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  1. Cannes Awards are out.   Oliver got zero mentions---that I can find anyway..   All washed up like dead fish on the beach.

    It is a TV film----nobody seen it on TV.   No body seen it streaming.   Cannot find any DVD for it.

    I might be time to give it away for free.

    I guess we gotta find Greta Thunberg to Holler "How Dare You" make a flick on a US Icon and not show it to the US.

    I guess there might be one viewer----Deuterium--Engenio.   Who won't provide any full video proof of his claims.  Perhaps it won't stand up for inspections in the US.

    Oliver is part French and they left him stuck in hotel rooms.


  2. After 11-22-63,  JFK and RFK were going to clean corrupt Masonic Mega-Duo Hoover's and his Lap Dog LBJ's plow---LBJ was headed to Prison:   They should have printed and exposed LBJ before Dallas---very bad move.


    When Oak Ridge helped helped the CIA's kill Castro Project in New Orleans via LHO----the Oak Ridge Masons landed in JFK's sights to knock out the CIA, Corrupt Secret Society Truman Masons, and the Mafia.   The Chicago Mob was CIA connected on the Kill Castro deals, which all failed.

    JFK was getting ready to wipe out Masons LBJ and Hoover, and the corrupt Oak Ridge and their deuterium cover up games. Crooked Hoover and LBJ black mailed LBJ onto the JFK ticket---as they knew a Catholic President would destroy the Masonic insurrection take over of the US, especially from Masonic Truman's games and CIA run by corrupt Mason Dulles.

    JFK was about to get even with crooked Masons Hoover and LBJ and push LBJ into prison via a Time Mag article designed by RFK to exposed LBJ criminal acts.

    In Nov 63, the JFK folks shut down Oak Ridge's Prize Plutonium reactor for flooding the area with deuterium emissions for 20 years, and they were furious, as the USAEC's deuterium health cover up would put them in jail for crimes against humanity.
  3. So, the deal in 1963 is LBJ did not want to blame the Russians or Cubans as that would be like serving them with a declaration for war,  and the Russians would blow the US and LBJ off the map for trying to frame them with International War Crimes.

    They had to have a dead Guy American to get the easy out to frame a made up "Lone Nut American",  who was JFK's agent LHO.    They had to be taken out together to have all work.

    So, some of the book fabricators imaginations use the Russian or Cuban claims to mislead the world that the total blame goes on the corrupt British and their Pike insurrection gang that JFK was wiping out slowly.   In Nov or 63,  LBJ and Hoover were in the JFK wipe out cross-hairs and the Kennedy were going to slam LBJ into prison.

    Thus ole British bought and paid for Stone is pushing the safe deal for the British that it was American Dulles.  That makes old Stone a ton of British backing and a ton of profits by selling a scam to save British Masons roles in killing JFK, framing LHO, making up a totally fake News Warren Report.

    The Stone scam with the British is very obvious, as well as those that killed JFK and fabricated a British protection report called the Warren Report.  WR was Masonic Produced to protect Pike British Masonic JFK killers in the US

    Basically, it is so obvious as aiding and abetting that Stone needs treason charges for the JFK crime.

    JFK is solved as to who did it, who designed it, who all made up the fake cover stories and who needs to land in jails and who all needs to be known as US criminal Insurrection take over of the US Govt from within.

    Who is paying Stone?   British money   What is Stone concealing--Pike/Truman Masons.

    What else is Stone concealing--LHO and Oak Ridge's deuterium knowledge and that deuterium mixed with SV-40 is a fast growing cancer tumor bio-weapons method back in 63.  And that Deuterium has a deep Royalist Family history and is used in massive Health racketeering.

  4. The New York Dulles Gang and the Rockefellers have been extremely close on deuterium health racketeering and anyone helping to Aid and Abet anyone not learning about DDW health methods will have Committed Crimes Against Humanity.  Or attempts to attack the top US deuterium special projects person who is an informant of these serious issues that have killed millions in the US alone.

