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  1. Hale Boggs, being from New Orleans, knew exactly what Marcello was capable of doing. Marcello's gang likely eliminated Boggs for telling too much truth on Marcello.
  2. Well, Ollie better do a lot better than the Zionist Controlled Arnon Milchan version that landed way short of essential truths. Else, he is going to be tossed under the Bus for eternity. Last Chance for ole Ollie. It better contain deuterium ! And Don Trump as the Health Savior for the world ! We better not see Any Masonic Magic replacing Milchan Either. https://okmagazine.com/p/whoopi-goldberg-prince-hall-masonic-sweater-the-view-freemasons-apology/
  3. So, we've looked into Waldron a bit and he is good---just not good enough to solve the JFK hit and get to all the crooks involved. Especially the Masonic Crooks and the MED / USAEC Deuterium Masonic Cover Up types that cause extensive health harm to folks. A guide to the Minimum requirements for a JFK book author to be a credible writer in the JFK Criminal Analysis. We have a lot of fakers in the JFK themed books that turn out worthless non-sense to fool the public. Everyone needs to know how to spot the Dunning-Kruger type Fakers. ==== The first deal that is part of the JFK motive issues is that Harry Truman was a Mason and he got his 33rd Degree by backing the Manhattan Project to nuke Japan going against the wishes of Catholic James Forrestal. 32 rd degree Mason got his 33rd degree for backing the Nuke Bombs on Japan. The corrupt Mason President Harry Truman also put in high Masonic Controllers all over the US Govt., and JFK detected the Truman Masonic subversion of the US Govt. and went after him with the Secret Society Speech. Truman was also best buddies with the MED's main Security Operations killer named Ralph M. Lockhart that ran the Amry's kill operations using Mafia connections in and around New York. These operations were associated with FBI-Div 5 and DISC, and guaranteed the Mafia Protections and allowed them profit operations they were protected from prosecutions. Forrestal was murdered at the Bathesda Hospital in by Mafia agents sent by Army's Ralph M. Lockhard to protect corrupt Mason Harry Truman for basically Masonic Nuclear genocide charges from Forrestal. He was pushed out a window in the same methods of the New York Mafia in attacks on German BUND agents in the US. It is easy to find the Army's MED Ralph M. Lockhart connections to Corrupt Mason Harry Truman as when Truman left office he forget to save money and Lockhart makes a Military Pension for him as a Commander and Chief, which is likely Thanks for not executing them all for murders in their Mafia based MED Security Operations. ==== Next, in New Orleans it is easy to spot an FBI Div 5 high order Mason well connected with Carlos Marcello. This person was 33rd degree Mason named Guy Banister and he basically was DISC and Div 5 FBI that protected Marcello's Mafia. In return for watching the Port of New Orleans shipping activity they were allowed to profit from Drugs coming into the US on Columbia Banana boats. They also were into alcohol, gambling, prostitution and Marcello was the richest person in Louisiana. LHO worked around Guy Banister and his Camp Street office in the heart of the Intelligence zone of New Orleans. LHO was a bait for Castro and Communist activity in New Orleans coming on the ships that the FBI wanted to capture information on. This connection was LHO's DISC and FBI Div 5 associations. One of Guy Bannister's Investigators was snooping around his DIV 5 and DISC files and found his super secret Masonic Connections to those that wanted JFK dead. This fela was named Martin and the crooked Masonic 33rd Mason Guy Bannister tried to beat the guy to death. That is how one recognizes a corrupt FBI Div 5 agent with extremely close ties to corrupt 33rd degree Mason JE Hoover, as well as the close ties to Carlos Marcello and the huge piles of money coming into their tills. A very similar operation was run in Florida and East Coast by Trafficante and the French Connection drugs coming into the US.. Trafficante was the French Connection or the French Vietnam Opium Production managed by Frances Corsican Mafia and fed into the US via Trafficante and various Canadian areas in the US North. Lots of this is also the Air America CIA drug traffic operations in Vietnam. ===== LHO was an ONI trained agent that allowed him to spy on FBI, CIA, and Mafia Operations in New Orleans as an Agent for JFK and RFK after get returned from a Russian False Defector Program assignment. LHO became a running for the CIA's Dr Alton Oschner plan to kill Castro with cancers using an enhanced, gain of function, cancer virus called SV-40 that was being provided by Dr Mary Sherman. Oschner