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  1. Julia Postal seems to infer that Callahan would have seen “Oswald”: ”He, perhaps I said, he passed Oswald. At that time I didn't know it was Oswald. Had to bypass him, because as he went through this way, Oswald went through this way and ducked into the theatre there.” (WC testimony) Despite this there doesn’t appear to be any statement from or interview with Callahan. Walter Cronkite, citing Julia Postal as a source, reported early evening Nov 22 that Oswald on the main floor of the theater “moved from seat to seat.” What cop-killer on the run calls attention to himself like that? So Westbrook and other DPD members, with military intelligence connections, operate with apparent foreknowledge of the assassination and Oswald. In Washington, the FBI holds a high-level meeting approx 3-3:30 PM (2-2:30 Dallas time) and afterwards Hoover contacts RFK to tell him the assassin is Oswald and he acted alone, while in Dallas Hosty drives to DPD HQ and announces that JFK was killed by “a communist” (Oswald). Do you think the FBI (Hoover) also had foreknowledge, or were they suddenly privy to information revealed from another source (i.e. connected to the military) which drives the conclusion reached during that meeting?
  2. The meeting with Marina Oswald, arranged by Dick Russell, occurred in November 1993. The NE article is referring to an article republished in Russell's "On The Trail of the JFK Assassins".
  3. McDonald discussed how the skin between his thumb and forefinger prevented the gun from firing during the CBS segment. I did not transcribe the entire segments, and I now realize that DVP has maintained these videos on his YouTube channel. Both segments are worth watching, and each are just a few minutes in duration. So, courtesy of DVP, the WFAA segment can be viewed here, starting at 2:07:25 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qy4Fv4xsM4Y&list=PL0O5WNzrZqIOp-NaY1P1TIr-zWKPVBL9Q&index=2 The CBS segment is found here, starting at 1:19:20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SI8Vp9Zyfp8 Just ahead of the sequence in the Texas Theater, the CBS program interviews Johnny Brewer, who offers some interesting body language as he describes how he, in the theater, pointed Oswald out to the police.
  4. Digging into my archive I realize that two separate broadcast events got combined into one memory, so I should immediately clarify that Dallas police officers Bentley and McDonald were interviewed at WFAA studios in Dallas on the afternoon of November 23, 1963, but the segment in the Texas Theater was filmed with McDonald for the CBS Warren Report special which was broadcast later - in September 1964, the night the Warren Report was released. Here is what McDonald said on WFAA: “There was one person sitting back there alone in the rear of the theater and as I approached him about one foot from him he jumped out of his seat and held his hands up and said ‘this is it’ and he hit me in the face with his fist blooding my nose and I immediately grabbed him, and he went for his gun which was in his waist and I went at the same time struggling in there and I received a scratch on my cheek evidently from the hammer of the gun as it came out of his belt. And as it was coming out he snapped the trigger of the pistol which misfired, luckily.” Asked about Oswald’s mental state: “He was cool and calm up until that time he made that jump for me. The whole time I watched him as I approached he was calm. He didn’t flinch.” Here is what he says for CBS, filmed at the Texas Theater: “As I walked up the aisle Oswald was sitting in the second seat of the third row from the rear, the second seat from the right centre aisle…He was sitting with his hands in his lap. As I walked up I turned in the aisle and said ‘get on your feet.’ He stood up immediately and brought his right hand up to his chest… he brought the other one up to eye level, and he said ‘well, it’s all over now.’ At that time I was reaching this way (note-towards Oswald’s waist) and his hand got in front of mine on a pistol. And my hand grabbed the pistol… and he hit me with the left hand to the nose, and when he did I came back and hit him like this (note - McDonald tackles the Oswald stand-in into the adjacent seats) and he snapped the pistol. I turned the pistol around and got the hand on the butt, and it came over like this (note - McDonald holds the pistol away from the Oswald stand-in). I was holding him with (the other) hand, and I handed the pistol to an officer who was standing in the aisle.” The sequence of events seems a lot clearer in the segment filmed at the theater: McDonald got very close to Oswald (“about one foot”), Oswald stood up and raised his hands, McDonald initiated contact or was about to initiate contact by reaching for Oswald’s waist, Oswald reacted (was it a “punch” or contact due to proximity?), McDonald tackled Oswald into the adjacent seats, the “scuffle” ensued and the pistol almost fired before being secured and passed to another officer (the term “scuffle” was used by Bentley during the WFAA interview). Oswald never attempted to either point the pistol or shoot at McDonald. In my opinion, the alleged “punch” was rather a reflexive action after McDonald reached towards his waist, based on the observation that Oswald otherwise remained “cool and calm”. Previously in New Orleans Oswald was said to be cool and calm and notably non-violent during his street altercation with Bringuier. Relevant to this thread, Bentley says during the WFAA interview that he did retrieve a wallet from Oswald in the police car as they drove away from the theater. Seeing the Elsbeth address on Oswald’s library card, Bentley asked him if that was still his address and that’s when Oswald retorted “you’re the cop, you figure it out.” No mention of a Hidell ID.
  5. Oswald had plenty of time to panic, as the police approach toward him was slow and methodical, with the house lights of the theater switched on. It could well be that Oswald did not realize the police were coming for him until McDonald started down Oswald’s row. The following day, DPD officers staged a recreation of the arrest for local television. The scuffle, as portrayed, did not feature anything like a shooting attempt or even a deliberate punch. It showed officers converging on the suspect and initiating contact as the suspect rose from his seat. I would suggest that the punch and the shooting attempt were embellishments developed after the fact. After the arrest, sarcastic comments by Oswald directed to police officers may have reflected his impression that these bumbling Barney Fife’s had idiotically mixed him up with another matter and therefore ruined whatever it was he thought he was doing in the theater. I suggest this because I agree that Oswald’s reaction to hearing he was being charged as JFK’s killer at the post-midnight press conference does appear to show “a disappointment about something he NEVER thought could happen to him…” So whatever it was on Oswald’s agenda, it was not to his understanding connected at all with the assassination until that moment. Fletcher Prouty suggested Oswald’s role may have been as a facilitator for access into the TSBD building, without his understanding that this had anything to do with an assassination plot. The person or persons who set him up were trusted implicitly by him. The national media were identifying Oswald as the prime suspect by 5PM Dallas time, but Oswald doesn’t realize his position until after midnight. He was operating under an entirely different narrative until then.
  6. Jeff Carter