    Anyone doing that sort of attacking a messenger will no doubt be considered as terrorist activities.


    High deuterium levels in the US are the prime cause for all low metabolic energy illnesses,  which is diabetes, heart disease, and many others.   The high deuterium levels is the prime risk factor for all that died from COVID-19.

    So, all attempting, in any fashion, to attack the top deuterium special projects person in the US will be at very high risk of being called terrorists.

  5. Yeah--you definitely have that "Deer Trapped in The Headlight Look" for intentional violations of this


    And attempting to conceal this type crimes against humanity:




    One of the things that very experienced JFK list discussions folks notice is those that conceal their faces with dark glasses-----as they apparently think they are spies.    And they all seem to use that as a signal to their fellow list controllers.   All those that are abrasive, attempt to take control, and other methods to disrupt-----are generally one of the Mossad types----and everyone of them have the dark glasses and trying to hide from facial recognition systems of NSA..

    And in many cases they'll have a Jewish Orthodoxy names and both those factors explain much for the experienced..

    They come around and become pests if you notice Jack Ruby was Jewish.   Or Ruby's best synagogue pals was Abe Zapruder---33rd degree  Mason--- and how Abe knew just where to stand and have a female shield his back.  Or deals like Hunt used Weitzman on a pamphlet to shut down Ruby trying to frame them, as Hunt knew Ruby was the JFK Hit's front-man and boxed Ruby in.  That also told LBJ that Hunt knew what was going on and was more than capable to put rope around Ruby's neck, LBJ's neck, and the corrupt Mason's neck.   That guaranteed that LBJ had to drop Ruby and run and not touch Ruby and let him die in prison.

    Hunt got everything he wanted---and total protection from Hoover----as Hoover knew Hunt could and would blow the Masons wide open.

  6. Looks like more trickles:   More like a UK floodgate that explains a lot

    "Oliver Stone: ‘There’s still a presence out there reminding people not to speak about JFK’s killing’"



    This one is a UK piece.    They omit that Stone is now a UK owned Producer----as the English supplied the money and Stone has to play their game to give them returns on their investments.   The UK also owns the distribution.

    The real story is the British controlled Royalists / Imperialists backing Masons  both killed and covered up the facts on JFK.  They had JFK killed.

    It is well seen via JFK's attacks on exposing them in the Secret Society Speech.   Then the ORNL Mason, named Raymond W. Tucker, Sr., operations to have LBJ's whacko Zionist Jack Ruby become Dallas "Point men" to use Giancana's shooters to kill JFK and get out of town fast.

    Then those that concealed it all were Masonic Zionist LBJ and his best buddy that black mailed im onto the JFK ticket----the corrupt Imperialist backing Hoover who rigged all the data going to Warren Commission.   Big Texas Mason LBJ tapped and forced Earl Warren to run the multi-part Masonic fabrication report to hide that the US was taken over from within via the Truman process of installing Imperialist English Masons in all US high offices.   Like Dulles as CIA, like LBJ as President, Hoover as FBI, Curtis LeMay as JCS,    Lyman Lemnitzer as JCS and a huge list of US insurrections by the British to control and use and abuse the US Money ad Power.   Brittish have absolute control over Oak Ridge and the big time secrets on deuterium and Royalist family deals with it.

    Who do we see trying to prop up Stone's selling out America to the British and still playing blame an American and never mention what JFK's secret society speech was about US insurrection and take over of the US from within by the British using the Pike insurrection method.

    The whole world should be seeing the British new bought and paid for misinformation agent---Sir Oliver Stone---UK's pawn.

    Then he uses a Jewish and Masonic Prince Hall Masonic advertising actor.   Oh really, what an idiot.

    Stone has been on the attack against Trump is another sign he is not a US Patriot.   

    Stone is British Owned Agent and concealing that JFK was a British targeted hit, as JFK was going to take them out of US power.   Hence, why Stone cannot explain the obvious deal with JFK and Secret Society Truman Masons were directly behind the JFK murder.