had strong ties to Manhattan Project's Harold Urey, the Deuterium expert for the USAEC. LHO subsequently came to Oak Ridge in the summer of 63 to learn deuterium cancer methods to be used in the CI project to kill Castro. That then had LHO agent for JFK connected to serious crimes by the USAEC operations in Oak Ridge and then the USAEC's / MED kil operations become involved to save Nuclear Weapons being wiped out by JFK and RFK. LHO and JFK had to be killed at the same time to avoid the USAEC and it s toxic deuterium projects being detected in International Criminal War crimes activities. ===== The Harry Truman Masonic Gangsters were involved from Texas Mason LBJ, to the corrupt 33rd Mason Hoover and DISC and FBI Div 5. Corrupt Masonic Texas LBJ formed the Warren Commission at the Insistence of Corrupt 33rd Masonic Hoover taking note that their cover up on the JFK hit was falling apart in Europe and even in the US. LBJ tapped corrupt Mason Earl Warren to make the false front investigation with fake data from FBI's 33rd Mason Hoover. Around five other corrupt Masons made up the noticeably fake JFK analysis that New Orleans's Jim Garrison Easily spotted. Mason FORD was involved, the nut job bullet games was Masonic Arlen Spector and others to save corrupt Masons LBJ and Hoover from the Death Penalty in being involved in the JFK murder. That cover up also involved the cover up on deuterium's toxic issues and the cancer etiology that has allowed extreme AMA and Big Pharma collusion and high tech science racketeering for high profits via method of sciences deceit and treachery to harm and kill many Americans. ===== There are Zionist issues as the Oak Ridge Mason Raymond W. Tucker, Sr would be telling his Army Air Core pal that he would be a Zionist Hero by running Dallas Point to have JFK killed and replace by Zionist LBJ. Lots of the Zionists are Masons, which includes Ruby's Dal-Tex Pal Abe Zapruder and about all the Israeli Prime Ministers that hated JFK over blocking their nuke bomb efforts. Even the DISC leader was a Zionist named Louis Bloomfield and he backed Masons involved in the Attempted French hits on Charles DeGaulle over his helpng JFK on Zionist Proliferation for Nuke Weapons. The was the PERMINDEX and Masonic George Mandello Operations in Europe that got them on the run from INTERPOLE to South Africa, and later into the US. .Ferenc Nagy was the PERMINDEX operator in the US and living in Dallas, TX. England did not trust the US cover up on Deuterium, so they got a radical Zionist, Canadian Zionist Bloomfield, to head that DISC operation, as it has many Jewish Religion points of origin going way back in history to 1st Temple's Special Symbols for health. The Queens Clearance or Q clearance was all about hiding the issues of deuterium as a nuke Fusion Explosive and its health problems from the public in the US and avoiding any and all medical systems recognition of the deuterium's serious health effects. And that the Royalists got their rule as descendants of King David and the 1st Temple deals that involved big time secrets kept on Deuterium in that religion. The Nuke Weapons plant in Oak Ridge was Saturated with Corrupt Masons to help conceal the deuterium's health issues used in Fusion Bomb explosives. However, a very special Catholic stature was donated to the St. Mary's Catholic Church in downtown Oak Ridge around 1959 that speaks to deuterium problems in a Masonic type Symbolic Message using the Virgin Mary statue design. It is a very special, one of a kind, Statue Art that contains the deuterium message as the Statue faces the Y-12 plant's deuterium stockpile site. It was given by the ORO USAEC's head of security to the Catholic Church. ====== Any book that leaves out any of this knowledge area is nothing but a faked up production and worthy of zero respect. Basically, any book writers that promotes the "Lone Nut" cover up games of the corrupt LBJ / Hoover Masons, FBI and WC needs to be charged with collusion and treason against Americans. ====
  4. We get into 2019 and Waldron got the ONI deal correct, called the Mafia hated JFK correct, but that made a single minded tunnel visons that protects major health racketeering problems that has killed many many people for profits induced by health racketeering centered on a huge deuterium cover up on mechanisms like mitochondria malfunctions of ATP-synthase, et al, leading to all low metabolic energy related illnesses. Dropping the ball on this point is extremely serious, as that information is the main prize the Crooks want hidden by people that rattle on like Waldron and his tunnel vision of important omissions to the health and well being for the People of the US and greater world. He gets an F---for failure to detail the prime reason for the JFK hit !.
