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  1. The reason that JFK and LHO were murdered was because of the USAEC and Manhattan Project's secrets on Deuterium and its many negative health effects and that association to ancient religion. Now, after many decades, the mechanism that deuterium uses to set off cancers, and many other health problems shows up in the research data. Basically, there are bacteria called Prokaryotes that need and use deuterium for their matabolic processes. The type of Prokaryotes that free up the most deuterium are the acid types and this is why they don't cause problems at near alkaline pH levels for cells
  2. "Trump's Card" and the Whole JFK story.----> Closing in on the return of the Christ's knowledge. The really big deal for why JFK was killed is that he basically was very close to being essentially the Return of Christ. This is how important the Deuterium and health issues are to lots of corrupt deals for making money and gaining controls over others using methods of deceit and treachery or basically Tyranny. Low Deuterium diets were the theme for the Jesus Lord's Supper and the same theme from the Word of God being "Forbidden Fruit". Sugar loaded fruits have excess deuterium and ma
  3. Jack Ruby lived in Oak Cliff. LHO lived at FBI safe House in Oak Cliff. The LHO meet up point, Texas Theater, was in Oak Cliff. Lots of the ACCC hit folks lived in Oak Cliff and Jack Ruby Star, Tammi True-aka Nancy Meyers, also had a couple of ACCC types. Nancy married a Safe Cracker and divorced him when the kids got to 2 and 4 years. Nancy passed on here recently--July 2019, but the oh too nice story she told for Jack Ruby lacked accuracy. Jack, Nancy and others were into ACCC's affairs. Nancy was Catholic, but a safe cracker's wife early on. Nancy seems to have a thing for hoodl
  4. There is little doubt that Bowen/Osborne was a UK and Canadian agent. It shows up with his methods and where he is spotted over time: Osborne was a UK Crown Soldier in India, which means he was part of the UK occupation of India and in service to the Crown. It means he would also be watching the methods in which India later achieved independence from England shortly after WWII using the Peaceful Resistance methods of Ghandi. Osborn needs to dump his Crown roots for the East India Company and they he gets a Make-Over in New Orleans and becomes a Canadian from Montreal which is where
  5. Solving the JFK and LHO hit has always been easy for anyone than knows deuterium is connected to the USAEC and then its ancient past connected to religion and the Covenant of the Ark. Most all the JFK hit issues began in Oak Ridge and were over deuterium cover ups of all sorts. People like McCone helped a lot with the Oak Ridge hate for JFK. Citation: Grimsby-born soldier turned Soviet Union Spy Albert Osborne has long been touted as one of the prime suspects in the John F Kennedy assassination plot. ------- Some accounts suggest the plan to shoot Kennedy was formulated in mid-19
  6. Another excellent collection from Jennifer Lake that shows the USAEC connections for the JFK hit. John McCone turned into a Masonic Boot Licker and was USAEC Chief. USAEC chief was immense power and control over even President's knowledge in the US. Citation: “Because of the law which set it up and its close relationship to the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy in the Congress, the AEC is one of the most independent branches of the Invisible Government. One of Eisenhower’s parting admonitions to Kennedy was: ‘You may be able to run lots of things around here. But one of them you can’t r
  7. The Trump Adm seems to have big interests into the JFK hit and JFK, Jr hit as Jr and Trump were good pals. So, we see lots of claims on Q, the term WWGIWGA, 200 Generals Involved, and various claims, Examples: This Fellow claims MI-5/6 connections and that the 305th Kraken gang is going to hire him, and so on. But tells JFK was hit over Fed Res., which dodges the UK's Royalist's issues on Right to Rule, Covenant of Ark and so fotth: Then when everyone looks more closely: It appears a Mi-5/6 hack job. https://www.simonparkes.org/about htt
  8. The connections of Deuterium to the JFK hit has a long and sordid history from the origins of the Gods in Ancient Sumeria into the present. In the times of Sumeria, these ancient regions were under much strife from climate changes, food issues from siltation of the Euphrates and hostile mountain tribe attacks on these old city regions. Persons, like Abraham, lived in the City of Ur, and the Abraham God gave Abraham the knowledge of deuterium and health as the Covenant with God and told hmi to move to the Jerusalem regions and there he would flourish. Jerusalem was fed by Springs like the
