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  1. The Newly Declassified JFK Files

    I didn't know that you were publishing a revised edition Jim. Any idea of when it should be available?
  2. The Newly Declassified JFK Files

    Spot on. A very telling memo indeed.
  3. The Newly Declassified JFK Files

    Great piece on Hinckle, thanks! I like Morley's work and am looking forward to reading his book on Angleton, but I really don't know why he recently said on his site that the Washington Post was doing such a great job of reporting on the JFK files. I'm somewhat baffled by that. BTW, yesterday Jim Hougan posted this wonderfully laconic remark on the JFKfacts site: "I would add two other reasons that make me question his [Oswald's] guilt. Oswald seems to have forgotten his revolver on the way to work, or hadn’t anticipated that he might need it. (An unusual oversight for someone planning to kill a head of state.) So, too, his plan to escape by municipal bus was unusually optimistic and in need of work." In case you haven't seen it before, one of the recently released CIA files is titled: "MHCHAOS Material Included Among JFK Documents." It dates from 1993. It reads in part: "the Agency did undertake to destroy all MHCHAOS material in 1990." Apparently some slipped under the radar, and the discussion concerns what to do about this: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32404173.pdf
  4. Where Were You, 11/22/63.

    Hi Ron, I'm glad that you posted this question. My parents took me to see JFK campaign where we lived in Gravesend, Brooklyn, in 1959. I was about three years old, so I don't remember it. On Nov 22, 1963 I was in the second grade when an announcement came over the loud speaker that JFK was assassinated. Our second grade teacher was a crabby, grumpy old woman who never smiled, named Mrs. McNamara. She burst into tears and ran out the room. We all had the impression that she didn't want us to see her in an emotional state, out of control. The following year, just short of my eighth birthday, when Bobby Kennedy ran for the Senate, he also campaigned in our neighborhood. My mother and I were waiting right up front at the speaker's dais, and when he finally appeared I was nearly crushed by the surging crowd. So I darted under the raised wooden platform, where I listened to the remainder of the speech crouched down, just inches below Bobby Kennedy.
  5. Does any of that seem to tie up in any way with all the Japanese (and Asian) connections that Dick Russell explores in his book on Richard Case Nagell? And has anyone come across any new info in the files on Nagell?
  6. Sandy, Thanks, that answers my question. Very interesting. And this clarifies that Cabell probably fell into the operational interest category.
  7. The Newly Declassified JFK Files

    Wow, that's really interesting; I didn't know MHCHAOS began with Ramparts. Making RT register with FARA directly parallels what they did to the underground press in the 60s and early 70s, in that they just want to eradicate any alternate model, esp ones that deliver the truth. And those who weren't yet alive during the period of the underground press are so much easier to deceive with ersatz "left" media such as Rachel Maddow.
  8. Sandy and Michael, I should clarify that I have no doubt that the Oswald was a CIA asset of some sort; I am raising the question in a more general sense regarding anyone who has a 201 file. And Sandy, you are right about Angleton and his crew. Richard Bissell directed William Harvey to create ZR/RIFLE, part of which according to Harvey was to "create phony 201" files, in order to create scapegoats. Phony can also mean doctoring existing 201 files. Michael, this along with Egerter's testimony from the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), is covered in detail, for example, in JFK and the Unspeakable, pp. 143-146, most of which you can see here (below). She is asked: " ... it seems that the purpose of CI/SIG was very limited and that limited purpose was [sic] being to investigate Agency employees who were for some reason under suspicion." To this she replies "That is correct." Douglas concludes that she was in this way tricked into admitting that Oswald was an employee (since the discussion was about 201s and not about Oswald, she fell into the trap). But my question concerns whether 201s may in fact be opened for reasons other than someone being "suspected one way or another.” https://books.google.com/books?id=KS-6XrdalGkC&pg=PA146&lpg=PA146&dq=ann+Egerter+testimony+hsca+oswald&source=bl&ots=1jO79VtQDB&sig=pA3pTsg3Jlje3jENRBRiDy0jnd8&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi4iuHKg8zXAhWFRCYKHbLlDJcQ6AEIUjAI#v=onepage&q=ann Egerter testimony hsca oswald&f=false This is from Jim D's site, regarding Earle Cabell and his 201 file: https://kennedysandking.com/news-items/what-is-new-in-the-files
  9. A great list, and thanks for the scan of the article which is most revealing.
  10. Ann Egerter’s full testimony implies that 201 files were only opened on those "who were suspected one way or another.” Does anyone know if there were any exceptions to this? If not, does that mean that Earle Cabell was also "suspected one way or another.” Or does it imply that before, full trust is accorded, an asset's personality file is assembled to analyze whether he should be granted eventual trust? If you get my drift, there is a significant difference between these two parameters.
  11. The Newly Declassified JFK Files

    James D, Thanks for this great piece. Also caught your interview with Jessie - pleased to hear you mention Mark Lane. I think we'll never get a fair shake in the corporate-owned media. At most there may be glimmers of truth here or there that pop out, but the real work will only be accomplished by devoted authors who make it accessible in highly detailed books; and by researchers who utilize alternate media streams. But as you say, the censorship proves the conspiracy. One that is ongoing. In light of this, I came across a recently released file that illustrates how closely the Agency was following the work in Ramparts magazine. They really do fear any alternate model that dares to tell the truth. I recall reading somewhere that the way they finally shut down alternate media in the 60s/early 70s was to have agents approach all the companies that were advertising in magazines such as Ramparts (mostly alcohol and tobacco) and demand they cut the funding. Which they did.
  12. Citizen Lane--Documentary on Mark Lane