  5. Waldron interviews from 2019---pinning down even more details. Then, loosing sight of others more important. Trump looks like Nixon keeping JFK secrets? Nixon was going to win election by killing Castro. Failed. JFK won. Mafia's pick Nixon lost. As Waldron gets all caught up in his limited insight bloviations and misses the kill Castro with deuterium and SV-40, then the MED partnership with the Mafia in WWII making them a National Security Asset that had Hoover and all protecting their very existence being admitted. That was the Div 5 FBI issues and the DISC issues linked with TVA, then USAEC, etc. Then, the Masonic elements from Oak Ridge via Raymond W. Tucker, Sr and his ole buddy in the Army Air Core was the backwater pathway to have Ruby become the Giancana Mafia's point man for 3 Chicago hitter. Then Walron becomes a bigger problem and an enemy of truth and misses the essential motives and targets for truth altogether. The big prizes go to those that hide the deuterium health issues designed in the Castro Hit. The long standing efforts of the "SAD"--Standard American Diet--to make it a slow poison by food via slow deuterium overloading that make all the Bush Big Pharma rich via health Racketeering----which is what they really really wanna hide from the American Public and the World. Then, the roots of the cover up are much like the Mafia links to the MED security that has Hoover and all the like types using that same methods to cover up the JFK hit and in a sordid way due to the WWII methods made it legal to kill JFK to protect the Manhattan Project's big time secrets on deuterium and health. And Incidentally religion of the 1st temple's treasures, which is why so many Jewish Sciences people were into the Manhattan Project and keeping certain secrets.. Pay close attention to what the fast talking Waldron leaves out that is essential to the criminal history and the major harm done to American that continues to this very day.
  6. For those watching the Trump "Show", as they tend to term it. You find that Trump has promised big changes in health and medical care. Plus, the whole truth on JFK. Neither has appeared yet, except for the deal that HCQ is a cure for CovID-19 and perhaps Invermectin is also. Very poor showing so far. "The Show" has included the Maga-Criminal Fauci and his HIV cover ups and making a terrible drug call AZT that wipes out T-cells. Fauci is about to be ripped for Bat Virus enhancement with China, which is the world's worse country for allowing high enolase to kill millions of their people and infect the world with animal viruses. "The Show" has also featured "Boss Hog" Bill Barr and what appears to be a do nothing stand off with Trump. Barr knows the JFK truths convicts Big Pharma for Racketeering via diets and high deuterium. The highly Corrupt Dems also know the same thing and that Big Pharma money and loyalty make their elections. If the Dem's wanna stay in office they gotta please their Big Pharma owners and Fauci. Once anyone knows about deuterium and health and that the food chain was manipulated to increase deuterium loading, one finds that basically created the need for vaccines. The Deal on "Emerging Viruses" is really the decline in cellular immunity so that weaker and weaker virus damages human health. Basically, folks that eat a proper diet low in sugar and carbs never catch colds, flu, diabetes, heart disease and so on. That is because they have cell enolse levels that maintain cellular wall integrity and pathogens cannot infect their cells. It is not a stretch of imagination these days, by any means, to know that the JFK cover up on deuterium and cancer issues is what guarantees the need for vaccines and allows people to destroy their health with deuterium overloading. Money, Greed, Racketeering is why we have the JFK cover up that continues to harm all the world these days. This Beast of Corruption infests the whole of US medicine, religion, research, and political racketeering. All in all, these are predicted in Revelations and now everyone's blinders are off and they see why it has happened via corrupt design.
