the day before, in interest of coalescing behind acceptable placeholder Biden. The Super Tuesday exit polls also revealed an 8% swing in favor of Biden and similar number depressing Sanders totals. Believe what you want, but you are still stuck with the world as it i, not as you wish it would be.
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