    Backyard Photographs

    The “cutout” figure would not necessarily represent an easy photo-editing task, certainly not as simple as the later matte cutout done by a member of the Dallas Police would have it. Tricky matte areas include the small gap between the Oswald figure’s right elbow and his waist, the pistol on his hip, the creases of the trousers, and then the thin barrel of the rifle. Any small mistake would result in an obvious matte line. Also, assuming the Oswald figure’s shadow has been added, it has been carefully overlayed as features of the ground are still visible within the shadow (more apparent in 133-B and 133-C). So not the work of someone inexperienced, and this is one of the reasons why there was an earlier consensus that any fakery would be limited to the pasting of an Oswald head onto another body. The analysts working for the HSCA had the great advantage of working with first generation copies and the existing negative, and a 30x magnifier. Unless they are lying, and I am unaware of any direct refutation of their work, their observations should be factored into these discussions. One important factor is the “curvature of field” (see item 457 https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=958#relPageId=189&tab=page), which suggests, at a minimum, that all elements within the BYP were filmed with the Imperial Reflex camera, and the positioning of the Oswald figure -if it was to be added later to backyard background - is remarkably consistent with features of the background based on relative sharpness of the image. It should also be kept in mind that the Imperial Reflex camera is an extremely cheap low-end camera, and its evident flaws help the analysis to the extent it can be determined which images originated with that camera. In my opinion, it is the camera itself, along with the mysterious provenance of 133-C, which are the major issues, and if these trails were followed properly by the HSCA then certainly one faction of the conspiracy could have been exposed. Instead, questions of authenticity served as a massive diversion.
  7. Jeff Carter