  7. Going from 2013 to the 2017 and Trump times---everyone is still missing the truth on JFK. Trump Employs Bill Barr and he appears dirty on giving up the full truth on JFK. Missing is the crooks, like Nixon, covered up the SV-40 cancer problems from the various Polio Vaccines, and the SV-40 still drives many cancer tumors these days and the leading SV-40 investigator gets bought off with an Ideal Practice in Hawaii and he fades away and the Nixon crooks get away with cancer murders. In Oak Ridge the basic deal that causes this is also kept well hidden. It is very obvious in deuterium studies and the poison effects that deuterium has on "ATPSynthase" performance that causes a shift in enolase production by the cells that ruins cell wall isolation functions with binding sites that pass various pathogens from simple flues and colds in into SV-40, EBV, CMV, and many others. It is a huge and very ugly gang effect that harms all the US and world health. You find the big Pharma and AMA talk at board meetings about causing the illnesses and making poor treatments that bleed the sick of wealth till death. They helped push turning the food pyramid upside down into everyone eating higher deuterium foods of sugars and carbs that that made a huge population control issue via killing people off with the rise of internal pathogen infections and poor medicine that never sought a cure. The cure is a low deuterium diet that is never,, ever mentioned to patients. The Rockefeller types have know about enolase since the times the German's extended the Otto Warburg cancer studies and defined Enolase and they suddenly they knew all the cancer equation and the deuterium health issues that triggers it. The Germans fired these two enolase researchers and they run straight to the Rockefeller groups in UK and the US and a huge cover up happens in concert with the Manhattan Project and its deuterium research. The key is the Bush Gang and the VP Big Pharma's Dan Quale to get total immunity of big pharma from deals like SV-40 killing people with cancer because of extreme mistakes in the SV-40 vaccine times. Now we have the same mess gone wild with CovID-19 killing people and the mRNA vaccines look more like biological weapons and not vaccines. All the JFK cover ups involve and begin with the CIA's Dr. Oschner Cancer Project to kill Castro and the JFK folks inserting LHO as their spy to get the CIA and that Mafia for big time crimes. That Dr. Oschner Project involved making an enhanced SV-40 virus with a nuke accelerator in New Orleans run by Chicago's Mary Sherman. LHO is an ONI t trained spy working for the Kennedys and he ends up in Oak Ridge to learn the deuterium and other ways to make SV-40 cancer virus kill people in a mater of weeks with aggressive cancer tumors. Now Oak Ridge and the USAEC are in the signs for JFK to nail for huge crimes and the long term deuterium secrets that really make the need for vaccines due to wrecking cell wall protection due to bad diets elevating enolase linked cell wall isolation losses. The long history of the Manhattan Project used the Mafia to kill spies in the New York area in WWII, and the Mafia and Oak Ridge knew this. It then became part of Oak Ridge, via ORNL's Raymond W. Tucker, Sr efforts to recruit his Army Air Core Chicago Jewish buddy named Jack Ruby to kill both JFK and LHO to stop any JFK intentions to nail the USAEC for International war crimes for helping on the New Orleans CIA's kill Castro with Cancer Project. The CIA counts on isolation by using the Mafia to kill Castro in many attempts and has plausible deniability by using Mafia outlaws in their kill foreign leader efforts. Now, suddenly in mid 1963 a JFK agent knows all, so they revert back to their WWII ways to get the Mafia to kill JFK and LHO and brand them as Communists. They already have much of this in place from DISC and the TVA system protection that became part of the FBI's Div 5 that was the USAEC's kill German BUND extra-judicial killings for the MED security. It was easy to have Hoover do these exact same things from WWII and go against JFK as JFK intended to nail Hooover for Mafia Cover ups and protection that stem from the WWII Military and Mafia alliances. JFK had both Hoover and his Big Buddy LBJ in their sites to take down with LBJ going to prison for his corrupt Texas political dealings and deaths. Almost all the motives to kill JFK stem from the MED cover ups on Mafia uses and deuterium cover ups on health. The elimination methods for the USAEC to get rid of both LHO and JFK at the same time was the same as used by the MED to get rid of spies. It is no great stretch that Mafia's Marcello hated JFK, had goo control of LHO and it was easy to frame up LHO as a Patsy to keep public investigations off the massive deals that led up to the JFK and LHO hits. The kill Castro project with deuterium