    I do think Stone will be heading off to jail when Trump comes back in--or he might run as a fugitive for intent to conceal and support JFK's murder.

    And, as well, a corrupt Hollywood Producer that has used his fame to attempt to play his "Cancel Culture" against Trump.   The tangled Web by those that seek to deceive is becoming obvious now.

    I guess we see why no US Patriots wanted to support Stone very clearly now, and those that did were the ones that killed JFK.

  7. Obviously, those like you that have the Asparkerger's Habbits and play little professors.and overdose on heavy water.

    "Admiralty law in the United States developed from the British admiralty courts present in most of the American colonies. These courts functioned separately from courts of law and equity. With the Judiciary Act, though, Congress placed admiralty under the jurisdiction of the federal district courts."


  8. Well---you do make a model for Asparger's Syndrome---drunk on heavy water perhaps !!

    But the "Bull Man" name defines your nuisance games perfectly

    Posting new listings is rather just listings----and what they mean in terms of what to watch for with Stone's descriptions that  make him Crook and cover-up producer or America's enemy..

    One of the things that very experienced JFK list discussions folks notice is those that conceal their faces with dark glasses-----as they apparently think they are spies.    And they all seem to use that as a signal to their fellow list controllers.   All those that are abrasive, attempt to take control, and other methods to disrupt-----are generally one of the Mossad types----and everyone of them have the dark glasses and trying to hide from facial recognition systems of NSA..

    And in many cases they'll have a Jewish Orthodoxy names and both those factors explain much for the experienced..

    They come around and become pests if you notice Jack Ruby was Jewish.   Or Ruby's best synagogue pal was Abe Zapruder---33rd degree  Mason--- and how Abe knew just where to stand and have a female shield his back.  Or deals like Hunt used Weitzman on a pamphlet to shut down Ruby trying to frame them, as Hunt knew Ruby was the JFK Hit's front-man and boxed Ruby in.  That also told LBJ that Hunt knew what was going on and was more than capable to put rope around Ruby's neck, LBJ's neck, and the corrupt Mason's neck.   That guaranteed that LBJ had to drop Ruby and run and not touch Ruby and let him die in prison.

    Hunt got everything he wanted---and total protection from Hoover----as Hoover knew Hunt could and would blow the Masons wide open.

  9. Looks like "Daily Beast" went Open Source and not Members only, so everyone can read the whole thing now.

    Keep in mind that Stone's first 1997 movie pattern was blame the Americans---and had the Mossad's Arnon Milchan and basically the English and Mossad are in each other's pockets.

    So, the 1997 mystery said it was CIA,  The Americans,   but CIA is run by English Masonic insurrection Allan Dulles--and that is never mentioned.    This latest is still pointing at Allan Dulles---the American.   Masons and the British are never mentioned.   The Masons and insurrection British need it to always be the American.   They started with the American Lone Nut LHO frame up with Hoover/LBJ, and the shift Stone is moving or pressing the American Dulles.

    The real story is it was run by a lot of crooked Royalist / Imperialist SR Masons and the original US insurrection deal that JFK flagged in his Secret Society Speech against Truman.    All the JFK haters were basically S R Masons and English loyalists----aka The British is the underlying criminal element that offed JFK, inserted Masonic loyalist LBJ.

    The real story is the CIA wanted to kill Castro, LHO was the runner for the CIA project and that led to Oak Ridge and the specialized deuterium knowledge to make fast growing cancer tumors.   LHO was a JFK spy, so then JFK was going to rip the CIA and Oak Ridge into a million pieces.   One of the ORNL Masons (Raymond W Tucker, Sr) knew Jack Ruby from Army Air Core and knew his Sam Giancana connections and they got Jack Ruby to work the Dallas hit on JFK and replace him with Ruby's old buddy LBJ.    The origin of the successful kill JFK plan in Dallas came from one of the British insurrection of the US types, Masons at the Oak Ridge National Lab.   They also wanted to hide the deuterium and cancer causality issues per nuke power and nuke weapons----and health.