  9. Anyone can now see the ROCKEFLLER (AMA and Big Pharma) collaboration with Ferenc Nagy and PERMINDEX and the cover up of the Deuterium's health effects issues and that connection to the Jewish Temple's inner most secrets. The Rockefellers are some of the most corrupt medicine types there are, as told by Morris Bealle in his Book called "The Drug Story". (See http://www.herbogeminis.com/IMG/pdf/the_drug_story2.pdf ) So, when the corrupt Rockefellers learned that they could all get rich concealing deuterium they became all in. They, along with Ansel Keys, pushed the US food supply to
  10. Thus, once anyone connects the Dots for Deuterium and the JFK hit, they quickly notice DISC operatives connect up with the ACCC, American Council of Christian Churches, then Knoxville, Tn. ( Oak Ridge ), and the need to cover up deuterium in basically Genesis, The 1st Temple, and Oak Ridge's cover up on cancers and Deuterium that was plugged into the CIA's Kill Castro Project. This is where PERMINDEX and Ferenc Nagy and his Masonic director Georges Mandello get involved. Then DISC connected with Zionist Louis Bloomfield and DISC One clearly sees all the prime DISC locations involve
  11. Another Great Article: There are a ton of people in Oak Ridge, largely Masons, that know exactly why and how JFK was eliminated and saved their jobs! Then there are others more distant. Citation: Thirteen People Who Had Foreknowledge of JFK’s Assassination J.L. Pattison Nov 16, 2019·19 min read The Thirteen People Who Knew About President Kennedy’s Assassination Before It Happened Source https://medium.com/@j.l.patt
  12. Ole LBJ was backed by Masons like Hoover and his Texas Oil pal down in Dallas, Mason Clint Murchison. They knew lots of Presidents were gunned down over the years and that Catholics in the US would not be popular. So, they Black-Mailed their Good Ole Boy Crooked Politician LBJ onto the JFK ticket and waited. They knew that JFK's pal James Forrestal was hated by Truman and the USAEC's Manhattan Project Masons. Basically, ole Texas Masonic Zionist took the bet that all he had to do was wait for JFK to be shot and he would get his wish. Soon, JFK went after the Truman Secret Society
  13. One of the most Rare of Catholic Mary statues is in Oak Ridge and those that know its old religious symbolism recognize it is dedicated to the central role that deuterium plays in Genesis, Nuke Bombs, and the Ark of the Covenant. She is a one of a kind, as she faces the USAEC's Deuterium Storage plant, called "Y-12" (Christ--aka Yahweh and !2 disciples symbolism) for making Hydrogen Bombs when she was dedicated back in the latter 1950's. It appears that it was commissioned by the Oak Ridge head of the Oak Ridge's and USAEC's head of security and uses lots of Masonic type imagery/symbol
  14. It is no secret that the Zionists and their Masonic connections have highly exploited the US for their defenses. Mason Truman was highly in on it. The Zionists gained their Air Force from De-Milled air-frames cut in half that were bought at scrap metal prices and shipped down to Israel to weld back together and make working aircraft that became the Israeli Air Force.. The US's Al Schwimmer became a player. https://www.newsweek.com/2015/02/13/israel-air-force-and-americans-who-helped-make-it-303346.html LBJ was a Big Player in getting European Jews imported into Texas as part of his
  15. Happy New Year 2021 to all! The hidden world of the Masons and how they started , who they back, and that they have long roles in Intelligence areas. This Paper reveals more and more: ======== " Celestial Lodge Above: The Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem as a Religious Symbol in Freemasonry.” Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions4.1 (October2000): 28-51Dr. Guy L. Beck, Tulane University Source: https://www.academia.edu/11314891/Celestial_Lodge_Above_The_Temple_of_Solomon_in_Jerusalem_as_a_Religious_Symbol_in_Freemasonry?email_work_card=view-paper =======
  16. Everyone needs to figure out what true Righteousness is and run in that direction--knowledge and truth is the basis of Freedom. It is beyond interesting that at this address: " 300 N. Houstaon--Dallas, TX 75202 " is the "Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum" This building is right behind the Dal-Tex Building that was pretty much a Jewish Textiles connected businesses building and partly owned by LBJ's Black Bag Money man Morris Jaffee. If we look back in the Russian History there are lots of Pogroms against the Jews and it is interesting that these seem to have occured in a
