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  1. Here's how I think the assassination may have happened: Kennedy had an array of enemies. A president always does. Each faction of enemies was used in some way in the plot to kill him. That way, the dog continually chases its tail. Research never gets very far. Or, at least, moves very, very slowly. The Mafia Texas Anti-Castro Cubans The Military The CIA Researchers see someone involved from one of these groups (or others) and wrongly conclude that is who ordered the murder. But, I think those that gave the order to kill JFK were insulated and removed themselves from the actual pr
  2. I grabbed the following from Debra Conway over at Lancer -- hope I'm not breaking any rules, but I think it is interesting. To me this makes a lot of sense. The most sense, actually. Now, who is "Group One"?
  3. Myra, with all sincerity, I say you are like the soft summer breeze. Always refreshing. It would be my guess that those who have you in their daily lives consider themselves to be most fortunate.
  4. These funds are explained in some detail in Sterling Seagrave's great book, Gold Warriors. Hello John, Could you tell us where Seagrave puts the source of those funds?
  5. Happy birthday there, Terry. Hope it's a good one.
  6. Steve I posted a similar question a day or two ago, only I asked if this was Badge Man. He is hatless and appears from that distance to resemble the image from the Moorman photograph. Also, he appears to have an accomplice possibly placing something in the trunk or back of the car? - the figure in the railroad hat to the side of Badge Man in the polaroid? Didn't White have the same stocky build?
  7. Robert, So, if I am clear, in your view, Allen Dulles could've/was most likely to have ordered this murder? Allen Dulles. In your own mind, after all these years, have you reached this conclusion? This is of great interest to me. Thanks again for responding. Stan
  8. Robert, Wait. Do you think those two (Hunt and Dulles) could've done all this on their own? If not, who was above? After all these years, in my elemental view, it comes to one of two choices. A debate is raging on this forum now of those two. I greatly respect your opinion. I'm sure others here do as well. You've earned that. I'm sure you've spent a good portion of your life (and vast intellect) on this case. Who, in your view, ordered the execution of John Kennedy?
  9. Myra, thanks for posting that. The Kennedy assassination is a tangled mess of yarn. When you get to the very end, in my view, it leads to what you posted above and who, really, was behind the murder of John Kennedy.
  10. Cliff, throw Allen Dulles in there. For whom did he work, really? And, all the names you mentioned were loyal to Dulles. I believe all it took was one conversation between one (very rich and powerful) man and Dulles and the whole thing swung into being. Again, for whom did Allen Dulles work? Terry said it very well above. Who does the CIA really represent? Who does the U.S. military really represent? For the extremely wealthy there are no consequences - except, that is, between them and God. I don't believe now that it really had anything to do with Cuba. It was a battle for contro
  11. I think it could have been as simple as a single conversation between two (or possibly a few more) wealthy and powerful people. The rest gets entangled because of that vast wealth and power and obscures the view. Ask yourself a very simple question. Who was the most powerful man in the country in 1963? Would he have had reason to want John Kennedy dead? The power that killed JFK was absolute. It didn’t hope to get away with this crime. It didn’t think it could. It knew. Who does/did the CIA, the U.S. military, Allen Dulles, John McCloy, Maxwell Taylor really work for? If this p
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