driver for the SV-40 virus was intended to kill Castro and keep the Russians none the wiser, but due to the American diets twisted into higher deuterium levels that health of every American and most of the world are being highly affected by cover ups of high deuterium in diets leading to increased rates of various fungal, viral, and bacterial pathogen infections driving health declines in American's health for great profits for the AMA and Big Pharma that does not seek a cure. The cure would be come to expose and eliminate deuterium in diets to have proper cell membrane isolation to pathogen infections. The very same mechanism on human health are one in the same with those that drive 90% of human health harm in the US via diet deuterium overloading----they now target not only JFK--but every America via keeping these extreme cover ups on the same technique and health etiology they intend to use to kill Castro. It is Racketeering in the extreme, crimes against humanity, and basically treason against Americans via the deuterium issues similar to a biological weapons technique being used on them.. Basically, all those that promote the Lone Nut games to conceal this very real story are traitors against the People of the US and really the greater world by not exposing and presenting the deuterium linked health effects in the diets pushed into high carbs and sugars. See, the games to give up the JFK data is still stalled by Trump, Barr, and the same old lies and deceptions:
  8. Waldron's book "The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination" is very good and spends a lot of time on how much JFK and RFK upset the Mafia over their efforts to end the Mob and Organized crime in the US. They used LHO as part of that effort in New Orleans. There were lots of the Mafia and the top ones were Marcello in New Orleans, Giancani in Chicago, Trafficanti in Florida, and Lanski in New York. They were already trying to get JFK in Chicago and Tampa, and those were avoided. In Dallas, JFK really wanted Texas and JFK took extreme risks and he lost. The risks were concealed by Hoover and shut down LHO's FBI warnings. The pressing question is what agency has the most power to murder people in the US and that was and is the USAEC and the MED Project had military, FBI, DOJ and so on approval to kill anyone that treated the Manhattan Project in any way. Basically, written into US and Military law was they could kill anyone that threatened the Manhattan Project and to do that they used deals with the New York area Mafia types to kill the treat. The threats were generally German BUND types sniffing around the wrong building and storage warehouses in and around New York. It also included Buffalo, NY area Chemical works on Fluorine process for gas diffusion. The MED's kill project was run out of an Army area of Plainfield, NJ by an Army person named Ralph M. Lockhart. These laws were sent up in Roosevelt's and Hoover's time and even Harry Truman became good buddies with Ralph M. Lockhart. They met originally when Truman had to be called off his hunts on Govt waste and Army's Lockhart told him to back off and say nothing on the critical war effort Project. When Truman became president it was Lockhart that brought Truman up to speed on the MED's Bomb Projects. So, now in recent times, Waldron has found Bill Barr deep into these old laws to win the war. So, did he hide the cover up deeper and conceal more or tell Trump where all the bodies were buried in WWII's kill BUND members security system using Mafia Members to take them out. What better way to kill a sitting US President than use the existing US law that the Mafia used in and around New York. It was known to Truman and his Army buddy Lockhart, and so on. So, all Hoover and Warren did was the same deal that did to thousands in the US New York area with military laws, but applied to JFK as he learned about deuterium's health problems and cancer applications and that the USAEC helped the Illegal CIA Kill Castro with cancer project. SV-40 was classified by Nixon and the deuterium health issues are the USAEC deepest concealed problem with big time religious sensitizes. That was used BY USAEC law to kill JFK with Mafia. So, how did the legal system cover up killing JFK with the Ginacani Mafia? They used the existing USAEC killing laws to legally kill JFK, at least in their crooked sense of things. Any reasoned person would not accept their crooked sense of legal manipulations. Obviously, Oak Ridge knew this old history of MED' Security Murders and used that to recruit Ruby and his Giancani Mob. So, one sees Hoover feed the WC all kinds of bogus data to protect the Mafia as they did in WWII New York murder's hidden. See Video that Trump's Bill Barr was connected to the JFK mess. And using Mafia to kill thousands in New York CIty suspected as BUND spies.
