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  1. Fantastic. This information needs a high-profile documentary with an actual budget. The Oliver Stone/"JFK" episode of the 50 Reasons series was taken down by A&E Network for copyright issues based on use of portions the awful ABC "Beyond Conspiracy" show. The segments in question were fact-distorting attacks on the "JFK" film and Stone personally, by which the record was set straight. The other side dishes it out but clearly can't take it.
  2. I suspect both the NY Post story and the Amazon review are trolling. The "suicide" verdict requires the suspension of disbelief, as well as accepting the federal holding jail was subject to gross misconduct and discrepancies. (the same excuses used in Dallas after the Oswald hit). I don't think so.
  3. Information on Epstein's "milieu" and Promis connection appeared in article by Whitney Webb: https://www.mintpressnews.com/mega-group-maxwells-mossad-spy-story-jeffrey-epstein-scandal/261172/ I personally remember the Promis/Octopus theory as the object of much discussion/referral, but I suppose not mainstream information. The MSM today are attempting to denigrate "conspiracy theories" related to matters which wade deeply in conspiratorial conduct, which I suppose they believe is possible to the extent the general public has been kept unaware.
  4. I find it fascinating that the media was so quick with their admonishments over associating this event with "conspiracy theories", and also that Epstein's milieu ties directly back to the Promise software /Octopus story which was a predominate "conspiracy theory" in the 1990s.
  5. Peter Dale Scott refers to the “Safari Club”, and he has discussed it in some detail in his books (i.e. “The American Deep State”). The Safari Club was a Team B type operation which brought together US, European and Mid-East interests is support of covert operations which had been curtailed due to the Congressional investigations of the mid-70s. Alexandre de Marenches of the right-wing Pinay Circle was instrumental to the founding of the Club, linking the Gladio networks to Saudi and Gulf State intelligence operations in common cause. BCCI was one result, but also eventually creating the link between US deep state interests and Wahabbist jihadist armies who would serve as mercenary shock troops for western interests in Afghanistan, the Balkans, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. The largest concentration of jihadist forces in the world today is Idlib province in Syria, under the protection of NATO’s Turkey, and western NGOs which couch any military operations against these groupings of largely foreign UN-designated terrorist groups as human rights violations. Similarly, China’s efforts to blunt jihadist infiltration in Xinjiang province has been depicted as gross human-rights violations. A lot of bad faith to go around.
  6. Jim - don't you think films like Parkland and The Post fit more into your critical perspective, in that they are actually purporting to represent an accurate historical representation? Tarantino's movies seem to exist in a referential pop-culture universe sealed off from factual or even mainstream consensus reality.
  7. I’m not sure what to make of this odd and sometimes meandering film. Portions of it had me thinking it was one of QT’s lesser works, but afterwards I wondered if, after some time has passed, it might be reconsidered as one of his best. The “Once Upon A Time” in the title is enough to stifle any expectations of historical fealty. Instead, the attention to detail consists of a pastiche of geographic landmarks, period graphics, and radio and TV soundbites to evoke the time and place in which it’s set - late 60’s Hollywood, which was arguably shattered irretrievably by the impact of the Tate murders. The ending, then, posits a sort of revenge fantasy to correct this loss, enacted by tropes of the pop cultural moment itself. But the film is in no way “about” the Manson Family.
  8. I wonder if that's a tall tale. My source re: the law office comes from Alexandra Zapruder's book which, despite its bias against "conspiracy theorists", does attempt to present as factual a record as possible. The law office meeting is cited from an interview conducted in 1994 with Sam Passman, and corresponding legal documentation from the office. There is no accounting for another print which got into Rather's hands for his own private screening.
  9. Rather saw the film during the afternoon of November 25 (Monday) at the law office of Passman & Jones in Dallas. This viewing was for those interested in the rights for the film in motion as opposed to the rights for still images of the film, which were sold to LIFE two days earlier. Rather, along with the others in attendance, signed a confidentiality agreement that he would not discuss the contents other than to inform the bidding decisions and, then immediately ran to the local CBS affiliate to go on the air and describe what he saw.
  10. The revelation that the sole evidence held by federal prosecutor's regarding the alleged GRU "hack" of the DNC was a redacted draft "report" by the DNC's own private security firm has now been joined by the revelation that no actual evidence exists to tie the Internet Research Agency to the Russian government, and a federal judge has ordered that public statements asserting such ties should be stopped. The IRA was a clickbait firm, and the idea that it was a Kremlin-led psyop program designed to "sow discord" in the US electorate was always ridiculous nonsense. The entire "Russiagate" concept has been shown to be without foundation. As was predicted long ago by those journalists and researchers who actually looked at the details. https://consortiumnews.com/2019/07/12/concord-management-and-the-end-of-russiagate/
  11. Also note that the 201 file images also include quite a few photos which are the Paine's'. The first set, in Commission Documents, is a more accurate reflection of what can be dubbed the "Oswald photos". And many of those were taken by other people. Your observation that he took less photos as time went on is correct. The HSCA , via Cecil Kirk, tried to imply otherwise.
  12. The Identification Bureau at Dallas Police HQ wrote a receipt at 4 PM 11/23/63 listing two negatives of Oswald holding rifle. https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth338992/ I am not aware of any official document generated in 1963-64 referring to the third Backyard photo.
  13. LIFE Magazine described what was in their possession as a "copy negative". https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1138#relPageId=475&tab=page The Dallas Police reports from 11/23/63 described finding two negatives at Ruth Paine's (133-A & 133-B), and two negatives are listed as received at police headquarters shortly thereafter. Oswald was shown a print of 133-A later that day, presumably created from the negative. How, why, or when this negative disappeared has never been determined. The FBI determined that all existing prints beyond those initially discovered (the "drugstore prints" of 133-A and 133-B), were created at Dallas Police HDQ, and that would include the one in possession of James Martin. The "drugstore prints" were not of inferior quality, but were quite small (3"x3"). A good research project - and perhaps some resources could be pooled to facilitate this, if it is feasible - would involve creating hi-res scans of the best versions available at National Archives. The reliance now is on copies of copies, some of which had been subject to photo enhancement by outlets such as LIFE.
  14. As suggested some weeks ago, Roger Stone's legal team's efforts to establish the source of the concept that the DNC was "hacked" rather than "leaked" has resulted in a more complete picture. As suspected, the sole attribution and the sole investigation was conducted by the DNC's own security agency - Crowdstrike. Further to this, Crowdstrike's own investigation never produced a finalized report, and the government received only a redacted draft. It therefore appears that the entire concept of a Russian hack, which the US government claims as "established fact", relies entirely on a redacted draft by a private company hired by the DNC. https://www.scribd.com/document/413428947/Stone-De-123-DOJ-Response-to-MTC-Crowdstrike-Reports
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