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  1. John As usual you begin a thread that allows us to take it in many different directions. I appreceate that! To begin with the negotiations to appoint Rankin began at the first meeting of the Warren Commission. Warren had his own man but ultimatly Dulles and McCloy got theirs “Are you looking into the plots on the basis of whether they were covered up by the CIA because some of the very people involved in them could have been involved in the President’s assassination?” I find this portion of Rankin's statement (by itself) can be viewed in many ways, how about just as a general question (t
  2. Shanet In Col. Aaron Bank's book, "From OSS to Green Berets," a discription of the role played by Taylor in the development of this group of professional soldiers is given. The Green Beret training first began at Ft. Bragg (Edwin Walker was stationed at Bragg at the time) and (several years later) when fully established as a seperate unit was then called the 7th Special Forces Group. The "Honor and the Heritage" of the First Special Services Force (a unit that had been commanded by Col. Walker) was passed to Col. Edwards in a special two day ceremony in 1960. All the former members of the
  3. Jools I went back and read some of your earlier posts and believe your first one allows me to understand your question, forgive me if I am wrong. Fourty years is a long time without anyone comming forward with the "smoking gun." I understand that there are may theories about the assassination. The University of Wisconsin has a publication called "The Onion" that did a front page newpaper print that is dated (spoofed as) Nov. 23, 1963. the headline says (I don't have it in front of me) something like Kennedy shot 114 time from 49 different direction by the CIA, Mafia, Castro, etc....... I
  4. Jools Since we are talking about the same person.... First: No one could ever know what he ment but we can speculate. Our own speculations will be biased toward what we may or may not believe. Second: Since Prouty spent time in the Pentagon and the U-2 program in particular we might speculate that his words are quoted from the knowledge that he is most familiar with. So allow me to speculate on the whole quote not just the highlighted portion: "POWER of the cover up..." What makes the cover up so successful is...... "comes down to a few points." comes down to a few points "There
  5. Jools Please excuse my ignorance but are you speaking of Col. Prouty (the guy who has so much info on the U-2)? Jim Root
  6. Tim There are many strange twists and turns to the life of General Walker. I have spent years investigating them (part time of course) driven by the simple fact that the Warren Commission did not feel the need to go into his military background because everybody knew who he was (I didn't). I am a teacher who loves military history and when I first learned of Walker (after reading the Warren Report, with the interest sparked by the movie JFK) I was surprized by how little Walker had been researched. When I first saw that he had commanded the First Special Services Force, 3rd Regiment, then
  7. As Chief of staff of the US Army General Taylor had four major crisis to deal with, Little Rock, Lebanon, Taiwan and Berlin. In two of those cases (Little Rock and Taiwan) Edwin Anderson Walker was the Army's man selected to handle the situation. While Commander of United States Forces in Berlin (1949 - 1951) Taylor was closely associated with John J. McCloy (US High Commissioner for Germany) and the two were avid tennis players. Taylor retired from the Army in June of 1959 and wrote a book, The Uncertain Trumpet, were he voiced his concern about the direction of the US Military. He was n
  8. Dave In reply to: "I also have a question: Is there a Nixon-Walker connection known (Oswald wanted to kill them both according to Marina) ?" I am not convinced that Marina was sure that it was Nixon that he was after but that does not answer your question. The simple answer is, "no I do not have a connection between Walker and Nixon" but do believe there may be several connections to Kennedy. It is rather convoluted but very solid in my own mind. Nixon believed that Kennedy was receiving a great deal of intellegence on Cuba that he was not supposed to be privy to during the 1960 electio
  9. John I will be out of town and may or may not have access to the internet. What is the best way to get a copy of "Serendipity" to you? Jim Root
  10. Dave Thank you for the information. It concurs with alot that I have gathered over the years. The one question still: How did Thorsten know where Walker was? My belief is that Walker first contacted Thorsten or had a seragate contact him to arrange the interview immediatly after Oswald was arrested. Did Walker have a reason to fear Oswald alive and in custody (read The Testimony of Jack Ruby)? Walker did another interview with a Canadian paper in the days after Oswald was shot and no mention of the attempt on his life or the connection between the two was made. The only thing that I se
  11. On the 29th of November 1963 the Deutsche National und Soldaten-Zeitung published an article that accused Lee Harvey Oswald of having been the person who had shot at General Edwin A. Walker on April 10, 1963. When Walker was questioned by Mr. Liebeler of the Warren Commission on July 23, 1964 he was asked about a phone call he received at the Captain Shreve Hotel in Shreveport, Louisiana on November 23, 1963 at about 7:00 a.m. Mr. Liebeler: "Did you talk to him on a transatlantic telephone call in which you told him about the alleged fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was the person who made an at