  9. Waldron turns out good books and good insights, and he shows up on talk shows. He gets into the Mafia hit on JFK that jumped track from the Hit Castro Project. There are all kinds of secrets still not spoken. One big one is the Hoover Building was Hoover and Tolson's love nest and that super Gay Secret in high office caused problems. The Mafia knew it, LBJ and the Texas Oil Gang knew it and bought Hoover, and the Kennedys knew it and didn't like that Hoover was owned by Mafia and LBJ. JFK also likely knew that the Manhattan Project used Hoover to cover up a Murder, Inc deal to protect the Manhattan Project from German BUND spies in WWII. Waldon gets to important points. He will even point out that Bill Barr is a crook on the JFK Cover Ups, become the new Corrupt Hoover: Trump appears to have booted Bill Barr as all he did was cover up the JFK hit details. Watch:
  10. The rest of the deal was she was picking on Hoover for his crooked methods to frame LHO and to cover up the real JFK hit actors. Everyone thinks the CIA and Mafia alliances with the Chicago Outfit was the first Organized Crime and Govt. alliance, but in WWII in the New York area there existed the Manhattan Project and an area loaded with Germany's BUND. That Top Secret Project using the New York Mafia to selectively kill suspected German Spies too close to any Manhattan Project operations. It was run by MED security with license to kill out of Plainfield, NJ by the Army's Ralph M Lockhart. That was the first and the later CIA and Roselli deal was the 2nd to get Castro. Hoover covered all that up MED deal as a National Security deal, but they killed thousands in that area. Killing DK would be in the Hoover interests of covering up a huge number of murders for the Manhattan Project using the NY area Mafias. Citation: One of her hairdressers and close friend Charles Simpson said that Kilgallen had told him: 'If the wrong people knew what I know [about the JFK assassination], it would cost me my life.' Kilgallen had reportedly also found an enemy with then-FBI Director J Edgar Hoover due to her Voice of Broadway columns for the New York Journal-America, criticizing Hoover and his theory that Oswald acted alone. This caused Hoover to have a motive to silence Kilgallen, according to Shaw. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4000142/Was-reporter-killed-writing-tell-JFK-s-assassination.html?fbclid=IwAR3a7g0sfT2CXJdHUmDJ4_-oxjZt6PE6U3LLhG3eOAuRCoazHP4cTFgs6Mc
  11. Waldron's deeper look into the ONI's close surveillance on LHO means he was still on the Job for anti-Communism, as well as JFK's for Mafia and CIA spying. The latter Mafia spying deal, branching into USAEC/Oak Ridge spying, made JFK and LHO the target of the Mafia and the corrupt CIA, with corrupt Hoover covering all up. This is very true per ONI. In Oak Ridge we know LHO did not do it because Oak Ridge did do it using Ruby: JFK's spy, LHO, came to Oak Ridge to learn the art of making cancer with enhanced function SV-40 make in New Orleans and then the methods of deuterium to trigger it spreading via cell wall disruption and rapid tumor growth. Waldron is a top Investigate Journalist and Nailed the real story. LHO was under very tight ONI watch to spot any USSR efforts to gain his attention. The ONI did not lie, but the CIA, WC, and everyone else did. LHO was managed by Marcello followers Banister and Ferry to defeat ONI. This Book carries a 2013 copyright and Chapter Two explains the New Orleans crooks and JFK hate and how CIA/Mafia kill Castro turned into kill JFK. Citation: Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA and ONI asset from 1959 to 1963, so it was vital for the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) to know whether he was guilty or not. Its final report in 1964 concluded that Oswald was innocent and that he was a "patsy" masking a conspiracy. The ONI concluded that “one person was incapable of committing the assassination alone... Oswald was not the shooter, due to his skills, the gun, etc... He was incapable of masterminding the assassination or of doing the actual shooting.” Lamar Waldron, The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination, Counterpoint Press, 2013, p. 54. Chapter Two of this book shows the correct critical thinking skills that should be expected in any serious JFK book to solve the crime. There are lots of follow on Waldron Interviews that basically solve the crime, except for the CIA cancer kill Castro Project, the USAEC and Oak Ridge connections to Jack Ruby to off JFK and LHO.