    The big play to always notice is Stone always plays---Blame the American------never even mention  corrupt Masons and that British insurrection methods that took over the US from within.  As long as Stone plays that diversion from British deal---he is part of the criminal's efforts to conceal the murder's leading plotters and their deuterium motive connections.

    That is how one spots the Crooks---that dichotomy is the indicator.


  10. I am a scientist  engineer type.   Not a film-maker..   Movies are expensive---waste my time.

    I did the simple thing---wrote down what happened and shared it.

    Novel concept.

    JFK left big fat flags on where the problems with the US being taken over by the corrupt British and using and abusing Americans.  Common Sense---simple.


  11. Lots of the real deals on the English Mason Gangster has been well known for a long time.   Solving the JFK hit is very easy for people that really want to solve it.

    LHO was standing on the TSBD's front steps in all the shooting and the crooked Masonic gangster Hoover took up all the photos with the TSBD's front steps showing.  They burned the cellulose in movie frames

    You have be an idiot not to have read this.  Anyone seen Stone speak to the obvious?   Who took the Pic's----corrupt Masonic British FBI's Hoover.

    The answer to who the real JFK thugs were is the crooked English Mason's US insurrection thugs that JFK spotted.   No doubts, as I knew the one Crooked Mason that set-up JFK from Oak Ridge


    They did not collect all  the LHO on front steps pics.


  12. I don't think anyone in the US is going to see Stone's DVD for a long time, if ever.   

    On the one hand, some of the latest de-class shows part of JFK 1997 was correct.   Most on EF folks follow all the Trump De-class and the 2021 Stone stuff is just old news. 

    I've never needed Stone's deals as I knew what happened on 11-22-63.    I've known WC was a faked up UK British Masonic over up to blame an America since Mason LBJ started and used it to shut down the US finding Criminal English Masons taking over the US.   JFK was going to hit them with insurrection charges and remove the take over from within by UK's Pike crooks forever.

    So, we track the News and Reviews.  Their signatures are important.

    I know what happened, I trust that.  When Stone goes against what I know I go against him.

    It is what it will be---but don't count on ever seeing this Stone--2021 deal---as all the world is going to be watching Stone and see the money men, the UK's distributors.   Once all this is out---most of Stone's blame the Americans dies on the vine.

    All will See that Stone has not exposed those who did JFK for the same reason they did FDR.   Stone is not exposing the Pike take over the US Masons made worse by Truman.   Stone has not exposed all the deuterium and cancer methods the CIA got from Oak Ridge and has not exposed all the very old religious issues of deuterium from the times of 1st temple and before.   

    Hiding Deuterium is a very old Rockefeller medicine racketeering method to exploit stupid American's health.

    Tune in.    Perhaps you may rise above Asperger's levels of intelligence.

    But if you wanna jack me up---you'll find my data being exposed will confront anything you might muster..   Plus have a huge focus on you.

    So, go for it.



  13. Well, I know who did JFK and Why and Stone is just way off.   If anything, Stone is now right in bed with the criminals now. 

    However, he is showing his cards now---and I and others are watching.   The people that know what happened in intelligence are watching closely.

    All Stone is doing is more Mass Confusion and pushing solving JFK off another 60 years.  Stone is very obviously helping the British cover up---which is why they fund his crap.   Stone is pushing the UK's dodge---which is blame the Americans----it was a Masonic British insurrection hit job.   Same motive as FDR hit over Four Freedoms plans.

    I am after solving JFK---not on Stone's and UK's forever method.   I don't trust Stone at all---after looking at all the latest.   Follow the money, it always leads to the criminals.  Standard criminal investigative methods that you appear to need me to ignore..    It Won't happen.

    I know all the Intelligence agency tricks---including UK's.   II also know that JFK attacked the English control over the US---Truman's Masons.  The Secret Society Speech told exactly who they were.   I've studied Pike, all the Masonic and KKK games..    Don't expect to lecture me or fool me.   It won't happen.

