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  1. Yes, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. And may we all keep the faith in the quest for truth in honor of that great man, JFK. As they say in France, "bon courage."
  2. Byrd hunting elephants; Ferrie hunting ducks!
  3. Ron, Would be interesting to make a list of all those significant figures who had made conveniently made travel plans to be "somewhere else" on the day JFK was killed - such as Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, and C. Douglass Dillon.
  4. Vince, Did you ever find out anything else about Chuck Robertson - was he actually Secret Service; and when did he actually die?
  5. Video of the rally - what a great team they make: https://ktla.com/2019/12/21/bernie-sanders-rallies-in-venice-alongside-rep-alexandria-ocasio-cortez-drawing-thousands-of-supporters/
  6. Joe, I have your book on hand - could you direct me to the page number or chapter in which this is covered? Thanks.
  7. Ron, Glad to see you posted this. I too grew very suspicious of this character after reading Devil's Chessboard. Would like to learn more about him. These intriguing facts culled from wiki: "U.S. Ambassador to France (1953–1957) ....Dillon began his education at Pine Lodge School in Lakehurst, New Jersey which he attended at the same time as three of the Rockefeller brothers, Nelson, Laurance, and John ....Dillon had been active in Republican politics since 1934. He worked for John Foster Dulles in Thomas E. Dewey's 1948 presidential campaign. In 1951 he organized the New Jersey effort to secure the 1952 Republican nomination for Dwight D. Eisenhower. He was also a major contributor to Eisenhower's general election campaign in 1952....A close friend of John D. Rockefeller III, he was chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation from 1972 to 1975. He also served alongside John Rockefeller on the 1973 Commission on Private Philanthropy and Public Needs, and under Nelson Rockefeller in the Rockefeller Commission to investigate CIA activities (along with Ronald Reagan)." (We all know what a whitewash that was.) "He had been president of Harvard Board of Overseers, chairman of the Brookings Institution, and vice chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations." Also, as noted in Devil's Chessboard, he was a close associate of Allen Dulles.
  8. I think Joe is referring to this incident: "Plagiarism row topples Pulitzer judge. The US historian Doris Goodwin admits to borrowing passages from other authors, but critics reject her claim that it was all an accident": https://www.theguardian.com/world/2002/mar/06/internationaleducationnews.humanities
  9. Ha! I hereby forbid myself from making anymore 3 a.m. bleary-eyed posts. Thanks for catching that Jim.
  10. Ha - I was just going to add: "As David mentioned, Puzo was known to be a gambler, so maybe if he spent less time and money at the race track, or wherever he lost his dough, things might have been different." ("I could have been a contender"?) I don't recall him mentioning the debts to Larry King, and since King rarely does any homework he wouldn't have known to ask him about that.
  11. Jim, That is correct. Puzo even took a creative-writing course with Brom Weber at the New School, and one of the other students in his class was Jack Kerouac. (This is chronicled in the Kerouac biography "Memory Babe," by Gerald Nicosia). Puzo's initial goal was to achieve recognition as a serious, literary novelist. I saw an interview with Puzo, post-"Godfather" (I believe with Larry King) in which he said that he was so exhausted from trying to make it as a serious writer and failing economically that he decided to try to write something for money, hence "The Godfather." He bemoaned the fact that he was unable to afford a vacation for most of his life or to properly support his family until then, so he purposely switched gears. "The Godfather" is clearly and without doubt a piece of pulp or "commercial fiction," and it was fashioned like that intentionally.
  12. Really interesting about Novel and Playboy. Jim, I would love to see you do a presentation using the same simple, trimmed down, visual format on JFK's foreign policy one day.
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