  12. I think the clue is she went to New Orleans----the Marcello nest. She had some source there and the Marcelllo types spotted her. Depending on who she met with the Marcello Gang would be all over it. She got serious spooked in New Orleans and sent her friend away.
  13. It has always been very noticed that Ruby was well associated with Marcello. Intense Details https://www.markshawbooks.com/assets/docs/Panzarella-Kilgallen-Case-Information-April-13-2021-A.pdf
  14. For those many that spin their tall tales for book profits or tabloid fame, there is a price to be paid for missing the JFK truths for yourselves and many others that may have been mislead by tall tales that totally missed the essential truths on JFK. ====== Enolsae has been a persistent health problem over the ages. The problems from enolase have been kept hidden and concealed for many reasons over the ages and even the recent decades. In the recent decades, It particularly hits both the nuke and the coal power generation areas. From nuke power and weapons it hits the Kreb's Cycle's "ATP-synthase" area and flips cell function into low pH and excessive enolase production that affects health. The Coal plant emissions of CO ( carbon monoxide )highly affects the oxygen levels in cells and drives up enolase levels in/on cells. Low Level CO poisoning at 9 ppm levels makes people feel like they have the Flu with headaches, muscle pain, hearing loss, extreme fatigue and so on. CO has become such a treat to health that CO monitors are required for coal miners, fire fighters, and so on. It kills easily, but has serious low level non-detectable health effects also. Very low level chronic exposure levels of exposure to CO from home heating, large scale coal heating and low stacks in industry and large city coal heating actually sets off the cold and flu seasons each year by triggering enolase cell problems and the transmissions of cold and Flu viruses. The Chronic levels of enolase generation on cells is also tied to serious health problems like Parkinson't Diseases and see to be high in the Oak Ridge coal heating plant zones with short stacks in narrow valleys. So, one see the Parkinson't Diseases being high in Coal Miners, Fire Fighters, Gulf War Vets exposed to huge oil fires, and even welders using CO-2 cover gas that breaks down to CO with extreme heating. There are ways to control enolase effects on cells via changing the cell's pH and this is easy to do using the BiCarb Transport system of the body to deliver alkaline Bibarbs into cells. Alkaline diets and alkaline water also helps. So, lots of people manage their enolase levels down to normal ranges with deals like Emergen-C with 4 Bi-Carbs in the package. Many still used the A & H Baking Soda methods of Sodium BiCarbonate. Even lots of Dr's recognize the effect from the 1918 Flu pandemic where Arm & Hammer's Baking Soda was used to knock down the enolase levels and restore cellular wall integrity to stop viral transmissions. The AMA and Big Pharma help hide the enolase related health problems and tell that you cannot cure a cold or flu, but the etiology of the BiCarbs on Enolase show there is a way and is is cheap. They don't like cheap. The enolase is also the root cause for most every disease from cancers to the many illnesses they claim to not know were they come from or how to treat them for cure. Cure of anything for the AMA and Big Pharma is a Dirty Word as they seek poorly effective methods to keep people being continual Patients. As the kill Castro Project got into the cancer and deuterium modality to trigger high enolase and rapid cancer death with Castro, this is what LHO learned from Oak Ridge and as LHO was a JFK agent----JFK was onto the high enolase driven health cover ups. The Enolase health cover ups are both a racketeering issues as well as Crimes Against Humanity. It is also at the heart of the Jesus Lord's Supper food ministry and the Saving Grace by God the Essene and Jesus taught in the ancient times. This special religious deal would likely put the UK Royalists out of power and elevate the Catholic Church and the Jesus theme into a health Renaissance on par with the 2nd Coming.