    Right? In the sentence "<?> has been reading all the latest from N(OSENKO) re OSWALD", there is only room for five or six letters in the blanked-out space; I'm wondering if that might be an acronym (instead of a name): perhaps one for Associate Deputy Director of Operations for Counterintelligence (ADDOCI), or Angleton. "ADDOCI" would fit perfectly in that space. But I'm not versed in the codes employed in these files. "Mr. Rocca" must be Angleton's senior aid in counter-intelligence, his deputy Raymond Rocca. Mrs. Egerter, whose name appears at the top right, must be Elizabeth Ann Egerter, who opened Oswald's 201 file. And Russ Holmes, who filed this, must be Russell Holmes (according to www.archives.gov): "The Russell Holmes papers consist of 50,000 pages of CIA documents maintained by Holmes in his role as the custodian of the Oswald 201 file, as well as the Segregated Collection of CIA records compiled for the investigation of the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA). Holmes was the CIA liaison for all inquiries on the assassination after the end of the HSCA investigation until his retirement." The gang's all here.
  13. Citizen Lane--Documentary on Mark Lane

    For what it's worth, the parts that I've included in brackets (below) are the parts that still remained legible despite the blackout ink. The blacked-out paragraph (all of paragraph two) mentions a "Rima SHURAKOVA," an "INTURIST" (sic) guide. Could this be Rima Shirokova (also spelled Shirakova), Oswald's Intourist guide? Comments included in angled brackets <thus> are my own. Mostly it involves the Nosenko case, but I found the Madame Toussaud angle really bizarre. ---------- Retyped for Clarity [SECRET] [Mrs. Egerter] MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD 29.7.68 SUBJECT: OSWALD-- Nosenko 1. On 26 July [Mr. Rocca, C/CI/R&A] called my attention to an aspect of NOSENKO’S information which must be thoroughly examined when we attempt to assess analyze (sic) NOSENKO’S story about the OSWALD case. <ONE WORD REDACTED > has been reading all the latest from N(OSENKO) re OSWALD and it is his impression there are not only gaps in the info from the stanpoint that N(OSENKO) should know more but also some aspects which don’t ring true. 2. [Recently, Rocca received from the British information about the activities of Rima SHURAKOVA [[who]] <REDACTED > with a British co<ntrolled source ?> <REDACTED> to be reliable. It is Rocca’s impression (I have not examined this case thoroughly) that the Soviets have continued to try to make SHURAKOVA look clean <ONE WORD REDACTED> that she has not had a KGB role and is only an INTURIST <REDACTED><SHURAKOVA’s ?> thesis. This is questionable on its surface. At any rate, the controlled British source and SHURAKOVA visited Mme TOUSSAU’s (sic) Wax Works museum where SHURAKOVA had a visible (sic) reaction when seeing OSWALD display. <REDACTED> thought this vist (sic) was entirely innocent on the part of the source – British, i.e., it was not done deliberately. SHURAKOVA’s reaction indicated suspicion that this was a provocation.] [252-126] [SECRET]
  14. Citizen Lane--Documentary on Mark Lane

    Glad to hear that you are doing something on Lane and the files. Yes, Hougan's work on Jonestown is amazing. Have you also read his "Spooks" book? There's a section in there about RFK and Bernard Spindel. On another note, I was perusing the recent releases and noticed that page three of this pdf (below) has a blacked-out section that nonetheless remains legible in part. (As if the black marker had faded, revealing the typewriting beneath.) Any idea why it would be released like that? https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32393182.pdf
  15. Citizen Lane--Documentary on Mark Lane

    Jim, That is a fascinating revelation about Rankin and, as you say, rather shameful. Thanks for sharing this. Are you considering doing a special piece on how the new docs reveal that Lane was being smeared and constantly spied upon? I recall you saying somewhere, perhaps in your book, that the fact the Agency was all over Garrison shows how concerned they were about what he was digging up, and perhaps the same can be said about their "interest" in Lane. Lane's early interviews with Grassy Knoll witnesses are certainly invaluable documents. And then there is that chilling tale in his book describing the Agency's attempt on his life. Look forward to seeing you on Ventura's program. Note to Dan Doyle: Dan, Mark Lane also has a book about his experience in Guyana, titled, "The Strongest Poison." You might also find Jim Hougan's piece on Jim Jones of interest (link below). (Hougan also authored two very good books, perhaps you are familiar with them: "Secret Agenda: Watergate, Deep Throat, and the CIA" and "Spooks: the private use of secret agents." ) Although Jones pretended to be pro African American and a civil rights sympathizer, he actually maintained secret ties to extreme right-wing racists, going back to an early period in his life. I also recall that, after the massacre, they found a large refrigerator in his compound that was stuffed to the gills with psychiatric medications, which Jones was administering to his captive audience on a regular basis. The whole story just stinks of a mind-control experiment, and one whose cover was blown. Hougan's link: http://jimhougan.com/JimJones.html