    Backyard Photographs

    From a technical POV, asserting there are different light sources in the BYP implies the photos are composites created from three or more photos taken at differing times of day. Furthermore, it assumes the forgers managed to stitch these photos together seamlessly, so there is no visible evidence of the “joins” where one photo meets the next. That on its own would be quite a feat. The experts on the record say that simply pasting Oswald’s face onto another body would require a “skilled” technician working with high-end equipment. A seamless composite of multiple photos is another level of accomplishment. The composite argument implies that the forgers were simultaneously technical geniuses and also very sloppy in that the mis-matched shadows reveal their craft. I have a hard time with that, as I also have a hard time trying to figure what any composite work was trying to conceal or why any prospective forgers would take the time to make three forgeries instead of just one. About a decade ago I worked with people from Framestore, one of the top digital effects companies. Achieving composite effects digitally is much easier than what could be done in 1963. Still, the attention to detail and need to precisely control the filming process was most apparent. One factor is the requirement of “plate shots”, a reference frame of a landscape or background, without actors or other similar elements (see the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_control_photography). A seamless composite of a BYP utilizing photographs from differing times of day would not be achievable without the photographs matching in the same manner as plate shots (i.e. the camera sat on a tripod in the exact position for several hours). Is this a realistic scenario? I don’t think it is.
  8. Jeff Carter

    Backyard Photographs

    The FBI’s Shaneyfelt, the HSCA’s panel which examined the BYP, and, by the latter’s instigation, two prominent critics who had made appearances on the CBC and BBC doubting the photo’s authenticity, all agreed that the photos have not been manipulated except for the possibility that Oswald’s face could have been pasted onto an unidentified posing figure. This is very different to claims that the photos represent some sort of composite of multiple photos taken at different times and stitched together. The argument against such a composite is that it would not be possible to achieve a seamless rendition of the backyard I.e. that the “joins” would feature obvious flaws similar to the Oswald figure’s chin. The photos do not expose such flaws. Also, while the two magazines held by the Oswald figure do represent competing ideological factions, it is a fact that Oswald did indeed subscribe to both. This is one reason I struggle with the idea that the BYP were created some months after Oswald left Dallas, as it would require the forgers to both know Oswald’s subscriptions and acquire copies backdated to that time in late March. I also wonder how these forgers knew Oswald lived at that address, as his stay was fairly short and known to relatively few people.
  9. Jeff Carter

    I agree with Trump

    I don’t regard the National Security/Surveillance State as monolithic and hegemonic. Rather, leading figures within the National Security/Surveillance State regard it as such, as is confirmed by public statements they have made. During the second Obama term the codeword for a hegemonic worldview was “exceptional”, as in “I believe America as the exceptional country.” When I think of “enemies” of the National Security/Surveillance State, neither Trump or Putin really come to mind. The only true enemies seem to be persons and organizations dedicated to Constitutional protections and open government. The Surveillance State has a tight hierarchical structure which precludes factionalism or internal battles. However, America’s ruling class/elite/1% are precisely “faction ridden and given to intense internecine warfare.” On display these days in full intensity. The powers of the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DEA have only increased since Boston and Snowden. Very good article today by the excellent reporting team of Paul Fitzgerald-Elizabeth Gould, describing the deliberate manipulation of reality involving events in Afghanistan in the late 1970s, and how clusters of politicized insiders can in fact control national policy utilizing the controlled dissemination of information, with echoes of the internecine warfare of today. https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/07/27/the-grand-illusion-of-imperial-power/
  10. Jeff Carter

    I agree with Trump

    Here is Steele conceding that information in his dossier is unverified: https://www.cnn.com/2017/05/02/politics/donald-trump-spy-dossier/index.html Here is CNN reporting, shortly after Clapper stated there had been no verification, that according to unnamed officials portions of the dossier had in fact been verified but they won’t say what portions or if the verified information was pertinent to the RussiaGate narrative: https://www.cnn.com/2017/02/10/politics/russia-dossier-update/ Here is confirmation that the persons behind the Steele dossier were key sources to the Isikoff Yahoo News article. The “senior U.S. law enforcement official“ who confirms the Steele allegations to Isikoff is likely an FBI source as it was the FBI which was directly involved: https://ca.news.yahoo.com/yahoo-news-michael-isikoff-describes-crucial-meeting-cited-nunes-memo-231005733.html This Yahoo article is directly referred to, and quoted, in Application 1 of the document released over the weekend (p21-23) Here are some examples of Robert Parry’s excellent work on this story: https://consortiumnews.com/2017/03/29/the-sleazy-origins-of-russia-gate/ https://consortiumnews.com/2017/10/29/the-democratic-money-behind-russia-gate/ https://consortiumnews.com/2017/12/13/the-foundering-russia-gate-scandal/
  11. Jeff Carter