    I know JFK found out about deuterium----which is a big Royalist's deal

    I am witness to lots.  I am no ignorant new by.  I have been around important places.

    Trouble is that you are not on track for what I follow and have been following for decades---so I cannot agree.   You appear to mislead me?

    As far as reading all the reviews---I find them interesting to see who has Stone's back for the UK's Masonic take over of the US.  It is all very very obvious to highly informed JFK folks looking at the criminals.

    So, I look for Stone naming Masons, the UK gang that JFK called out in Secret Society Speech.

    Stone's silence on the obvious UK S R Masons speaks volumes.    Stone not speaking to LHO and Oak Ridge---the S R Mason's deuterium capital and the very obvious connections to rapid tumor growth for Oschner's CIA project also speaks voluminous.

    I like to teach others how to locate and see all JFK involved criminal elements in the US AND the UK.

    It will continue.

    I know who you are and I don't support your agenda and trying for distractions on what I see as totally obvious to honest JFK investigators.

  14. Stone's JFK--2021 production the US would not support / invest, nor distribute -- so far.

    More trickles:

    Little White Lies  Review


     It’s a film which talks in the language of agitprop nonsense like 2005’s online 9/11 doc, Loose Change.


    Stone’s refusal to draw from a single consenting voice or make room for any alternative readings makes the film much more easy to shrug-off as an entertainingly crackpot diversion.


    For Stone, Trump is America’s just desserts, and it’s a sentiment that leaves a nasty taste on the tongue.


  15. A close look at the RT Underground production turns up some ultra interesting Stone commentary:

    1.  No US money---all money came from UK----the land of Colonialism.

    2.  High CIA Mason Allan Dulles was basically "Colonialism In Action"---aka CIA-- and backing English Colonial methods using US money.

    3.  UK Masonic Allan Dulles tried to set JFK up on Bay of Pigs--in ways that JFK could be controlled via War Crime involvement per Cuba.

    4.  Stone backers have none from the US--only UK backers---somehow the Biggest Documentary Man has zero trust and $ from US !   Why?

    5.  Stone is well known to have Mossad Involvements on 1st JFK Production---Arnon Millchan.  (He stole deuterrium-tritium neutron iniators)

    6.   JFK called out the Truman secret societies---aka S R Masons, but Stone does not connect CIA Dulles and Joint Chief UK Masons, nor all the Masonic control for WC.

    7.  JFK's biggest JCS enemy was Lemnitzer who got the UK London Northwoods games to make a fake attack deal from Cuba and JFK refused and pushed UK Masonic Lemniter off JCS and he runs to the London Northwoods base..  If JFK had bitten that UK poison pill the crooked Masons would have power over JFK due to war crime deals.

    8.  Judy Bakers is well known LHO writer, and when she first came out she had 3 Mossad type controllers.   Also, you cannot be a cancer expert and not know about deuterium and she never speaks of deuterium.

    9.  Stone well knows that JFK was anti Colonial, but so was FDR via his "Four Freedoms" plans to wipe out Colonial controls in all the world after WWII's end.   Then FDR appears to be poisoned and UK Masonic lodge builder Truman gets shoved into FDR's place.    The JFK hit is similar---anti-Mason, anti Colonial JFK whacked and Zionist Mason LBJ shoved into JFK's place.

    10.   IS Stone now under the control of Mossad, since he cannot say Masonic Duelles, Masonic WC controllers,  Masonic Bay of Pigs and Northwoods,  and cannot say deuterium that is highly controlled on all JFK discussions zones by Mossad types that need to conceal Deuterium and 1st temple secrets.    Then that Royalism's family is one in the same as those concealing deuterium, and the whole S R Masoonic Masons deal in Oak Ridge is about that and JFK's killers began in Oak Ridge with Masonic Raymond W. Tucker, Sr's hate for JFK.   And that JFK nuke reactor controls shut down the main Oak Ridge plutonium reactor in Nov 63, and that reactor flooded the entire Oak Ridge region for decades with deuterium.