  12. Just a historical curiousity....easily found but never published that I know of. The first is a letter from Edwin Walker to Lt. Gen. Groves with a c.c. to John J. McCloy dated June 5, 1963. Lt. General Leslie R. Groves President, Association of Graduates West Poin, N.Y. Dear General Groves: In view of the Sylvanus Thayer Award to John J. McCloy (May, 1963) by the United States Military Academy's Association of Graduates, I hereby resign from the Association of Graduates. I respectfully request that my name and membership be dropped from your rolls. The Association of Graduates is not r
  13. John I did a paper on Oswald's travel from Santa Ana, California to Helsinki, Finland about a year ago titled Serendipity. It combines infromation from the WC, Posner, HSCA, Nechiporenko and Chris Mills into a mozaic of coincidence that places Oswald at the one Soviet Embassy in the world that will issue him a visa in 24 hours. Is it possible to rearrange the "recently" found information that clarified the oringinal questions of Oswald's travel into a new case of Oswald the intellegence "patsy." Jim Root
  14. John Great read on the LBJ tapes. I tend to lean toward the belief that Oswald had been used by intellegence sources and if this info became general knowledge at the time of the assassination the international political situation could be compromised, perhaps to the extent that LBJ implies in the tapes. Hence a need to "cover-up" aspects of the assassination or of Oswald's life, especially his travel to Russia that was already public before the Commission was established. "J. Edgar Hoover: I'm not as enthusiastic about McCloy... I'm not so certain as to the matter of the publicity that he
  15. Carley Sorry about the double print: If you are doing a paper on the Warren Report start from the beginning. Look at the charter that LBJ gave the commission (and people of the United States) when he created the commission. While it is EASY to find fault with the Warren Report I believe the scope of the commissions activities was so limited that the conclusions were inevitible. Was there a reason for this? The English language is easy to use as a tool of deciept and manipulation. With attorneys Dulles and McCloy as the members most in attendance at commission meetings and most responsibl
  16. Since you enjoy playing "devils advocate" perhaps I can stimulate your mind with a different train of thought: Suppose there was not a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy as many now think of conspiracies. Now suppose Oswald was involved in the assassination, implicated and a need to eliminate him in order to cover-up his involvements in covert activities was necessary. Could those same involvements have prompted Oswald to participate in the assassination? For example: We know Oswald wanted Jonathan Abt to act as his attorney. Abt had acted as a defense lawyer in Smith Act cases. Oswald w
  17. I do not believe there is any existing evidence to take the matter above David Morales. It therefore is pure speculation on my part to say the assassination was ordered by the Military Industrial Complex. That is true of all theories concerning this aspect of the assassination. However, there are several clues that enable us to point the finger at the Military Industrial Complex. Those involved not only killed JFK but planted information that implicated others in the conspiracy. The plotters did this for two reasons: (1) To guarantee that these people implicated would do all they could to co
  18. Gary Mack has returned every e-mail I have sent him (something I don't believe I have been able to accomplish myself in my own public life). He has not seemed interested in entering into a dialog.....I chalk this up to his schedule and the number of e-mails, apperances etc. a busy person in his position would have that constrains his time. E-mails not worded in a way that allows for a direct answer are not treated as "nice" as simple questions about facts. In my case he was not interested in engaging in a discussion about particular aspects of a theory.
  19. First time poster so I apologize in advance for any redundant coments I may offer. Just for some backround on William Colby that I found interesting: During WWII he volunteered for the 99th Battalion (seperate), a special unit of Norwegian speaking Americans. They were to participate in "Operation Plough" (sabotage actions in Norway). About 100 members of this unit would join the OSS including Major Colby. As the War in Europe ended Colby was involved in OSS "Operation Rype" in the Trondelag area of Norway near the border with Sweden. His original unit (99th Battalion) was sent to Norway
  20. Graduate of Whittier College - Major in Public Administration Minors in History and Geology Post Grad work at Loyola Marymount University, University of South Colorado, Cal State Nothridge, & Cal State Fullerton. California State Teaching Credentials held - Math & Social Studies (top 1% on NTE in Social Studies). Elected 4 times to the Palmdale City Council Past member of the Los Angeles County Sanitation District and past member of the Board of the Antelope Valley Transportation District AVTA). Former Planning Commissioner, City of Palmdale. Past Vice Chair of the Palmdale Communit
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