    I agree with Trump

    hi Paul - the information in the dossier has not panned out. The last official statement, by Clapper in early 2017, conceded that it remains unverified. Steele himself has been backtracking since facing a lawsuit by one of the persons named. Both Steele and persons from the FBI leaked material from the dossier to the media in September 2016, and the media reports generated were then portrayed in the FISA warrant request directed at Page as independent information corroborating the information in the dossier. (just like Cheney had his people brief reporters with phony Iraqi WMD information, and then cited the resulting news stories as further proof for his false claims).
  12. Jeff Carter

    I agree with Trump

    It is my understanding that the overt move to institute a fascist political structure in the United States was the passage of the Patriot Act in 2001. Douglas Valentine has discussed how this legislation codified a security architecture first developed by the CIA’s Phoenix Program, expressed in America through Homeland Security and its networks of Fusion Centres. It is common now for US police forces to meet any unsanctioned political protest with the display of heavy weaponry and armoured vehicles. The militarization of the police to the degree it is now was largely carried out during the Obama administration. As was the huge increase of use of deadly force by police agencies - well over 1000 persons killed every year for a few years now. It has been established that the NSA and its 5-Eyes partners basically scoop up all communication on the planet, including US persons, and store it in searchable databases. This blatantly unconstitutional activity is justified by assurances the strictest procedures are in place to prevent abuse of the system. The information released over the weekend confirms such assurances mean nothing. In the case of Page, an American citizen was subjected to state-directed surveillance based solely on unverified information. More troubling, that citizen had been connected to a presidential political campaign, and the unverified information had been gathered on behest of such campaign’s political opponents with the express intent of establishing information which could damage that campaign. Furthermore, the FBI agent in charge of the FISA warrant as been revealed as extremely partisan in favour of the political opponents, and had discussed ways of using his office to support them in and around the time of developing such warrant. And, according to established procedure, the approved surveillance was not limited to the subject of interest, but the net also included any of that person’s contacts and associates. Meaning that, in effect, a presidential campaign was subjected to state surveillance based solely on unverified and possibly prejudiced information. And permission to do that was effectively rubber-stamped by the supposed gate-keepers. That is far beyond the dirty tricks squads of Watergate days. I understand your position that Trump represents a unique danger to your republic. I’m not sold on the fascist/racist hyperbole - I.e. that Trump’s fascist and racist character is somehow leagues beyond what already exists. The fascism/ racism problem in the U.S. has a bipartisan institutional character, and as long as people insist on viewing the issue through a binary Democrat/republican good/evil lens , then understanding the problem in sum and what to do about will remain unclear. What is needed is clear-minded critical thinking.
  13. Jeff Carter