  17. The Masons use Symbolism to teach, as much at the 1st Temple had much symbolism. The Origin Masons is flows from Abraham's followers and the Solomon's temple. Basically, a Mason swears an Oath to Abraham and that version of God and that Covenant to keep the Manna and Animal sacrifices secrets that related to abundant health and long life. The Temple's secrets involve burning Myrrh Incense and that was a low deuterium tree sap that have many medicinal properties. A Masonic Lodge is sometimes termed a Masonic Temple and these are loaded with the old Jewish Temple symbolism. The Ritu
  18. Some more correlational data and information on the USAEC money going to LBJ's Bag Man Morris Jaffie and how all that fits together with the oil field dealings http://quixoticjoust.blogspot.com/2011/06/other-uranium-explorers-in-texas-in.html
  19. This is pretty much an I was there account on Dallas and information on what Jack Ruby was doing shortly after his Big Event let LHO escape. Also, Jack Ruby was much like David Ferrie in being Gay. Found by actual experiences and observations. It explains the all Jewish Business Building named "Dallas Textiles". It shows the owner, In Part, is LBJ's Bag Money man Morris Jaffee and his easy Govt USAEC Money games going into front operation called Dallas Uranium and Oil. One of the most impressive accounts of what all was in the Dal-Tex Building and what Jack Ruby was up to. Som
  20. Perhaps I am going to have to take a deep look at Jung's Red Book and this current one about his book: "Answer to Jung" Jung passed on in June of 1961 and he lived in Switzerland. Switzerland was where the German Masons acting as "Forget Me Nots", connected with OSS spy and US Mason Allan Dulles on German Masonic Spy results in Germany. Dulles was part of the evil gang JFK fired. Had JFK read Jung's Masonic Analysis when he made his Secret Society Speech? Hitler considered the Masons as UK Insurgents and put their members in work camps (But he missed a f
  21. Ever Wonder why 33rd Mason Abe Zapruder had the prime spot to film the JFK hit? Timeline 58 min. The Jung "Red Book" and Political operations for power and control. Withheld for decades. Yes, Sonny Bono was Catholic. Regarding Jung and his being from Switzeland. Jung appears to have gotten into analysis of Hitler and supplied that to the OSS. In that time there would be OSS man Allan Dulles based in Switzerland getting the Masonic Forget Me Not Spy team data. So, it is very possible that Jung would get into Masonic methods and their secret society side based in Jewish and
  22. Good Question! The answer lies in why the US, Under Biden and corrupt Dems, is running quickly into a Communist China type Govt. The only way those that engaged in this health deceit and treachery method for immense wealth and power via the exploitation of terrible diets can survive their exploitation of the masses is make a run into China Communism and basically a dictatorship to continues their oppression and dodge being Criminally prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity. China runs under a very high carb and deuterium loading diet that sets off all manner of virus in their chicke
  23. JFK was the first Catholic President and special history comes into effect regarding Catholics and the two Temples that had huge dislikes for the Catholic and Jesus/Mary faith and their special reverence to diets called the Lord's Supper that the nuclear Manhattan Project folks working with deuterium found was special low deuterium foods. The Catholic and Masons have long had their differences and the Masons look more like a 5th Column backing for the loyalty of keeping the 1st Temple of Solomon's special secrets that shows up in their imagery associated with Manna and Grass Fed Animal Sacr
  24. Many Folks do not connect why the USAEC would be working with Morris Jaffee and HL Hunt to fund the LBJ ticket in 1960. Lots of the anti-Catholic deals with the Manhattan Project/MED and later USAEC stated with the need to bomb Japan, after the German European war was settled. When the VE Day happened, the target was no longer Hitler, but Japan. Groves had to show why he and the Pentagon spent so much money for this bomb, so they needed to demonstrate the value. Here one of the FDR appointees was Jame Forrestal and he was Catholic and had Catholic church connections in Japan and they w
  25. Nov 4, 63, a lesson in divided loyalty: Big Glossy Report Paper with Jewish Lab Director tells the ORNL prized reactor is shut down, but with zero explanations for why it was shut down. It is still at ORNL in the same condition for which it was shut down. Even the Sand air filters and the huge air duct systems used to pipe the reactors air emissions up a giant 200 foot white stack are still there. ORNL will typically tell why one of their reactors is shut down or broken and a number of their smaller core research reactors blew up and made a mess and no longer worked. They had other
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