  15. Subject References : Enolase 101---the Research Articles Hi, Here are some of the Peer Reviewed Journal Articles that point out the many problems with enolase. I think you might be a quick study type, so absorb at what rate works for you. "When Place Matters"----Enolase on outer cell walls makes health disasters. Well researched German Article on Enolase that speaks to place---as on cell walls causes serious problems. Enolase is an indicator because it is the prime cause due to cell wall sites that can import virus and other pathogens into cells and promote rapid infection rates. US source won't fund, nor even do this type look into enolase---as it will put the AMA and Big Pharma mostly out of business, as the Rockefeller Medical system learned about enolase in 1934, then it was connected to the Manhattan Project and Deuterium issues and the cover-ups became worse and worse. https://www.frontiersin.org/.../fcell.2019.00061/full... ======== Cell pH and cancers https://cancerfightingstrategies.com/ph-and-cancer.html... ========== Enolase is more than just step to pyruvate---it makes surface of cell wall receptor sites that really don't need to be there.. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3479624/... ====== If a cell is forced into glycolysis by excess deuterium damages to Citric Acid cycle's ATP Synthase, or foods that make acids in the cell's Cytosol / cytoplasm and the much lower efficiency methods for ATP production and enolase causes serious problems: Basically, this is the causality for the 1931 Warburg Effect for cancer initiations. In 1934, follow up on Warburg Effect Identified Enolase. https://jcmtjournal.com/article/view/3422... ========== The RA pathology https://www.jimmunol.org/content/189/1/365... ======== The ALL pathology https://www.karger.com/Article/FullText/489196... ========= Hypoxia triggers for Enolase and glycolysis is hypoxia effect inside cells: https://www.jbc.org/art.../S0021-9258(19)59926-4/fulltext... ======== Summary So, basically---AMA and Big Pharma try to bury enolase to make lots of profits. Those that know enoloase management don't get colds or Flu and not even 19. As this comes out in the research the AMA and Big Pharma needs to get hit with Malpractice, Racketeering and so on. I learned about enolase more than 30 years ago and it is part of the Air Pharmacology Project and the Govt then knew about enolase's strong effects on all disease---even viral Hepatitis and other viral issues. Now you can begin to see how corrupt medicine is and also how corrupt religions are that don't teach that enolase is the action item behind the WORD of God on Forbidden Sugar/Fruit. The political system has been in cahoots with these great big lies on health and religion since they stamped out Sanitarium health treatments to install their chemical crap to do things nature did so well via proper diets that was the message of the Lord's Supper as the Jesus ministry that taught the diet ways to keep the WORD on Forbidden Fruit. Most of the planet can easily protect themselves from diseases and even manage screw up with stuff as simple as Baking Soda that knocks enolase ports off cell surfaces and shuts down the serious damage effects from allowing enolase to run wild on cells. Part of the End Times speaks to a world of lies, and this is part of the End-Times coming into reality. Part of the Quickening is the Revelations of the Crimes, Racketeering for power and control they have backed that are basically Crimes Against Humanity. Remember, "45" said it was going to be Biblical and major changes for health care and prevention will soon come into view. Remember, Q is for the "Quickening" of knowledge to return to truths to the world..
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