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  1. I created a family tree for McCord on ancestry com, based on the data we have on his parents and spouse, just to see what would come up. There are four separate trees that include him, and at least one appears to be created by someone in his family. This one, titled "Berry/Jones/Quin/Kennon/West Family Tree," includes a photo of MCord from his high school yearbook. They also cite "The Encyclopedia of American Intelligence and Espionage. From the Revolutionary War to the present," by G.J.A. O'Toole. Each tree lists his date of death. I am going to contact the tree administrators to see what they say. The other trees are: McCord Jr. Family Tree, Kathie's Musselwhite Family Tree, ZJ Tree. (The one I created is called James W McCord Jr.)
  2. That's a very interesting idea. I just telephoned a couple of churches in Annville to see if they had any funeral records or inside info, but there are so many damned churches in that small town it's mind boggling. Any idea whether his family was Methodist, Lutheran, etc? Also spoke with the clerk at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery, who said this McCord was a 2nd Lieutenant in Army, but he had no additional info. I found this on "truepeople search (link below). Scroll down for all his prior addresses: James Walter McCord Jr Age 95 Full Background Report Available Current Address PO Box 471 Leola, PA 17540-0471 Map Phone Numbers (610) 689-8276 - Landline (717) 656-4452 - Landline (520) 214-9661 - Landline Email Addresses jm007@windstream.net jmccord07@epix.net jimccord@infomagic.com View All Email Adddresses Associated Names James W Mc Cord Jr Previous Addresses 9 Arrowhead Dr Douglassville, PA 19518-9619 (Nov 2010 - Dec 2010) Map 13022 Chimney Oak Dr San Antonio, TX 78249-3600 (Jul 2001 - Jul 2001) Map 11 Farmland Rd Leola, PA 17540-1906 (Jul 2001 - Jul 2001) Map 3359 E Swiss Rd Flagstaff, AZ 86004-2241 (Apr 2000 - May 2001) Map PO Box 1746 Flagstaff, AZ 86002-1746 (Sep 1996 - Oct 1999) Map 1413 Brentwood Dr Fort Collins, CO 80521-4303 (Jan 1995 - Jan 1998) Map 3220 W Brenda Loop Flagstaff, AZ 86001-0908 (Aug 1996 - Nov 1997) Map 3220 Brenda Lpw Flagstaff, AZ 86001 (Jul 1996 - Jul 1996) Map PO Box 780131 San Antonio, TX 78278-0131 (Jul 1996) Map 10707 Burr Oak Dr San Antonio, TX 78230-4325 (Jul 1992 - Apr 1995) : https://www.truepeoplesearch.com/results?name=James Mccord&citystatezip=Leola PA&agerange=95-95&rid=0x0
  3. I found this on ancestry.com, which lists DOB as 26 Jan. This is under the collection "U.S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-1947." Note employer. Name: James Walter McCord Race: White Age: 18 Relationship to Draftee: Self (Head) Birth Date: 26 Jan 1924 Birth Place: Waurika, Oklahoma, USA Residence Place: Washington, District of Columbia, USA Registration Date: 1942 Employer: Dr D M Ladd - F B I Weight: 160 Complexion: Light Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Height: 5 11 Next of Kin: J W Mccord
  4. At the beginning of his book, "The Kennedy Assassination Cover-up," Donald Gibson devotes about ten pages to the Alsop-LBJ call and quotes from it at length. And he concludes, "within three days" after the call, LBJ "reversed himself" and became a "supporter of a commission and ... its creator." At the end of the book he says that "McCloy, Acheson, Dulles, Rostow, Alsop, and [James] Reston all spoke and acted for a different concept of government": one that represented the "Anglo-American Establishment's neo-Colonialism" and that stood in opposition to JFK's anti-colonialist approach. I thought his work represented a pretty good attempt to dig deeper into the actual figures in the power elite that were staunchly opposed to JFK. It reads like a virtual Who's Who of the key figures of the time ... although no doubt it's incomplete.
  5. Anthony, I am almost finished reading the Ganser Daniele book on Gladio. Although it barely mentions JFK, it places the assassination in an amazing context. A truly valuable book. It would be hard to imagine that Gladio had nothing to do with the JFK assassination. PS: We were talking about Potash and LSD on another thread and I mentioned the CIA asset Ronald Stark, who manufactured 50 million hits of acid in the Sixties and who was later tied to right-wing terrorism in Italy. I recently found this seven-part essay on Stark that you might be interested in. The author quotes extensively from Ganser and from Puppetmasters, and he ties Stark to Gladio. So here you have a figure who begins his career with MK-Ultra in the Sixties and years later ends up working with Gladio ... and who even plays a key role in undermining the Red Brigades. There must have been many other players like Stark who made that kind of transition. Anyway, I would be curious to know what you and other members think of it: http://visupview.blogspot.com/2014/11/stranger-in-strange-land-curious-times.html
  6. Yes, Bernard Spindel. Also lots of stuff on Maheu in there, and Vesco. And Howard Hughes. What a cast of characters! It's been decades since I read it, but it left a lasting impression. I stumbled upon Hougan's work accidentally, I just happened to spot a used copy of his Watergate text in an English-language bookshop in Paris one day and bought it. And that led me to Spooks. I'm glad to see he has an active website now. PS: Checking the index now, and I see that McCord is mentioned in passing on five different pages.
  7. Bob, I agree, Spooks is also a great book. Packed with intriguing leads and information.
  8. If I remember correctly, Hougan's book has some great info on McCord. Glad that you are doing this, Jim.
  9. Do you know if the parents names listed match mccords own parents? Intriguing.
  10. There's an article online titled Rockville's Connection to Watergate, by Max von Balgooy. I'm having trouble copying and pasting the link here. But if you Google it you'll see that Max states that McCord's wife was named Ruth McCord whereas this grave listing, if you scroll down, lists McCord's wife as Sarah. Wondering if it's really the same person.
  11. Thanks for sharing this, it fleshes the story out really well. And fleshes out Bugliosi's motivations to avoid truth at any cost.
  12. Paul, do you remember this rather shady figure from "Acid Dreams": Ronald Stark. As it says in the caption to this photo from the book, he manufactured 50 million hits of LSD. There is a chapter that describes how he often distributed it for free at rock concerts, supposedly testing new variations of the drug. I thought he was one of the most intriguing characters in this whole LSD/intelligence world. Now, given all the stuff that is coming out about Gladio and Permindex, I think this quote is even more intriguing: After he relocated to Europe, Stark was arrested for his involvement with several terrorist organizations. "The Italian government subsequently charged Stark with 'armed banditry' for his role in aiding and abetting terrorist activities. But he never stood trial on these charges. True to form, Stark dropped out of sight shortly after he was released from prison in April 1979 on orders from Judge Giorgio Floridia in Bologna. The judge's decision was extraordinary: he released Stark because of 'an impressive series of scrupulously enumerated proofs' that Stark was actually a CIA agent. 'Many circumstances suggest that from 1960 onwards Stark belonged to the American secret services,' Floridia stated." From "Acid Dreams," Martin A. Lee & Bruce Shlain, pg. 281 (online source).
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