    11, When Stone leaves off these details---history repeats itself.

    12.  There is a major reason nobody in the US backed Stone's 2nd JFK production and only UK money did back Stone.

    13.   Congrats to RT's on Stone Interview  !   They exposed a lot.

  16. Everyone should always ask "I lost the deuterium-Eugenio"  why Stone went cold on JFK.

    Notice "deuterium eugenio" cannot say the word deuterium--but it essential to solving the JFK hit's biggest motive.


    Are we on another spin propaganda film?   Just a new Millchan Man's spin.?

    Perhaps those in the US knows this is too hot to handle---they know they will get burned----as they will take a big take down due to ONE BIG Omission---deuterium--- that produces a propaganda.?

    They all kinda sense if they help with this-----it could be very bad.

    The News travels on and very serious questions are mounting.


  17. We will continue to take note that Oliver and company left off obvious deuterium, that the USAEC's Masonic Deuterium guard in Oak Ridge well knew Jack Ruby, that LHO came to the USAEC deuterium vaults and knowledge center, and Ruby arranged what his ole Chicago outfit's Sam Giancana to sent his shooters to Dallas to trade JFK for LBJ and frame LHO.

    I dare say all the world will be keeping this in mind and likely for the history books into perpetuity.   

    Yes, it will be in the minds of the honest men forever and ever.

    Don't we have just another film that dodges te obvious motive for the JFK Hit--Deuterium.

    And if it runs around everything under the Sun but the main motive---is it not just another Propaganda Production?

    There is huge money in deuterium cover-up.

  18. Some more trickles.   One of the problem with tricked info is it misses data like LHO came to the deuterium capital of the USAEC, aka Oak Ridge, was to learn how to make cancer trigger and rapid tumor growth kills.   Basically, deuterium shuts down Kreb's cycle and drives up enolase production and screw up cell wall isolation, so it make fast tumor progression and fast deaths.  It was the CIA / Oscher weapon intended for Castro.

    I know it was a major reason that JFK got killed was to save the USAEC, as they gave up that info to LHO.  I am one of the top deuterium special projects types from Oak Ridge.

    So, I am very tired of seeing people get sick and die from the deuterium issues connected to the JFK hit need for concealment.   So, the Jesus thing to do is tell people there is a problem.   Then, the oppositions there are lots of others that consider their profits due to foot dragging method and they don't care who gets sick and dies.

    Last evening, I made a remark that the Mantik diagram stuff, on the URL page below, was nothing new and Fetzer and Martik were Siamese twins on that decades ago on that info.  They were both all over EF and everywhere else.  I also noticed that the Gov is sitting up, in the film animation, and I recalled the Gov was laid down when he got hit and he turned while laying down and saw JFK's heat hit.  Rear shots from Dal-Tex and one last one from GN.   I was not impressed with the recreations.

    So, I mention this on FB page last evening "JFK: Nothing But The Truth" and got a big flame session aimed at me for seeing that.  It got rather ugly and I got slurs.   Typical ugly hazing stuff to intimidate.    Then all their slurs suddenly got deleted.  We have it all, names, etc.

    While all the tiny details are interesting----all those people are dead.   What matters is what started it all and what they covered up and why.    Which is highly important in people's lives currently.   Deuterium and health is at the top of that list.

    Once our American citizens and others in this harm's way are being helped with correct information on why JFK was killed for the USAEC and deuterium issues, it is short walk to USAEC's ORNL and Masonic Catholic hater Raymond W. Tucker, Sr. involvement with Jack Ruby and the Big Event kill JFK deed in Dallas.

    Then you get traction and you get it in a hurry and you may well expose the trickel data's harm to others and Crimes Against Humanity issues.

    I prefer the Jesus method, not the money driven Hollywood gang methods.