    I agree with Trump

    Hi Paul - yes, for sure I can agree that Trump is a bully and that he probably is a crook to the same extent that the others in his business milieu are crooks. Totally agree that the constant focus on alleged Russian meddling is a big tactical mistake, not least because it diverts awareness from the real threats to the democratic process in your country. The corporate media’s decision to keep ratcheting anxiety and hysteria to ever higher levels, as seen this past week, risks provoking something like a psychotic break. I remember reading an observation from a historian a few months ago warning that the level of division and rancour within the federal government has not been seen since the years leading to the Civil War. The FISA warrant issue I mentioned is back in the news cycle. The corporate media is vastly underplaying this facet and therefore many people are not aware of the issues (it is mostly discussed by people on the right, but Consortium News has also been covering it). In a nutshell, it appears that, in the Fall of 2016, politicized members of the FBI used opposition research paid for by the Democratic Party to justify and acquire access to NSA surveillance databanks directed at a member of the Trump campaign team, and using the “hops” revealed by Snowden, whereby anyone in direct contact with the targeted person is also added to the surveillance net, this seems to mean the Trump campaign was being directly spied on by agents of the government politically allied to the Democrats. After the election, Trump was briefed by the head of the NSA, Mike Rogers. After the meeting the Trump transition team abruptly moved from Trump Tower to a location in New Jersey. And inappropriate use of FISA warrants for domestic political advantage appear to stretch back at least to the start of 2016. Here is a more detailed summary if anyone is interested: https://themarketswork.com/2018/04/05/the-uncovering-mike-rogers-investigation-section-702-fisa-abuse-the-fbi/ And here is the late Robert Parry from Consortium News wondering if the Russian meddling narrative wasn’t merely politicized intelligence: https://consortiumnews.com/2017/05/23/new-cracks-in-russia-gate-assessment/ This past week I’ve actually read conservative Americans who say they are prepared to disavow the Patriot Act because they now agree with the civil libertarians who argued from the start that the sweeping surveillance powers were sure to be abused. It is the perfect moment for a bi-partisan grassroots pushback against the surveillance state, but many on the liberal side of the spectrum have been convinced by a phony politicized narrative and have circled the wagons in common cause with the Intelligence agencies.
  14. The United States supported the Indonesian coup in the mid 60s, and the CIA created lists of persons deemed as potential political opponents to the new authoritarian regime. Hundreds of thousands killed. The CIA created the Phoenix Program in Vietnam, an effort to identify and neutralize political opposition to the South Vietnamese dictatorship. Tens of thousands killed. This effort morphed into the Latin American death squads of the 1970s and ‘80s - directed at the political opposition to authoritarian rule in the region. Hundreds of thousands killed. The death squad model was later imported into Afghanistan and Iraq, where it targeted political opponents to the US occupation and, in Iraq, was used to foster a sectarian bloodbath that US planners called the “Salvador Option”. Tens of thousands killed. Douglas Valentine has written extensively on the above. President Obama himself approved a death-by-drone program directed at opponents of US overseas activity, and he also participated in selecting targets for these extra-judicial assassinations, expressly illegal under international law. Thousands killed, including a high number of innocent bystanders. No one calls Obama a “thug”. The plane crashes of Paul Wellstone and Mel Carnahan were very suspicious. Both men could be said to have been impediments to the intentions of the W Bush administration. Maybe JFK Jr the same. The death of the reporter Michael Hastings appears to have involved the remote control hijacking a his vehicle. He had run afoul of some top military people.
  15. Jeff Carter

    I agree with Trump

    hi Kirk you asked for names and I gave you some names…a couple of quick searches easily found material which described hawkish figures in the mix for a Clinton administration, and all of those articles anticipated that Clinton would herself be hawkish in her foreign policy. That’s just the mainstream stuff skimmed off the top. Fluornoy was a bit beyond "prospective" for the Defense Dept job. Hillary had already destroyed Libya and encouraged the Honduras coup. The substantive link in my post was the “rough blueprint for several crucial aspects of American foreign policy, which we believe the next occupant of the White House should adopt…” https://www.cnas.org/publications/reports/extending-american-power-strategies-to-expand-u-s-engagement-in-a-competitive-world-order This report is from Fluornoy’s own think tank advocating US hegemony, higher military budgets, and more assertive military activity across the world utilizing “ new approaches or more consistent application of time-honored approaches.” Just read the introduction, it says enough about where these people are coming from. A lot of information at the time indicated this thinking would be informing Clinton’s foreign policy decisions. The report advocates the application of military force under the assumption that US military power was without equal and that adversaries would not choose to challenge it. If this doctrine was tested in Syria, Russia certainly would have challenged. The pressure on Clinton to escalate against that challenge coupled with her psychology…. her cackling over the death of Gaddafi was a big reveal on her character. Obama did actually resist enormous pressure to escalate in Syria i.e. intervene using all military assets, while Clinton had consistently endorsed establishing a no-fly zone.