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  1. For those many that spin their tall tales for book profits or tabloid fame, there is a price to be paid for missing the JFK truths for yourselves and many others that may have been mislead by tall tales that totally missed the essential truths on JFK. ====== Enolsae has been a persistent health problem over the ages. The problems from enolase have been kept hidden and concealed for many reasons over the ages and even the recent decades. In the recent decades, It particularly hits both the nuke and the coal power generation areas. From nuke power and weapons it hits the Kre
  2. Subject References : Enolase 101---the Research Articles Hi, Here are some of the Peer Reviewed Journal Articles that point out the many problems with enolase. I think you might be a quick study type, so absorb at what rate works for you. "When Place Matters"----Enolase on outer cell walls makes health disasters. Well researched German Article on Enolase that speaks to place---as on cell walls causes serious problems. Enolase is an indicator because it is the prime cause due to cell wall sites that can import virus and other pathogens into cells and promote
  3. What Fate would JFK have saved the world from if he was allowed to live? JFK and LHO were knocked off because they learned about Enolase and its health factors for slow death. It can be triggered by high deuterium that shuts down Kreb's Cycle clean ATP production and sets up intense glycolysis dirty ATP production with drop of cell pH into acid levels and intense Enolase production that spill over to cell walls that sets up cell wall ports that can flood cells with pathogens and then rapid onset of death. A. In the religious world it is the Forbidden Fruit warning as
  4. It is very simple delVallo and Ferrie knew about the Dr Oschner/CIA methods to kill Castro with Cancer. the New Orleans Mafia, CIA, Marcello all knew. As Garrison started digging---these two knew too much. Cleaner cleaned up the potential leakers.
  5. Everyone knows Oak Ridge is the Warehouse for Heavy Water and the CIA's Offices for anti-Proliferation are in or near Oak Ridge. Everyone knew Dimona was helped along by Norway and France and that Dimona was a Heavy Water reactor to build nuke Bombs, and JFK, the CIA, the USAEC all knew that too. And when 4 tons of US Heavy Water went to Israel, the US was entitled to inspect Dimona. Ben Gurion resigned to renege on the contract on June 16, 1963 Those US Zionists backing Ben Gurion, were LBJ, Jack Ruby, Hyman Larer (key on RFK hit), et al took out JFK over Deuterium and its many r
  6. When Bacteria related high enolase gets on the outside cell walls of human cells, the cell walls are compromised and that causes huge health issues. Viruses and bacteri can invade cells and produce diseases and illnees. The enolase scienices related to deuterium is Oak Ridge's and their scientists most tightly held secret that harms many: ====== pH bump up toward alkaline on cells shuts down glycolysis, and manages enolase forming on cell walls. It is expressed in science reports like this one below from Germany:. Example: A teaspoon of baking soda lowers or shuts down Enolas
  7. Oak Ridge has a legacy for disasters and keeping secrets that setting up process that kill millions. One has to understand what all that the secretive Oak Ridge and the Manhattan Project covered up to understand why they sought to kill JFK and LHO, a JFK Agent. They are the ones that set off the plots to have JFK offed in LBJ's Dallas Political Zone. The area of ORNL that Raymond W. Tucker, Sr worked at ORNL was the Reactor Instrumentation and Controls Division and His Managed had a picture framed deal on his office wall that He Managed By Deceit and Treachery. There were huge amounts of
  8. Just keep in mind that Harold Urey was a JFK Science Advisor before he became President, and Urey knew lots of the data for cancer using deuterium. The Kennedy's were in control of the State Dept., and they hand picked Lee Harvey Oswald to plug into the CIA's bi plan to kill Castro with Cancer using Dr. Alton Oschner's SV-40 cancer vaccine efforts that were classified by Nixon from 1959-1999. JFK swore to tear up the CIA, and having a spy plugged into New Orleans CIA backed plan that was an International War crime guaranteed he'd win that objective---unless he was snuffed out. JFK sn
  9. "Politically active, he (Harold Urey) served as science advisor to the Democratic Party and to president-elect John F. Kennedy." Then it is more clear how JFK learned all the in's and out's for deuterium-----the New Orleans Dr. Alton Oschner kill Castro with Cancer Project---------which would include all the religion factors from the Jewish scientists and their need to cover up. JFK likely learned of the Secrecy on Deuterium that was set up by English Masonic worship Truman's USAEC Rules and the "Q" or "Queen's Clearance" to learn all about the principle nuke explosive deuterium and all it
  10. To solve the JFK hit one has to be reasonably intelligence and very well schooled on 1960's nuke problems and nuke sciences of the USAEC and even NASA. The is 99999% of the JFK activism is very much totally illiterate on these topics and the powers that went after JFK. The Oak Ridge reactor design gang made massive mistakes by ignoring deuterium generation in water and moist air by neutrons being in close proximity to reactor Cores. So, the stuff hit the fan with ORNL's bad designs causing health and environmental harms in 1963. The first shoe dropped for the Shut Down of ORNL's priz
  11. In 1963, some of the health effects for deuterium were being addressed and published on Macmillan; First Edition (January 1, 1963). https://www.amazon.com/Biological-deuterium-International-monographs-biology/dp/B0007E4VUO JFK looked deep into Manhattan Project Bomb testing deals and read books like "Fallout" By John Fowler. Nuke bombs make huge levels of deuterium from neutron releases in wet air and water. Plutonium production reactors running Columbia river water through reactor cores were filling the Columbia River full off deuterium. Similar reactors making Tritium and such
  12. Most people do not have the educational and high level state background knowledge to come anywhere close to dealing with the JFK's hits various motives and the killers involved and the local managers after power and control. 99% of the JFK material out there is junk and Dunning-Kruger type wild speculation. For those that recall that JFK went after UFO knowledge and the type engines these would use, the matter is almost a Star Trek association, as the Enterprise story-line ran on Deuterium Fusion. And it was a nice safe cold fusion type deuterium that folks stood right beside. Such th
  13. "Pre-CIA, The intelligence network was known by its arcane name, the Pond. Its leaders referred to the G-2 military intelligence agency as the "Lake," the CIA, which was formed later, was the "Bay," and the State Department was the "Zoo." Grombach's organization engaged in cryptography, political espionage and covert operations." The Mil backed Pond was like a very low profile, very independent, double check of the OSS due to OSS being highly compromised by infiltration. The So Called "POND" intelligence types knew the Norway deals with being first for deuterium separation and the UK res
  14. It is very obvious that LHO was a creature of the USAEC, as the U-2 projects in Japan, were alll about USAEC spy efforts on Russia and Israel to collect information on nuclear proliferation. The USAEC had its hands into everything and even the Nuke Jupiter Missiles set to Turkey with the first nuclear warheads become a site in Turkey for air monitor data collection on Russian nuke activities. The Jupiter Turkey projects set off the Russian placing Nuke Missiles in Cuba that was the Cuban Missile Crisis for JFK. The U-2's cameras spotted the missile launch sites in Cuba, that oddly enoug
  15. There is one simple rule for any effort to get to the real story on the JFK hit, and it is that the hit cannot be solved without lots of of the associations to Deuterium being presented. Any Book, Movie, Video, Podcast, or other type presentation of the JFK hit is basically worthless if the deuterium factors are omitted. Deuterium knowledge is the key for the JFK hit, and lots of other hidden deals. Only one JFK author gets anywhere close and he is Ed Haslam and he speaks to Dr Alton Oschner being close with Harold Urey, the guy that isolated deuterium in 1931 and won Noble in 1934
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