    JFK Revisited Review: Oliver Stone Goes Conspiracy Quack

    ‘Through the Looking Glass’ is an entertaining and dangerous mess




    Like a ‘YouTube conspiracy video’: Oliver Stone’s new JFK movie hammered in brutal review



    Listen to this long long diatribe and see if Stone ever mentions DEUTERIUM, which is why JFK was offed.

    Isn't a film that ignores the obvious just a propaganda production?


  19. I know what happened since 63--you don't.

    You guys didn't solve it----but I did back on Nov 22, 1963.

    I don't charge anyone for the simple truth on the JFK hit---It is all free and on the level.   I am not out to make any money--no reason to lie.

    I am not one that seeks making money off serial missing info reports on a Poor Catholic Man's Murder.  I tell exactly what occurred and why.

    And since its been on EF for 20 years---you left off the part were deuterium cover ups are serious Human Health Crimes.    I didn't leave that out.

    Leaving off deuterium and cancer and LHO came to deuterium USAEC HQ in Oak RIdge, Tenn will cook Ollie into eternity.


    You've notified:   



  20. Some more dribbles.

    1.  Netflix doesn't want it.  Few more facts---nothing solved---no barn burner revelations.

    2.  Stone voted for Biden.  OMG!  (Note---you have to be brain dead to be that dumb----Stone will never do more than serial blunders from the looks of things.)  Basically, with Trump wanting JFK outed, and Stone voting Biden---Stone just committed political suicide with Trump and GOP.  Stone is going to rock bottom nothing.  He did not produce anything significant.

    3.  I don't hear much acclaims---sounds like it Bombed out badly.  Yeah, there is a pre-showing applause session.   Nothing after it was shown.

    4.  The US may never see it any time soon.--as only a few Euro types have Dist deals.  Stone dropped the Ball.

    https://deadline.com/2021/07/oliver-stone-mainstream-docs-propaganda-pieces-us-empire-in-fear-revisiting-jfk-assassination-cannes-1234790181/flix does

  21. I think most know the WR is a Masonic Generated "Fake News" Document to protect Masons involved in the JFK hit.  I think the more intelligent JFK folks recognize that JFK called out the Great Masonic Lodge builder and Masonic Albert Pike insurrection person in the Secret Society Speech.  Then they also know that SR Mason Truman supplanted the Highest Levels of US Govt with UK Royalist Imperialism connected SR Masons that made the Russian's claim of the US taken over from within very very true.  So, the SR Masons like Dulles, Truman, LBJ, Hoover, Lemnitzer, LeMay, Murchsion, Bannister, et al became JFK's biggest and most dangerous enemy and those that worked to kill him.  It is very very obvious.   I have been around EF for a couple decades now, and my very first postings pointed out the real crooks that killed JFK, as I know his enemies well here in Oak Ridge.  We know exactly who killed JFK in Oak Ridge and a bunch of Crooked Mason that celebrated JFK death on the day it happened at a Nuke Weapons plant do also.

    Unfortunately, 99 percent of the books and videos out there are "Fake News" generated by those that know little.   A few get closer.

    1. Ed Haslam's Dr. Mary's Money gets into SV-40 cancer and Oscher knew Harold Urey---the guy that discovered deuterium and very USAEC connected.

    2. Judy Baker's. Me and Lee, gets SV-40, accuratly presents LHO as working on the CIA kill Castro Project, connected to Bannister, Ferrie, and NO Mafia.

    3. Joan Mellen's digging finds LHO worked for JFK, et al, after he returned to US.

    With a JFK success record like that for only a few getting close---Stone not getting close is expected.  He did good with the first movie in getting the public awareness up and the current movie may again do that.    Yet, as before, fall well short of solving the JFK hit.

    Getting on target means expose deuterium, expose USAEC / Oak Ridge, expose Masons, and you are very close.   Those that know what happened know these associations, and the endless fake News Books and Videos just miss the relevant information, motives, and thus getting good reviews.

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